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  1. Map Name: LIMAWAGTD Author: Matthias Music and Composers: MIDI version of Fire Fight track 2 by Janusz Pelc and Michal Doniec (copied from Alien Vendetta megawad) Par Time: 14 minutes Map Description: This map is full of cubes and stuff. Map Screenshot: Download: https://liquiddoom.net/upload/files/blockedoutMatthiasMap.wad
  2. Sorry I am lazy so it takes a little longer, but I might be almost done :)
  3. I have actually two arguments why I personally think it's not a good idea :) First - the maps will be very similar, so playing 60 of the same organge maps might be a little boring. Second - many people who took slot might gave up later. It happens in community proejcts. In that case the fact that all slots are taken doesn't mean you can rely on that and won't need to free the slot later for someone else.
  4. Is it ok the bulbs icons are visible in-game?
  5. There is also this folder called "prohibited" that contains many other folders, called like "illegal" and "stop" and "do" "no" "use" and so on :D Ends with things that can't be used somehow.
  6. Already started working on it :)
  7. Ok, I would like to join :)
  8. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Heretic... Actually pretty great.

    Well it's true the Heretic levels are less momerable and less fun. But to be fair - Doom/Doom 2 and especially Sandy's maps are very experimental and crazy - ideas like Barrels of Fun and putting final boss in the crusher in the map Crusher... but it was still somewhat "small garage company" style. But Raven's levels were more professional, consistent and you could see they tried to take their work more seriously.
  9. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Heretic... Actually pretty great.

    Heretic is great. I think it was called a "Doom clone" because in 90s - all FPS games were "Doom clone" and all TPS were a "Tomb Raider clone". Many people also pointed out that Heretic has very similar weapons like Doom. Staff is basically a fist. Gauntlets are some sort of chainsaw. Wand is a pistol. Crossbow is a shotgun. Claw is a chaingun. Pheonix rod is a rocket launcher. And finally - Hellstaff is a plasma gun. The problem is that only these weapons can make a ballenced game-play. Something that is slow, but strong. Something, that is fast but weak and better for small enemies. And so on. This formula simply works. Hexen and Strife tried to have more original and interesting weapons, to look less like "doom clones" but eventually it made the gameplay not so fun. I always killed myself when I tried to use Granade Launcher in Strife. And as much as I love Hexen, most weapons are annoying. Axe is a melee weapon, so you spend like 1/5 of the whole game with it. Ice shards are annoying, because then you will have many frozen monsters in your way. Serpent stuff is ok, but weak. Of couse, Hexen is not a combat oriented game so it really doesn't matter, but it proofs that Doom/Hexen formula works better. And that's why Raven used it in Heretic and made the illusion that they just "reskinned Doom" or something. Also the last problem is that Heretic has no hitscanners, only projectiles, so it makes it less satisfying to kill monsters. You can kill a group of enemies with a shotgun like in Doom. But on the other hand - hitscan wouldn't make much sense in a fantasy game and Heretic simply tries to give players different things to have fun, like artefacts and Tome of Power and so on. All in all, I would say Heretic is not for everyone.
  10. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    Would it be legal to sell a DOOM mappack?

    Only if you have your own assets. But using Gzdoom engine to make games is possible. For example Hedon or REKKR are available on Steam I think.
  11. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    What stresses you out about being a mapper?

    I was thinking about this recently. It's normal to have Pantreon when you stream games on Twitch or you do funny stuff on TickTock. It's normal to accept commisions for making music or graphics. But accepting donates for making maps - for some reason - is not a thing. And that even though you could work on your project many hours a day. Weird.
  12. Matthias (LiquidDoom)

    What stresses you out about being a mapper?

    Honestly, what stresses me out a little bit is the pressure on quality that is caused by the endless competition here. Someone makes a megawad and someone else makes a better one and another person makes even a better one... The community pushed the quality that far that maps from 90s looks very empty and barren, while today's maps are so big and detailed and creative and look so professional that you don't have any chance to reach such a level of quality. Some megawads are even so complex that even some modern games can't reach such level. I remember when I started making my maps 15 years ago and I though they are quite good, but then I played Alien Vendetta and Kama Sutra and they were so great that I suddenly felt like I should delete my maps and give up. Later on I learnt how to make maps similar to AV and KS. I reached similar level of detailng and creativity, but then AV and KS were already very outdated by that time. So again... my maps were meh. You will never win this race. When I check Cacowards each year, I am only suprised how far the borders of what is possible in Doom were pushed further again. Look at projects like Lullaby. Who would though we will have such a magawads like Lullaby 15 or maybe even 10 years ago? Sometimes I feel like I mastered how to write a sentance while the rest of the community is full of Stephen Kings.
  13. Actually the same case as yours. I was tired of slaughter because it was everywhere at some point and killing thousands of monsters was tedious. But I think it was MAP30 in Scytche that I played one day and it changed my mind about slaughter - I realized it could be actually fun.