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  1. wow had to watch it 3 or 4 times to understand how brilliantly executed this was (also dew's too from what i've read on txt)
  2. blob1024

    Sunder demos

    you kiddin? we all are waiting for that :) he has to, lol map14 is so wonderful, I'm really looking forward, never even thought of speedrunning myself.
  3. oh wonderful is v0.9 last working version by now? are you working on bugfixing or may I start playing and eventually demorecording already? :) since its plutonia iwad. + prcp2.wad, which cl would suit best, 4, 9, or?
  4. blob1024

    Notable 2021 demos

    at the beginning of the year i started taking note of demos, but i quickly turned inactive to list much sadly eheh anyway i'd like to mention: night terror - HR 30 uv max in 57seconds numberjuan77 - akeldama 32 - uv max in 12:10 zero master - okuplop's slaughter map - uv max+reality TAS in 02:45:00 (its just absurd to think such lvl under reality, have a look) j4rio - MM2 32 - tyson in 03:11 and el juancho + zero master AV 25 - uv speeds. (didnt follow the drama about them, but demos are great) vile - CC2 24 - uv max, a great improvement over a map in the years totally smashed from being initially hardly approached aaaaaand Brookie doom2 07 in 45 seconds! ciao :)
  5. blob1024

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    always a pleasure to watch your demos :) some of your demos motivate me to play again after long quits. everytime I look at one in particular I really have the chills and restart eheh (no, won't say which :p even if I'll never reach any close to that record.)
  6. blob1024

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    first dose done, second one in a month
  7. blob1024

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Doom zero wad a quite chilling wad with a few marvelous levels and a dozen quite raw in my opinion since wad was for free, ill include it in the zip files (let me know if its a problem of any kind.) for interested ive uploaded every demo here (actually 32 will come next days.) dzall.zip
  8. blob1024

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    amazing, and it's a first exit wow, can't wait the final time then lol
  9. oh i've missed this untill now. goodluck with progression in this project guys, i'll be looking forward the first releases. I really like the fast-paced full of action plutonia-like maps
  10. I knew of this but could hardly regularly replicate the angle wished in demos. it's all about personal sensibility to move in order to get right position? thats why I rarely actually use it, its more the times I fuck it and run into a wall than starting with good angle eheh
  11. blob1024

    The Great Mouse Strafe Tragedy of 2021

    it's damn impressive how such an "outdated" and easy game like doom, can go so much technical everytime. just to see if I understood the problem, should I directly set all even numers in mouse sensitivity while playing older versions to avoid having "this advantage"? well... i'm an anti-glide/zero press player... I feel like its not how the game is supposed to be enjoyed, don't know if I should worry about it and on top of this, can you backtrack mouse settings from an lmp and know what player had used?
  12. blob1024

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    16:3x after watching some TAS-es ;P its just a couple of you who can prove me wrong anyway lol goodluck :)
  13. blob1024

    Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

    upload on YT! and congrats for the marathon :)
  14. blob1024

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    realistically, what do you think the final time will be? 17:3x?
  15. will this be fixed? I like portmidi sound much more.
  16. blob1024

    Rare kills

    thanks a lot!
  17. blob1024

    Rare kills

    hello! dear experts, is 3 rocket-kill unusual for an arch vile or rather common? (alas, was I always unlucky in my dooming so far) ps: can't this thread be sticked?
  18. blob1024

    Notable 2020 demos

    oh! I'm really honored (and of a great personal motivation) to be named in such a thread! I thought map32 would be more relevant, but can't say. I'll try to keep track of the most appealing demos in this year as well. I found amazing Looper's maxes in original doom2, and coincident's doom, but forgot which one was the most exciting
  19. that was exactly what I was missing, and couldnt find browsing all menus once more, I found the + / - but only the "minus" actualyl works for me. nonethless, that was what I was looking for, thank you still, in v 2514 both reducing and enlarging were avaiable, so for example, to switch from HUD and normal bar I got to pass through all hud settings all over every time somehow for how much time i got now, its enough, ill solve the headache some other time :) thanks :)
  20. out of boredom I tried the latest version, and I'm quite happy of all the changes i've noticed so far. but I cant put back the original status bar with our loved doomguy face anymore. was the hotkey changed? I switched on HUD with F5 as usual, but the default key "^" is no longer showing the basic bar anymore. how to? I'm used to the original bar to have an idea any moment of all the ammonition I can count on. thats the only real lack in the other hud settings in my opinion
  21. which complevel should be recommended to record demos of this wad? (maybe during vacation i do some FDAs...) thanks :)
  22. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    i was quite sad I couldnt max 25 due to secrets. I really liked it. good you are covering all leftovers, goodjob :)
  23. blob1024

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    map9+10 were really impressive for me rest... just impressive ;D good tactics here and there
  24. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    thats nice, but probably not so amazingly effective time-wise in a huge map full of ammo like this one nonehtless very interesting!
  25. blob1024

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    blah !^^ map30 in 23:27 ak30-2327.zip