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  1. For Russian Folk Culture class I carved a spoon.

    I saw off a piece of board. Cut it to down to the general shape with a jig saw that broke early on (resulting in difficulty making the whole thing symmetric) and some little kiddie standard saw (not designed for making curves but still worked somewhat). Then I carved it down and dug out the scoop with the small knife occasionally seen here. Finally, I sanded it with a couple different types of sandpaper and burned designs including a Russian abstract firebird with a soldering iron. It's not too neat looking, but not bad for first or one time only try, eh?

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    2. chilvence


      I hope its not cos I was expecting it back on thursday

    3. Gokuma


      Lord FlatHead said:


      Russian Folk Culture class ? Neat.

      It's to meet a Perspectives requirement. I chose to try woodcarving for a craft project.

      ravage said:

      Is that brain for sale?

      Sorry (but probably not as sorry as chilvence), but it's all gone. What did you think the spoon was for?

    4. darknation


      ravage said:

      Is that brain for sale?

      try ebay. Make sure it's non-retarded this time.