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  1. Just finished on HMP. A blast from the past. Love the aesthetic with the Hell cracks and the Bruiser Brothers "portal", but it looks like everyone thought the same way I did. My only complaint is how cramped the map could be, but whatever, maybe I'm just too spoiled by fanmade WADs.
  2. colBoh

    Pixiv Fan art part 10 billion

    Just curious, do you think you could direct me to the artist's Pixiv account?
  3. Like the title says. The Skulltag Railgun I downloaded from Realm 667 doesn't vertically auto-aim in ZDoom when I use it in a self-made ZDoom map... Is there any way to change that?
  4. If I put a middle texture in the middle of a window that's larger than the place it's trying to occupy, the result is being able to see the texture under the floor or ceiling when I test the map-- which doesn't show up in DB2. Is there an easy workaround (besides not using textures that are too large?)
  5. colBoh

    Map names I don't realize

    Well, for what it's worth, here are my two cents: Ones I don't get: E3M6: Mt. Erebus Erebus is supposed to be a god of darkness, but this map seems to be the center of the opening of a volcano (that's what I imagined it was), making it very bright. MAP27: Monster Condo Yeah, kind of self-explanatory. It has a library and a pool (the nukage one near the start), so it could be a living place of some kind). Ones I think I get: E3M7: Limbo It's called "Gate to Limbo" in the intro screen. I believe Limbo is the portal between life and afterlife, and Limbo could lead to Heaven or Hell depending on how you lead your life. I always imagined E3M7 being Hell's side of the portal. MAP21: Nirvana A lot of DOOM II's levels have seemingly random names, so I guess this one was picked as a tribute to the band. TNT MAP22: Habitat Lots of green open spaces, and some running water. It might've kept Earth animals for entertainment, or demons for study. Plutonia MAP09: Realm The first room kinda looks like the entrance to a castle. In keeping with Plutonia's nature-ish theme, I always thought the Doomguy just stumbled upon some random old castle in the forest. Plutonia MAP22: Impossible Mission A play on the old 60s spy TV show, "Mission: Impossible".
  6. So I tweaked a few things and made a custom DECORATE file out of some stuff I downloaded of off Realm667. All of a sudden, I load up my custom map used for testing some tweaked actors for the twentieth time, with no errors beforehand, and this error message pops up: Unable to find the DECORATE class 'Stimpack' to inherit from, while parsing 'Adrenaline' Unable to find the DECORATE class 'Health' to inherit from, while parsing 'Medipack'... and error messages like: Texture "CREEPNL0" is double defined in resource "C:\Desktop\Miscellany\DOOM\Texture Packs\DoomPotpourri.wad". Texture "ZGREY2" is double defined in resource "C:\Users\dad\Desktop\Miscellany\DOOM\Texture Packs\DoomPotpourri.wad". And so on, you get the idea. I checked the "Doom Potpourri" texture pack and couldn't find any redundant textures. These errors haven't popped up before... help???
  7. colBoh

    Doom Builder 2 Errors involving DECORATE.

    That worked nicely, but now I have another headache: Several of my custom MONSTER actors seem to lose their MONSTER property (I can go through them, and I'm unable to shoot or kill them)... I got this error while testing using an edited Former Human, Former Commando, and the custom monster "Chaingun Major" from Realm 667: Unable to parse DECORATE data from location C:\...\Desktop\Miscellany\DOOM\LVLmaking\Other Stuff\JJBACTOR.wad. Expected numeric editor thing number or start of actor scope on line 3 in 'DECORATE' Unable to find the DECORATE class 'zombieman' to inherit from, while parsing 'editedzombieman' Unable to parse DECORATE data from location C:\...\Desktop\Miscellany\DOOM\LVLmaking\Other Stuff\Monsters\ChaingunMajor.wad. Expected numeric editor thing number or start of actor scope on line 3 in 'DECORATE' Unable to find the DECORATE class 'ChaingunGuy' to inherit from, while parsing 'ChaingunMajor'
  8. colBoh

    Doom Builder 2 Errors involving DECORATE.

    Oops. OK, did that, and went I went to test my map: File C:\...\zdoom.pk3 is overriding core lump mapinfo/doom2.txt
  9. colBoh

    Doom Builder 2 Errors involving DECORATE.

    I always add doom2.wad to my list of resources to bring up standard DOOM II textures, objects, etc., but on a coupple of occasions, they didn't come up. Also, when I loaded My custom actors, recently, many of them seemed to lose their MONSTER property, and made me unable to hurt them (they can still move and attack, but hitscan attacks and projectiles go right through them... I'll try using zdoom.pk3 instead of doom2.wad, see where that gets me.
  10. colBoh

    Nature dec textures?

    Does anyone know where I can find a pack with grass textures like the ones in Claustrophobia 1024 MAP01, or icicle textures? I'm aware of vine textures like the ones in Plutonia 2, but not others. Anyone care to steer me in the right direction?
  11. colBoh

    Nature dec textures?

