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  1. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    It's certainly true that id Tech isn't licensed the way it was in the 90's. 5 or 6 games used id Tech 4, and fewer used id Tech 5 & 6. Though I'm sure this has more to do with Bethesda, as I remember them saying years back that id engines would no longer be licensed to third party developers (i.e. the game had to be published by Bethesda to use id Tech.)
  2. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Wolfenstein NWO and Wolfenstein TNC used id Tech 5 and id Tech 6, respectively.
  3. Caffeine Freak

    The philosophy of level design

    The only thing I'll say here is this: if you want to craft something, just jump in and start getting your hands dirty. You can sit around all day asking others their thoughts, but really the best way to figure out if something works or not is to jump in there and start building shit.
  4. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    I would assume the 'fighting across dimensions' simply refers to going to hell and back, as it has with other Doom games. Even in Doom 2016, there's Hayden's line where he describes you as 'the only flesh and blood to walk between dimensions'.
  5. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    From the info that's been given, it sounds like this is a direct sequel to the last game, so I don't see any of these possibilities being likely. That being said, exploring earth opens the game and Doom universe up to all kinds of possibilities that they never really had staying on Mars. Imagine all the backstory and cultural aspects they could explore in a 22nd century earth, even if it's been destroyed. That's something that they've never had much of an opportunity to do in the Doom franchise.
  6. Caffeine Freak

    Doom engine Vs Build engine

    Reading over the post I made exactly five years ago on this thread (strange coincidence) it's clear I was talking about the vanilla incarnations of each engine, and I think others were too, at least initially. I'm not sure at what point the thread got diverted. I still maintain my previous stance that while Build has some nice features, it's a lot less stable than id Tech 1.
  7. Caffeine Freak

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Since I've only ever fiddled around with Doom Builder and instead spent nearly the last decade using the Doom 3 editor (as well as Snapmap more recently), I'll answer as it applies to those. In Snapmap, the Lost Souls are the monsters I neglect most often, since I find them to be the most annoying in the new Doom. They cause an inordinate amount of damage and can blindside the player quite easily. For Doom 3, it really depends on the level. The Pinkies are the least versatile of the entire bestiary, due to the combination of their size and the fact that they don't have projectile attacks. So I use them less than most enemies, not out of dislike but simply because there's very few situations where they can really be utilized effectively. Other than that, I probably use the Bruiser (from D3xp) the least.
  8. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    @InsanityBringer I definitely felt that way about certain sections of the Foundry. In particular, the vast room you have to navigate by jumping around platforms in order to reach the corpse whose arm you tear off, makes very little sense from a realism perspective.
  9. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    @dsm Rage was roughly six years in development and still had the nasty bugs that plagued it for months after release. Doom 2016 had *some* concepts from Doom 4 1.0, such as the predecessor for glory kills, but was still a vastly different game in the end, judging by video footage of the scrapped project and things different id employees have said. A large amount of time spent working on a game does not automatically equal a stable product or even a good game. What REALLY matters is the ability to maintain a good direction and focus during the development cycle, however short or long it may be.
  10. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    The point is, they've been busy with a lot of projects in the last two years. Every new project they work on is additional drainage on the finite resources they have. And even though their groundwork and foundation is more laid out for them with this installment, that doesn't mean they're just going to do what amounts to a new level pack. They know what direction to pursue here, but you can bet that there'll be some significant additions and changes to the mix. That's part of making a proper sequel. Can you name a single AAA title id has done that's been released within six months after debuting gameplay to the public at large? EDIT: even if I assumed they started work on Doom Eternal right after releasing Doom 2016 and immediately knew the *exact* direction they were taking with every single aspect of the game, I still wouldn't believe a 2018 release was possible. 2 1/2 years simply isn't enough time to pump out a proper AAA title with as much content as they probably want to put in a Doom game.
  11. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    It's only been two years since they released the last game. In that time, they've been working on DLC for DOOM 2016, Doom VFR, RAGE, Quake Champions, and DOOM Eternal. And even *if* you assume they started work on the sequel the minute that DOOM 2016 was out the door, again, they still need time to gauge the reception to whatever new features they're putting in the game. You're crazy if you honestly think there's a chance in hell of this game being released in 2018, in the mere four months time after they debut the gameplay at Quakecon in August.
  12. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    That won't happen. Not to dash your hopes, but no way. They released the first teaser for DOOM back in late Sping of 2014, a full two years before the game came out. Granted, they have a solid foundational base to build their game on now, and a dev team that probably largely worked on the first game, but still. They aren't going to release the first teaser a mere six months before releasing the game. They need time to gauge initial reactions to whatever new content and features they're introducing. I'd say the earliest possible release date is late Spring or early Summer 2019. Honestly though, I'm fine with waiting another year or two before playibg this, as unbelievable as it looks. I want time for aniticipation to build, (because that makes it all the more rewarding when you finally play) and for them to deliver as polished of a game as possible.
  13. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    It is a sequel, yes. Not sure how long after DOOM 2016 this takes place.
  14. I would say that you're *partially* correct here. However, to me it seems obvious that the giant worm appendages that are wrapped around the crumbling skyscrapers in the distance are clearly phallic representations of the patriarchy as it has wrapped itself around the metropolitan/financial structures of corporate America, and indeed, as with the phallic appendages in the trailer, have corrupted it and brought about it's eventual collapse. In spite of this, the patriarchy refuses to loosen it's grasp around our financial sectors, no matter how hopeless their structural integrity becomes, as is also true of the worms in the trailer.
  15. Caffeine Freak

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    That Pain Elemntal made me think of the Cacodemon from Doom 64.