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  1. those damn pieces of shite csdoom and zdaemon crash enuf that i would not want any sort of reputation attached to me or a clan i would be in to be jepordized by playing those craps.
  2. a pop up to center is not a home run
  3. yeah, its a oddball rez not supported by many cards. but i think 1920x1200 is supported by a bunch of cards. my monitor cant do it tho. :(
  4. go help freedoom
  5. 1. textures are ignored 2. sprites/things are ignored support for these could easily be added if i ever give enough of a damn. 3. slopes are ignored if a non beta version of zdoom ever comes out with slopes, i may add support 4. sector lotags/hitags sectoreffectors etc all that stuff is ignored. add it back in yourself with boom functionality or zdoom scripting or whatever 5. room over room is translated but will not build nodes correctly or run correctly. the build engine is vastly different to doom and this is simply something build can do and doom cannot. 6. assorted little bugs and i am a lazy bastard. although i promise there will be something to play with for anyone who is interested by this weekend. I'm sorry if I came off a bit rude to you before. If you have any other more specific questions about the conversion I'll be happy to answer them.
  6. welcome, and my knee hurts.
  7. do you ever have anything even slightly useful to say?
  8. boom support, but it even fucked some of that over royally.
  9. did you bother reading anything in this thread? if "that'd be a no.", then whats this map2wad.exe on my hard drive that's almost ready to be released? no it doesnt have all the bells and whistles, but its not looking too bad so far.
  10. as far as i know its refueling basezorz.
  11. alright then bring me your brother's head on a stick
  12. try this one: doom2 level with the most monsters
  13. who here has that homemade cacodemon doll? can i see a pic of it?
  14. i play private coop games with ff on. if you aim wrong, you waste your buddy, he curses at you, and its all good again. but considering the number of lamers on the net, i would go with ff off.