    I have no idea on how to make my own, and I'd rather download some.
  12. colBoh

    Using DEHACKED or DECORATE to remove flags?

    I think I found an interesting workaround. I decided to edit the rockets themselves instead of the Cyberdemon. Look at the custom Rocket, called "CybRocket": actor CybRocket { SpawnID 255 Radius 11 Height 8 Speed 20 Damage 20 Projectile +RANDOMIZE +DEHEXPLOSION +ROCKETTRAIL SeeSound "weapons/rocklf" DeathSound "weapons/rocklx" States { Spawn: MISL A 1 bright loop Death: MISL B 8 bright A_Explode (128,128,false) MISL C 6 bright MISL D 4 bright stop } } According to ZDoom Wiki, the A_Explode function tells an actor, that is, any object, to explode, with the the damage of the first number and the radius of the second. The "false" value means it will not hurt the actor which fired it (it's normally set to "true". http://zdoom.org/wiki/A_Explode Now, my question is, if a Cyberdemon fires a rocket at another Cyberdemon with the tweaked "CybRocket", and with the -NOBLASTDMG and +DONTHARMCLASS, will the second Cyber take damage? EDIT: It worked! I didn't even need the custom rockets; the extra flag works just fine. Thanks, guys!
  13. How do I remove flags attached to a monster? What I want to do is remove the NORADIUSDMG flag normally attached to a Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind, and replace it with the DONTHARMCLASS tag, essentially allowing the Cyberdemon to be vulnerable to rocket damage, but not damage from other Cyberdemon's rockets. Again, how do I remove flags attached to a monster?
  14. colBoh

    ZDoom Tweaking: Blood

    OK, I'm tweaking with a custom monster I found in Realm667. It's the Zombie Scientist with an axe attack. Said axe attack is coded as follows: Melee: SCZA E 8 A_FaceTarget SCZA F 16 A_CustomMeleeAttack (random (2, 6) *5, "KnifeHit", "skeleton/swing") SCZA E 4 goto See I know that, with this attack, it'll do 10-30 damage in multiples of 5, when it hits, it'll play the sound "KnifeHit", and when it misses, it'll play the Revenant "whoosh" punch sound. How do I tweak it so that when it strikes the player, the player will bleed (like with any bullet attack)? And yes, I've checked the ZDoom Wiki. I don't understand it. Thank you.
  15. colBoh

    Favorite enemy from the beastiary.

    My favorites? Pretty much every "serious" zombie, but the ones I'd like the most are the pistol and double-pistol zombies from the OLD bestiary...
  16. colBoh

    Descent textures in Doom?

    I don't know if this is possible or even legal, but I'll ask anyway. There are some cool textures in the "Descent" games, but I have no idea how to use them in a WAD. I can easily save a single texture as a BMP file, but it doesn't work when I use Slade to convert it into something Doom-compatible. I know how to add textures and patches to a WAD with a WAD already made for them (like the ones in Realm 667), but not this way. Help?
  17. colBoh

    Doom Builder feature wishlist

    The ability to save edits to the patch or textures lump while in texture editing mode.
  18. colBoh

    SLADE v3.0.2

    One big problem I have, which SLumpEd doesn't, is that you need a .sf2 file to play music files. Which doesn't make sense because I have no idea how to use an .sf2 file for music in ZDoom. Care to fix that sometime soon?
  19. colBoh

    GUS emulation in ZDoom?

    This has probably been asked a hundred times before, but I haven't been able to find an answer... Does anyone know of a way to emulate Gravis UltraSound music in ZDoom (or any source port for that matter)? I've searched the boards and the various wikis, but don't know. Help?
  20. colBoh

    Transferring textures.

    I know, I know, newbie question. I'd still like to find out. I have a good handle on how to copy textures from, say, Plutonia or Ultimate Doom, into my custom Doom II WAD, and implementing them without the game looking all glitchy. Now I'd like to know, is there a way to transfer whole textures at once that are made up of multiple patches? I have no idea on how to extract an entire texture, and move it to my WAD. I tried using "export", or copy/pasting, but it does so with entire texture files, and not individual textures. I have XWE and SLADE. A little assistance here?
  21. colBoh

    Transferring textures.

    Is that possible with a <i>DOOM II</i> WAD? The TEXTURE2 idea doesn't sound much faster, but it sounds more convenient-- only one source to take patches from, rather than skim through all the patches you don't need for one patch.
  22. colBoh

    Transferring textures.

    Yes, that's exactly it. Sorry if I wasn't clear before. I suppose I could always copy/paste the texture properties into a single text document, then into my WAD. I was just wondering if there was a faster way.
  23. colBoh

    Transferring textures.

    Mmph. Yeah, that was a little tedious to use...
  24. colBoh

    Transferring textures.

    Copy/pasting a few dozen lines of text doesn't sound as tedious as reassembling textures by hand. Where can I download DeuTex?