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  1. Regarding splitscreen on one computer: Best 3 options (3 of the 4-ish that allow four player): 1. LZDoom "splitscreen" (but most demanding on system) - most maps/mods to play with most editing features support 2. Eternity (true splitscreen) - also a ton of editing features including anything Boom compatible, but there's been fewer things made to take advantage of Eternity definitions. 3. Doom Classic or Doom 2 Classic (the current official id/Bethesda version, also true splitscreen) - more editing features than old dos vanilla since limits are raised and has dehacked support so plenty of great stuff to play. Others 4. Doom Legacy (a good amount of editing features, got Boom support? or did one odd version just have Boom). Great on older hardware you can plug a mouse in both an old ps2 port and serial port so both players can use mice. Two player splitscreen that you can combine with networking. My first experience of a good smooth four player Doom game across two computers. 5. EDGE - networking still broken after 20 years but has 2 player splitscreen now. Some maps/mods utilizing its Doom Definition Files. 6. WDMP - Windows Doom multiplayer. Very bare bones 4 player windows port. Good luck configuring controls for four players.
  2. Gokuma

    Fireblu2 is the better fireblu texture.

    There's not FireBlu3 even in Romero's resource releases, but if you want to see FireBlu before it was Fire and Blu, check out wall65 compared to wall65b in this folder of the zip: walls/e23walls I recommend getting the zip of graphics already converted to png by Ling on bottom of page 3 here. You'll have to reduce them to 10% of their current size for use though (possibly by nearest neighbor)(each pixel is 10x10 pixels). However, someone made a Fireblu3. It's in Silver Miner's texture pack MudicewindTNT.wad available on page 12 here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/116767-the-128-kb-mapping-extragavanza-challenge/?page=12&tab=comments#comment-2239216 but he said it comes from Aesthetic Pack. There's a Fireblu4 but it's identical to 2.
  3. Your adblocker stopped you from seeing the simple writing of a post due to its content?
  4. I think it's hilarious to see Flat-Earthers offended by Hollow Earth Theory, but then get totally schooled by Hollow Earth Theorists. I don't believe in Hollow Earth but it's at least interesting. I wouldn't deny there's more subterranean architecture and/or more to Antarctica than we know of. I'm not saying there actually is though. The original Journey to the Center of the Earth is a freaking great classic movie. The new one's a bit entertaining but too much kiddified and CGI BS. Haven't read Jules Vern's book yet.
  5. At 9:35 of this video https://youtu.be/HpEBUV_g9vU?t=573 you can see an E1M1 earlier than any released far as I know. So I recreated it http://www.mediafire.com/file/2veegcgxlxjt1fk/E1M1Nov93tour.zip/file Update: Feb 21st, 2021. 1:15 PM Eastern US time. 3 Wads updated to be more accurate and most accurate one added. Four different vanilla compatible wads. Replacing E1M1 in Doom 1 Accurate.wad is a more accurate version of e1m1tour.wad with lots of things deleted and more changed. E1M1Tour.wad I used the Doom shareware v0.99 or 1.0 version as a base ( https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/historic/doom1_0 ) I tried to get this closest to the video experience, except I only deleted some things from the finished E1M1 that were left in the void. EDIT: If you delete all health/armor bonuses, all barrels, and all shotgun guys, it would be most accurate to the video. E1M1Tr19.wad I used the Ultimate Doom version as a base (and set its multi-only berserk pack to appear on all difficulties multi). Because why not? Replacing Map01 in Doom2 EntHngTr.wad I used my Entry-Hangar as a base. Only this one requires ClassicT.wad for Doom 2 But to use ClassicT.wad with vanilla doom2.exe you must add all flats, OR delete blood1-3 and nukage1-3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2m3eukcmrgzxj6/ClassicT.zip/file Original Entry-Hangar thread Doomwiki about the November 93 Visit
  6. I suggest redownloading E1M1Nov93tour.zip from first post. Just updated it. In all or most of them: Added additional shotgun shells at shotgun I didn't notice. A couple lines on pillars in new (old discarded) room had their textures at 57 vert offset. Fixed to 64. Exit room modified to be like video. In Accurate.wad: Deleted all barrels, shotgun guys, health/armor bonuses, candelabras, gibbed & dead marines, pool of blood decor. Deleted all multiplayer-only things except left DM starts. Some lamps deleted. Some zombiemen deleted. One imp deleted and another changed to a zombieman. Medikit added/moved near exit. Stopped texture on armor pillar from scrolling.
  7. It sure was a dick move of his to edit out the bass on And Justice For All.
  8. Looks like Corvus has been hitting the medieval gym!
  9. Nah, it was "Of Wolf and Man" on the Black Album like intacowetrust said. Now I finally known that it's "Back to the meaning." I always heard it as "Back to the meeting" since I heard it in the 90's.
  10. Yeah Corporate Metal! All riffs approved by the board of directors. Back to the Meeting! Back to the Meeting! (whatever that song on the black album is)
  11. I did it again. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mo8h8jevjb3k3nk/OldAltE1M1.zip/file Doom Alpha 0.5 had a different unfinished E1M1 by Tom Hall. Check out the second picture in Doom Beta Levels gallery at: https://imgur.com/user/doomwiki (mentioned on page 4 of this topic) This is a version newer than the Alpha 0.5 before it was replaced by Romero's E1M1, Hangar. However, it does not seem to be anywhere in the resources released publicly by Romero. oldAe1m1.wad Replaces Map01 in Doom 2 Requires ClassicT.wad http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2m3eukcmrgzxj6/ClassicT.zip/file To use ClassicT.wad with vanilla doom2.exe, you have to either add all flats, OR delete blood1-3 and nukage1-3. Skill 3 Hurt Me Plenty should be closest to how the pictured map plays. Things from the Alpha 0.5 version that were moved or deleted in that map, I just made appear on easy, hard, or multi. The single easy/hard barrel was DoomEd id# 2036 for the Rollee chair on all difficulties. Change it back and run this with Entry Hangar Plus instead of ClassicT.wad if you want to see it. You could also change this wad to E1M1 and run it with Doom 1 if you supply the textures needed. I took the version from Deathz0r's 0_5resor.wad and turned it into the map pictured as well as I could. A LOT was guesswork. I just judged the geometry by the 64x64 grid and color-coding and size of things placed. Pasted the similar part of E3M9 into it and made it conform to the map pictured. Ceiling and wall textures are a guess. Floor textures and light levels also may not be exact. Designed things to open up in a way the preserves the Alpha 0.5 look and architecture while conforming to the geometry of the picture. HallAM1.wad So you can see before I changed it into the pictured map... This is the version from Deathz0r's wad with just textures changed to match the ClassicT.wad or finished Doom names. Apparently the red keycard and Spider Mastermind had their DoomEd #'s switched during development. Deathz0r's swapped map id#'s with an embedded dehacked lump. I just changed the Spider to a red key in the map. The Rollee chair thing #2036 is left intact so this requires running with enthangp.wad if you don't change that. Order of wads is important in this case. zdoom -file enthangp.wad hallam1.wad If you want to try a different, totally trippy version based on the Alpha 0.5, check out E5M1 of https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/j-l/lostepis It's the first map of their new episode. Feel free to do whatever with my versions of these maps.
  12. Gokuma

