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  1. A few months ago I burned a compilation I labeled Asswakcrakhammer Overdose for a few friends, it was 79 minutes and something seconds of almost pure crack. Here's the tracklist:

    1 SNK NEO GEO (Samurai Shodown 2) - The Future is Now
    2 Techno Capoeira
    3 System of a Down - Armenian stuff
    4 Incubus - You Bitch
    5 Grospixels - Tetris remix
    6 Chuckleheads - Potman
    7 Misfits - Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight (Live)
    8 eNiGMa the MoNKey - Po-ta-toes (LOTROFL)
    9 The Usual Suspects - Keyser Söze
    10 Samurai Shodown 2 - Track 10
    11 Tom Lehrer / T Bone Stankus - Existential Blues
    12 The Closer madrigal (Nine Inch Nails cover by choir)
    13 Brujeria - Don Quijote Marijuana
    14 M.C.Chris - Fett's Vette
    15 Threebrain - Weeeeeee! (Gonads and Strife)
    16 Dark Materia - The Picard Song
    17 Samurai Shodown 2 - Track 17
    18 Banana Phone (Slow)
    19 RKC - Weird Singing
    20 Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
    21 Stinkpants - Lüt Sucks - We Hate Your Ears - Bonus Track 1
    22 Stinkpants - Lüt Sucks - We Hate Your Ears - Bonus Track 2
    23 Stinkpants - Lüt Sucks - We Hate Your Ears - Bonus Track 3
    24 The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw
    25 Contra Hard Corps - Castlevania S1994RD
    26 Dracula X NITM - Beginning Remix 1
    27 Dracula X NITM - Vampire Killer Remix 2
    28 Dracula X NITM - Bloody Tears Remix 2
    29 Castlevania SOTN - Track 2
    30 Real Ultimate Power - Ninja Song
    31 Nickelback Sucks - How You Remind Me Of Someday

    Yes, I in fact did dub the soundtracks to swf animations and burned them as audio tracks. Recently I found out that a couple of my friends completely memorized the lyrics and more to several songs such as the Picard song, Don Quijote Marijuana, and well they were already singing Po-Ta-Toes over the phone long before I burned this cd. Now with this CD the usual drunken (not the driver of course) car ride singalongs have reached new levels crackheadedness. What really spurred me to put the cd together was from when my friends were blaring the Incubus (last bit of final track of Science album, starts at 12:30 I think) and System of a Down (last half of final track of Toxicity album) stuff, over and over and over again, in Wildwood, New Jersey, when there were crowds from both Irish Weekend and a car show at the same time.

    I have now proceeded to burn Asswakcrakhammer Overdose vol. II which contains:
    1 Yngwie - Focking furi (only part of it)
    2 Owen Lloyd - Best Mp3 Evar
    3 Frank Zappa and the Mothers - Camarillo Brillo
    4 Frank Zappa and the Mothers - I'm the Slime
    5 Minibosses - Ghosts 'n' Goblins
    6 Dropkick Murphys - Caught in a Jar
    7 Storm Inc. - Great Day (live)
    8 Kikkoman
    9 Velvet Acid Christ - Phucking Phreak
    10 Fensler Films (#25) - Fucking Old School
    11 Dennis Leary - Traditional Irish Folk Song
    12 Minibosses - GI Joe theme song
    13 North Korean Propaganda - Fucking USA
    14 ShyShit - Fuck Bush
    15 Electric Hellfire Club - Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd cover)
    16 Dark Materia - The Worf Song
    17 ShyShit - Zombie (Cranberries cover)
    18 Rage Against the Machine - Ashes in the Fall
    19 Testikill - Ball of Hell (only part of it)
    20 Marilyn Manson - My Monkey
    21 Terminator - The Stone Tower Rap
    22 Terminator - The Hazy Maze Effect
    23 Terminator - Demons From Hell
    24 Mark Klem - Llamas Inc.
    25 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas soundtrack - Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas

    I officially proclaim this CD is the baddest of all. I dare not predict the outcome of unleashing this on the world. Of course I have to thank many of you for providing or informing me of mucho material. Be proud as the world descends into dementia.

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    2. Gokuma


      Awesome, it's like I have a musical holocaust on my hard drive.

    3. Bucket


      Try these Genesis songs, too:

      The Waiting Room
      Wot Gorilla?

      And Peter Gabriel:
      My Head Sounds Like That

    4. Gokuma


      I checked out the Waiting Room and My Head Sounds Like That as well as some roeyksopp remix of My Head... It's good stuff but requires too long an attention span for not having as high a crack content.