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  1. Yeah the level is almost exclusively lit with dynamic lighting. I can definitly see the FPS thing being an issue on lower end machines. Not sure if I can solve it. I might actually look into the switches being too obscured and maybe tweak that. its bad especially for someone who plays without mouse look. I did a video last night of me looking over feedback and I made some changes to improve the level further.
  2. Entirely possible I completely goofed then. Ill take a look later. I might just remove the ini file altogether.
  3. oh its on reddit? Link please! I didn't know someone posted it. As far as the controls I set it up to be WASD as the default controls of GZDoom use the arrow keys. I also set other options I thought feels right for the mod in the ini. It seems to work when I tested it on other PC but I am kind of thinking most people who will play this have their stuff setup anyway. What I dont want is people unfamiliar with doom to load this up and end up with a non WASD control scheme. :/ as for the blood.txt My understanding is the next version of Brutal Doom will fix this. I will likely update things to reflect the new version of Brutal Doom. I also uploaded a new version of the level last night. It includes various fixes and changes.
  4. Woah, its so trippy to see the level in standard Doom like that! hmm so the level is just lacking in ammo to be playable in standard Doom? Though you chose to play in Hurt me plenty, its worth noting that ultra violence steps things up a lot. I probably could have balanced this to be a classic doom style experience but my goal was to make it feel like someone plopped a modern day AAA shooter into Doom. I really like that you managed to get the music to work. Ill contrast your play test with a Brutal Doom Black metal play through I managed to upload yesterday. You want to talk about night and day differences. haha!
  5. Actually, the creator of Brutal Doom linked an older beta of the level on Facebook and I got a bunch of attention. My Youtube now has over 100 subscribers! XD If you liked that video here is a video of me building the final bridge battle in the level. https://youtu.be/tDc_f9hdoUg Sometime tomorrow I will be posting a full playthrough of the map on the Black Metal difficulty setting which is pretty long but its super hardcore. Later tonight I will be doing some response videos to bugs people have discovered and I will be fixing the bugs so I can patch the level up. I am having a lot of fun with this even if its not getting huge attention. Maybe people just don't really care too much about it.
  6. I am demonstrably one of the worst devs at selling myself. I spend every waking hour working working working so when it comes time to actually say "hello world" its laughable how few people will even know who I am lol
  7. This is it, a Doom 2 level I have been working on for quite some time. Its now ready to be played by everyone who wants to see it. I included a video of me playing through it on UV with 100% secrets and within Par. 40 minute par time! Follow this link to see more information and download:https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/doom2-redemption-of-the-slain-full-release-and-download
  8. Yeah I am using GZDoom lighting and not using sector based lighting unless its for ambience. I still have yet to see if anyone has play tested the level. I might have to push forward with the final battle area without addressing problems that might have been introduced in the latest beta. :/
  9. Go Here to download it or view the first 16 minutes of game play. https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/doom2-redemption-of-the-slain-beta-2-0-release-and-download-feb-8-2016 Here is a raw 16 minutes of black metal difficulty for Redemption Of The Slain Beta 2. This includes the new area of the map as well as all of the most recent game play changes. This release includes one additional level that was not present in the previous version. I have also done a ton of changes based on feedback so everything should feel and play a lot better than before. My plans are to add one final battle section at the end of the level which will be included in the next version of the map.
  10. Doom2 - BZPlasma Playtest ROTS Beta1 Part 1 https://youtu.be/2QiMGth7xAY This is the next round of changes after the BZPlasma play test. You can see how the level has progressed and where its going next. Support me on Steemit! https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/doom2-bzplasma-playtest-rots-beta1-part-1 Doom2 - Redemption Of The Slain Play Test Commentary (Fonze) https://youtu.be/MwCPkhmytTQ Fonze provided a play test video or 2 so I go over feedback and talk about things. I added commentary to your play through! The level is progressing rapidly and there are big changes involved. I also plan to add another section to the map before the next play test. This will be the equivalent of adding another level.
  11. Here is a 53 minute talk where I go over a ton of information and feedback https://youtu.be/w-KjMKW_fgI make sure to give me a thumbs up on steemit https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/doom2-redemption-of-the-slain-feedback-doomworld
  12. I wont be talking smack. More like analyzing things. Figuring out what you might have been thinking and why and finding ways to polish things further. As far as the enemies not showing up hmm.. Maybe the problem will go away when I cut the imp respawning stuff. Weird. edit: Warning anything you did that might have cought my attention in the level might result in secrets or easter eggs. No promises but yeah. :D
  13. just to let you know this is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you so much for this! I will likely have videos where I mull over the details and talk about ideas on what I will do next ect. I have tons of content to go over now! is it ok if I use your video play test and add commentary and talk about stuff on my Youtube channel?
  14. Woah! so much awesome feedback! I am parsing through it all. now :)
  15. Well, one of the things I have been kicking myself about is that, there needs to be new games with this style of level design and play. One of the main things I did with NRFTL and this new level I am doing now is toy with modern design philosophy without giving up the classic game play of Doom. If you pay attention to the flow of this Doom 2 level you will see that its actually an entire episode of tiny levels strung together in the shape of figure 8. The players direction is always forward but you also loop back through areas you have already been. Doom 2016 does a good job of producing a modern FPS that shows people do like the combat. But I dont feel it went far enough to stay true to its roots in every way. This will be my last Doom 2 level, but its not going to be my final Doom 2 style level.