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  1. I was shopping for a small knife but just to be a smartass, I printed out my ridiculous photoshopped weapon on a mazazine page with a cheesy description to make it look like I tore it out of a catalog and asked if they had it. The knife on the left is what I actually bought.

    The description goes:

    Item #1337 The SeptiBlade Plus 2005
    For the proactive martial arts enthusiast,
    behold this totally sweet new ultimate weapon.
    With this in your hands you’ll be unstoppable.
    There’s no way someone could possibly get
    around it. Just look at it! There’s no way
    it can possibly be defended against.

    Despite them having that asnine display stuff of skulls and everything with blades coming out everywhere, the humor was lost on the old guy and he just said he that didn't think he's ever seen one of those.

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    2. DooMer87


      Scuba Steve said:

      Check out this huge penis knife I just bought.

      Hey...did you notice that guy in the picture really has the tiniest penis knife i have ever felt seen in a catalog?

    3. Gokuma


      The intended humor was that while asking about that insane penis knife, I only bought a small penis knife I actually have training to abuse.

    4. Amaster


      The spirit of my post lives on!