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Cole Burna

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  1. Cole Burna

    Can't seem to enable vsync

    Hello. I've been trying to make vsync work with the latest svn build (and also the latest official release) but it is no use. -vsync: broken. v_retrace: broken. Before I go into details, I'd like to know if for some reason I should expect this to happen. Regards.
  2. Cole Burna

    Chocolate Doom

    Ok, I did some more testing on the Plutonia2 crash and figured out a way to watch the whole demo. All you need to do is start a game, play a little, like a minute or so, just kill some baddies, move around, now press F7 to end the game and let the demo roll: no crash! Still no idea what's going on.
  3. Cole Burna

    Doom95 mouse patch for XP available - now

    Count me in.
  4. Cole Burna

    Eurovision 2010 (winner: germany), yay!

    Too bad? this garbage sounds like Hitler's death rattle muffled with a cock.
  5. Cole Burna

    Eurovision 2010 (winner: germany), yay!

    I stopped caring when I realized everything was going to sound like George Baker I sort of liked "Waterloo", will give it as much.
  6. Cole Burna

    Can't seem to enable vsync

    Thanks for the trick, it worked. Unfortunately I get random stuttering with vsync on, so even though I don't have problems with the palettes or anything else, I feel discouraged already. Will give it another try when/if it's fixed.
  7. Cole Burna

    EA To Try and Profit From Used Game Sales.

    Greedy my arse. Keeping those servers players connect to online costs quite a deal of money, now add everything they lose to piracy and progressive taxation...hell, I'm amazed they're still in business after all these years. They don't cash a cent when you buy a used game, they owe you nothing.
  8. Cole Burna

    altered gameplay behavior in ZDoom

    That's great news. You can never have too much vanilla Doom in a source port. What if you temporarily enabled vanilla demo playback in ZDoom? that would allow us to spot some of the least obvious differences more clearly. Also, can the way ZDoom renders architecture change an actor's behavior in any way? by comparing a vanilla screenshot and a ZDoom screenshot at 320x200, it becomes evident that ZDoom does stuff differently, but I never knew if that had any extra undesirable implications. Thanks.