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  1. PSTrooper

    GZDoom 35fps in menus

    I thought I was the only one
  2. PSTrooper

    [3DGE] Duke it Out in DOOM (v2.2)

    Where did those frozen death sprites come from?
  3. PSTrooper

    id Anthology

    The one in my set is an XL. I'm not sure if they are all like that or not since my version didn't have the fixed version of Final Doom. I would assume they are all different? Although being sealed that long will have it's downsides.
  4. PSTrooper

    id Anthology

    I bought my brand new copy for $310 two weeks ago.
  5. PSTrooper

    Fresh Sandy Petersen interview... about Doom!

    I don't know, but the narrator sounds like the GrezzoGuy. He should dub an English version of him.
  6. PSTrooper

    Fresh Sandy Petersen interview... about Doom!

    Grezzo 2 guy.
  7. PSTrooper

    Most unusual use of D_BUNNY I've seen

    I know. I used to make them too. I'm completely embarrassed by them now.
  8. PSTrooper

    Most unusual use of D_BUNNY I've seen

    This video is almost as embarrassing as the shit I used to make. But then again, this thread did give me an idea for a sprite.
  9. PSTrooper

    Did you like Doom RPG?

    Yeah, I remember playing Doom RPG on my old phone back in 2009, along with some God of War sidescroller. Good stuff.
  10. That's totally fine. I actually made that project hoping it would be used as a sprite resource for all the custom rotations I made and for the others that I gathered from all over the web. Also, Wolfenstein people can benefit from it too. Thanks for the compliment, Bruce.
  11. My sprite fixing project for Wolfenstein 3d.
  12. I actually updated those SS pain rotations since then to make their legs look more bent, as suggested by the generous input I received from over there. This project was more than enough inspiration to finalize them and make them more proper looking.
  13. I have a little bit more art to share. I made these pain rotations for the SS since he doesn't have any. I included the front angle in the png for comparison. Since you're using custom rotations for the SS's attack, you're free to use these too if you want. All they need is to be converted to Doom's palette (they're in Wolfenstein's palette right now). I also had concern about another fix SSWVN0, where you removed some of the gore chunks around the green. What I would've done for that is just delete the green pixels on the outside and leave the gore chunk be.
  14. I know Marphy has been on the lookout for these sprites for a while, so I know he's definitely going to add them. I'm just afraid that we might have run him off over the Lost Soul thing.
  15. PSTrooper

    Wolfenstein Megawad Level One and Feedback.

    Here are some resources you can use that I made: Shadowless, cropped Wolfenstein sprites(It's the one called "no shadows" in the zip) that are from a sprite fixing project I'm working on for Wolfenstein 3D. Also I made the shadows for all the hanging sprites into separate sprites, so you're not limited to 64 pixel tall ceilings for certain decorations. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1mdnh80mti8c60a/Wolf3d_Spritefix_for_ECWolf.zip I also have all the AdLib Sounds from Wolfenstein 3d and Spear of Destiny: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6hzjvisrtmskeem/Wolf3d_Adlib_in_WAV.zip