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  1. I'm 74 -- been playing Doom stuff since '94. Always play UV, don't care much for the slaughter maps. My favorite mapper is Lainos. I guess my reflexes have slowed a tad over the years but I still keep on truckin'!
  2. machoman127

    Terminator is Back! to the Future

    I hope it's not a remake -- IMHO remakes usually bite the bag.
  3. machoman127

    Terminator is Back! to the Future

    I'm really looking forward to this -- I've been a fan of Arnold since his bodybuilding days. Sure, the guy is no actor but his action films (the early ones) are a blast. 'The Terminator' was certainly his breakthrough film, but I wonder how things would have worked out if he HAD played the role of Kyle (the part the writer/director had in mind for him).
  4. machoman127

    speaking to non-native english speakers

    [QUOTE]Gez said: Americans are loud enough at their default settings. I agree -- I find that most of us (Americans) are just too LOUD. I've never understood why a simple conversation has to be a shouting contest.
  5. machoman127

    RIP Robin Williams

    Such an intellect, such a talent, such a tragedy -- RIP dear Robin
  6. machoman127

    Could you recommend me post-apocalyptic fiction?

    Yes, it is -- not a great film IMHO but watchable nonetheless.
  7. machoman127

    Could you recommend me post-apocalyptic fiction?

    I loved Waterworld -- Dennis Hopper absolutely STOLE the movie from Kevin Kostner. He (Hopper) was so 'over the top' in his character portrayal that one could tell he was having a grand old time. Lousy job by the make-up people on Kostner's 'gills' though
  8. machoman127

    Post your worst Doom experience here!

    My 2 year old grandson pissed himself the first time he saw a Pinky -- he was sitting in my lap as I played (can't remember the level).
  9. machoman127

    The quake players thread.

    I've been using DarkPlaces for years but I'm going to give QuakeSpasm a good long look.
  10. Can't disagree with that -- well said.
  11. machoman127

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Props to you -- I've been playing for 20 years and can't come close to matching that feat.
  12. machoman127

    Ukraine and the current situation

    Peace for our time.
  13. machoman127

    Ukraine and the current situation

    Our exalted Nubian Prince(so cool, so brilliant, so what) has to face the fact that in the eyes of the world he has been forced to drop trou and let the 'Russian Bear' bugger him without even the courtesy of a reach-around.