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  1. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Aquarius199 is calling it talking about calling it quits

    Oh man I love the channel.
  2. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    The very first Castlevania
  3. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  4. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  5. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Map 10's name is "Becoming X" as the Sneakers' Pimps album.
  6. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Most disturbing film?

    And Taxidermia
  7. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Most disturbing film?

    Srpski film
  8. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  9. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    ok, thanks a lot for everything I'll try to play with it a lil
  10. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    Also, you previously mentioned the velocity increase for Hexen II. Is there any recommended amount how much am I suppose to increase it? :)
  11. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    Ok thanks. I might let it be. I was asking, because I wonder if I did something wrong with my editing and also if it can be easily fixed. If the volume will be more or less similar for each midi so the player won't get scared and run away, then it's good enough for me :D
  12. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    Thanks :D Well, it's in game, Gzdoom and according to settings I have set FluidSyth or what it's called. I was convinced that I might overlook a track when I was adding the 11-Expression, but what's more loud is not whole track, just some note in it :) Also I must admit the second paragraph is little, complicated to me :D
  13. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    @Lippeth Thanks a lot for the analysis. So perhaps it's just something on my side.. maybe it's my speakers. It took my phone and recorded one of my speakers how it sounds (in game) here is the result You can hear in the edited version the bass is a little louder than the rest in certain notes to me. What do you think? Perhaps it's like it supposes to sound. And sorry for the sniff in the video... I have cold.
  14. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    Hey, @Doomkid and @Lippeth Thanks a lot for your help. Now it makes sense. I edit the Earthsiege song with 11-Expression for each track and here is how it sounds: https://liquiddoom.net/upload/files/midiDiff.wad Map 01 contains original track without editing, map 02 the one with 11-Expressions... it's indeed less loud but also the bass guitar feels little bit louder than the rest to me. What yo ou think when you hear it? Thanks :)
  15. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    MIDIs and Volume

    Hello, I have two midis, one playing in MAP01, second in the MAP02 (I attached them both), but the problem is the one is extremely loud and one is barerly possible to hear. I used Sekaiju7.4 for editing midis and I can see the volume of each single instrument playing in the midi is 127 (which is maximum) for the MAP02 file, but the MAP01 has more complex music and each instrument has a different volume... yet it's mostly around 100 so theoretically it should be less loud, yet it's much MUCH louder. Velocity for each instrument is 0 for both though. I am not a midi expert... Is there something else aside of volume and velocity for each instrument, that defines how loud the midi will be and that is possible to edit somehow so I can make their volumes similar? Thanks! MIDIS.7z