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  1. It must be a curse. Every Doom-related place I visit is plagued with liberal whackjobs of all kinds, some so extreme they're parodies of themselves. Conservative Doomers are quite a rarity, wonder why.
  2. Just like the ostrich. No surprise through. Then prove it, should be a walk in the park shouldn't it? and I would suggest you start by reading the pdf. I don't have anything against experimenting on bloody pulps, but make it more developed and that's where I draw the line. It's a way of being a better housewife. Let them get away with everything and next thing you know she's gone from apron to strapon.
  3. "So what do you have against homosexuals, would you explain that to me?" http://files-share.com/file/119/APAHomosexualUrbanLegend-pdf.html I don't want my family or myself to be exposed to this filth. Mentally ill people belong in the psych ward, not the street, you just don't take any chances with people who would much rather get fucked in the arse than live. Sadly for everyone, liberals have brainwashed them into believing that faggotry is perfectly "normal", while misinformed conservatives insist that it's "voluntary", but truth is, it's a mental illness, so it's neither normal nor voluntary but the exact reverse, and worst of it all, they could hardly get any help even if they wanted to because homosexuality has been forcibly and unjustifiably removed from the book of fucked-up abnormal behaviors so virtually no psychiatrist will attempt to treat it. At least we still have AIDS. God bless AIDS. "Are you condoning the measure that women don't have the rights to their own bodies?" Their own bodies yes, not so their babies' "You probably believe women should be submissive to men as well, dont you?" Not submissive, just a lil bit more kitchen-bound.
  4. You wish. Only the socialist type. I'm European myself. Sorry but last time I checked, condoning fudgepackery and baby murders was YOUR job.
  5. WOG

    Save Names

    For me it's generally just random characters combined with short dirty words (e.g. "blowmesdfasdfasdfas"), the larger the name, the newer the save is, I just don't bother using numbers.
  6. WOG

    altered gameplay behavior in ZDoom

    Yes, that was it. Works correctly without god mode, but guess I was expecting the same behavior I get from vanilla doom in god mode.
  7. WOG

    altered gameplay behavior in ZDoom

    That's weird. I'm running the latest svn build + default settings and I still get this behavior. Wonder what could it be.
  8. With all these degenerate eurosocialist scumbags spreading their filth around the globe, I say go for it Texas, breed a stronger generation of conservatives, be the bastion of freedom, save yourselves and don't take shite from anybody, specially the UN, they're all red as a baboon's arse and utterly undeserving of any respect or consideration. Nuke'em all and ship them corpses back to France.
  9. WOG

    altered gameplay behavior in ZDoom

    Well, I always wondered why firing a rocket when closely facing a wall barely moved you an inch in ZDoom. The backfire effect is much harder in vanilla Doom.
  10. WOG

    Chocolate Doom

    Alrighty, thanks for the reply. I have the tendency to assume that something not working correctly for me is the result of either my system or a bad config, thus referring to these issues as "bugs" is generally the last resource in my book. That's the reason I tried to clear things up here before submitting a proper report. If by any chance you still want me to re-post these at sourceforge, let me know.
  11. WOG

    Chocolate Doom

    Something else I noticed is Plutonia 2 crashing Chocolate Doom after a few seconds of demo playback. It closes without an error message and I've been unable to reproduce said behavior with vanilla Doom. Regards.
  12. WOG

    Chocolate Doom

    Hello. Here's a link to another post of mine in which I comment on a few issues regarding Chocolate Doom: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/878744 Guess developers don't frequent that one as much. Anyways. I'd also like to request an enhancement: make Chocolate Doom's default refresh rate 70hz rather than 72hz. This is to avoid stuttery horizontal movement. Basically you want to stay as close to Mode 13h as technically possible, that is, 320x200@70hz, exactly what vanilla Doom would switch to. Right now you can achieve virtually identical results without creating a custom modeline by simply choosing DirectX as video driver and working under General Timing Formula at 320x200, but you'll still need to manually force 70hz with a third party application/registry tweak. Vanilla Doom's refresh rate: Hsync: 31.3 Vsync: 69.8 Chocolate Doom's ideal refresh rate: Hsync: 29.1 Vsync: 69.8 (video drivers report 70hz) Chocolate Doom's current refresh rate: Hsync: 30.2 Vsync: 72.3 (video drivers report 72hz) Thanks in advance :)
  13. WOG

    Chocolate Doom 1.3.0 Released

    Hello. Just stopped by to discuss a few issues involving this beautiful source port. 1. Combining "snd_samplerate 11025" and OPL for music playback (regular emulated, not passthrough, which I couldn't get to work even though my CMI8738 supports it and ioperm.sys is being properly initialized, but I'll leave that for another post) causes Chocolate Doom to "freeze" upon startup with a CPU usage of 100% 2. If the CAPS key is mapped to "speed on", you have to press it twice in order to make it work. Furthermore, it will be automatically disabled after beating a level/restarting the one you're currently playing. 3. Contrary to what http://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/The_Sky_May_Be states, you can NOT make "The Sky May Be" work correctly by just typing "-merge _smb417.wad -deh blessed.deh" With the aforementioned method, at least some of it's custom death sequences will not be available. E.g. the demon splitting in half. In order to get this working, the game must be installed and SKYMAYBE.WAD has to be loaded with "-file". The situation for BLESSED.DEH remains the same, though. 4. The music from Doom2's map12 is completely screwed up in OPL mode. System: Windows XP Pro SP3 + chocolate-doom-win32-r1935.zip Thanks a lot.