    UAC Holocaust - Doom World Alpha!

    Played the first two maps so far. Damn good I think. Has a very Super Metroid vibe to it. If you want any more Alpha textures or resources for your project, feel free to take them from classict.wad or entryhangar plus. I fixed a lot of Alpha textures to be 128 tall and otherwise better multiples of 16 wide or tall, but so they still display the same on short walls.
  13. Gator is hit or miss and depends on the cook. I had a crappy burger that was like extra chewy chicken, but then I had some awesome gator bites elsewhere years later. I guess I'm pretty good at cooking bison burgers because I never found mine too dry. Once some friends and I made a great Mulligan's stew in a big pot over a fire with bison beef tips (just bison not cow beef). For more "broth" we poured in a bottle of Spaten Optimator.
  14. Gokuma

    Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

    Well I still have it. I was just way disappointed after seeing the first new 3D one on a friend's X-Box.
  15. Gokuma

    Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

    They shouldn't call it a master collection without the original Ninja Gaiden 1 through 3. I'm only familiar with the 8-bit 1 and 2, but there was a 16-bit Trilogy collection for SNES. Ninja Gaiden 1 was also on Turbo GrafX 16 and 8-bit Sega Master System. One or both of those might be better than the NES. Worst Ninja Gaiden I ever played was NG: The Dragon Sword on Nintendo DS. It's played entirely with the stylus. Got $20 used and had instant regret.
  16. Gokuma

    Map release: TROUSLED.WAD

    It seems this map is not Zandronum compatible and also a revenant will fire rockets close in that. So definitely play in a newer GZDoom.
  17. Gokuma

    Doom 1 and 2 textures in Doom Builder

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2m3eukcmrgzxj6/ClassicT.zip/file with Doom 1 & 2, Alpha version textures, and a lot more in Doom 2
  18. I'm part Scottish and a lot of Scotch Irish but I've never been to Scotland. I can however do a Sean Connery impression that varies in quality.
  19. double post oops. Please delete.
  20. Thanks all. Well here's a breakdown of how I recreated it, pausing and replaying parts of the video repeatedly to gauge the stuff.
  21. I can't remember if this game was brought up here before, but it's one of the best Metroidvanias ever. https://store.steampowered.com/app/720560/Vigil_The_Longest_Night/ It's also on Nintendo Switch, but I hear that version's loadtimes are unbearable and it's crashed a few times. So I recommend you get the PC or at least wait til you hear the Switch version has been improved. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198137128203/recommended/720560?snr=1_5_9__402
  22. What comes out of forest fires? Update: 100% of viewers were afraid to like to this post.
  23. I eat some meat and the best, most juicy burger I've ever had is Elk. I like Bison too. Black bean burgers are great though. Veggie burgers made of soy are garbage as are the super processed toxic Beyond/Impossible trash. There's two forms of a soy I know of that are alright or good. Good quality soy sauce or tofu made from soy properly fermented to remove the phytoestrogens. Just soy by itself is crap, not a big health food in Asia as food corps depict it, is actually bad for the heart, and 95% of the stuff in the US is GMO. Soy oil, palm oil, and canola oil are the cheapest, worst oils. Demand for Palm contributes to both legal and illegal deforestation which is critically endangering the orangutan. Palm oil also gives a lot of people the shits. You walk into an overpriced Whole Foods (who are disingenuous douchebags who have made some shady deal with Monsanto) and see how many of their products all up and down an isle are loaded with palm oil, but ooooh they reeeeeeally care about the environment and people and animals.
  24. Gokuma

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    Fictional vampires are immortal or undead cannibals that are often fancy. Real life vampires are fancy cannibals who wish they were immortal. Quake's a great game, but its exceedingly brown palette probably tastes like spicy brown mustard, possibly with some rust.
  25. Gokuma

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Maybe make a corridor that BFG balls fly down. Or a testing chamber like in Doom 2016.