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  1. Microsoft already released a patch. This is one time I regret not having automatic updates turned on, but at least I'm getting the patch now. From what I'm reading, Linux operating systems and Android devices (which I also have, unfortunately) are among the hardest hit by this.
  2. Different hardware vendors are said to be expected to release patches soon. But the same source Linguica posted says it's a core protocol issue, so any patches at this point are workarounds at best, and that this may be a case of 'throw away your router and buy a new one.' Fucking great, that's just what I need. WPA2 has been around for quite some time, has this vulnerability been there all along?
  3. I remember there was an issue for me a few years back, where it seemed Doom 3 would lag whenever I used the higher AA settings, even though my hardware, like yours, was more than sufficient to run it at max settings and had been doing so previously. I was using Vista at the time (shudder) and once I moved to 7 it mostly seemed to clear up. *shrugs* I still use 7. Probably will for a while longer.
  4. I went there back in summer of 2015 with a friend. Had a great time. Drank a ton, dined on delicious food, went to a strip club, played slot machines. Sad to hear about this. I've been watching since the news started to unfold late last night. Btw, from the footage of the shooting, it sounds like the guy had a full-auto weapon, which have been virtually banned since 1986. Weapons manufactured and purchased before the ban are still legal, but unless this guy was holding onto the gun for 30+ years, it seems unlikely that was the case here. Otherwise, they're virtually impossible to obtain legally. Of course, it's still possible to convert a semi-auto to full auto if you have a bit of machine shop experience, but that's illegal too. The only other mass shooting I know of where a full auto was used was the McDonalds massacre in 1984.
  5. Neither has almost anybody else, including the people who buy them.
  6. Bring on the rigor mortis jokes.
  7. I seem to recall the opposite: if you choose to defy his orders, his transmission gets cut off in a burst of static. I never took that as meaning he was getting possessed right then, though.
  8. Agreed 100%. And honestly, I think this is one area where the sparse lighting and heavy shadows they caught flak for actually really worked in their favor---it's easy to believe a wall or ceiling is much more detailed than it actually is when it's only illuminated by a dim, flickering light, as opposed to a high-power bulb. The Alpha Labs, the Delta Complex and the CPU levels use this trick in spades, and it really pays off. Although, Delta and CPU really do feature some truly complex brushwork as well. One of the reasons those are among my favorite levels of the game.
  9. We have an arachnotron, yes. We showed it briefly once in a vid several years back. Ours (and it looks like this one as well) were both modeled after some concept art of the arachnotron for Doom 3 that never made it into the game. Ours only has four legs, though, and isn't as generally hi poly as this one seems to be.
  10. I'd never seen it. Do you know who modeled and animated it?
  11. Where... the hell did you get that arachnotron gif, and who created that model? It's fucking amazing.
  12. ^The UAC logo as well. I wasn't aware of classic doom guys face being there. Now I'm gonna have to go inspect them again.
  13. Liar. Everyone knows you start off on the elevator exiting the underground facility in Ultra Nightmare. FAAAAAKE.
  14. I'm curious about your use of past tense here---'had an older sister'. Is that to say she is no longer around?
  15. I've since realized my response to this should have been 'now you're just being a beach.'