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Status Replies posted by Gokuma

  1. Well by seeing the thread of MP I decided that I'll buy a gamecube for Christmas. I talked to my sis about it and we'll split the cost in 2. I read in the newspaper that on the 17 it's gonna come with 4 zelda games for 139$. I'll also buy MP and surely wind waker(if it's out I dunno). My sis will surely take Mario party (4 or 5) and mario kart when it will come out. Are there any other good games or other games that deserve attentions ?

  2. Silly poll time - which pole is best?

    (I say telegraph pole 'cos they carry important stuff, like phone calls)

  3. I just passed my discrete maths class. Rejoice! And one day on, I have beer running in my veins.

  4. I hate spammers. They are freaking idiots. I was on AIM, with my friend, and we looked in the chat rooms and everything was links to "Wet and Wild webcams". It's fucking bullshit!!!!! Fuck!!!! They even were doing this on the World Trade Center chat room! Fucking disrepctful asshole buttfucks. Rot in fucking hell!