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  1. Caffeine Freak

    HEXEN: Afterlands - 10 Level Hub (Final Cyrgoth WAD)

    How the hell did I miss this when it first released? Downloading now!
  2. Caffeine Freak

    "It's Just a Myth!" - Common Misbeliefs

    At best, this is still regarded as a contentious topic. The basic logic is that your activity level and metabolism slow down when you sleep, and this can lead to weight gain if you regularly eat too much before bed or eat too closely to bedtime. How much you should eat or how closely it should be to bedtime may vary from person to person, but I think it's quite a stretch to call this a myth.
  3. Caffeine Freak

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    I didn't interpret his posts that way at all. After all, why would a shark be telling us to go touch some grass? 🤔
  4. Caffeine Freak

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    Been scouring Twitter off and on since yesterday, reading reactions. I'm skeptical of Musk and his motives here, so I don't exactly have sky high hopes for positive change from this. But it certainly has been amusing, watching the same people who've for years vociferously defended the 'right' of colossal tech corporations to micromanage gigantic swaths of modern digital communications suddenly pivot to worrying about 'billionaires threatening democracy', or whatever.
  5. Caffeine Freak

    How do you deal with ghosting?

    Oh, GOD YES. I've tortured myself this way before, when I was younger and less socially experienced. There's nothing worse than trying to keep a conversation alive with someone who can never be arsed enough to ask any questions back, and consistently answers with short, clipped sentences. I'll never waste my time doing that again. If you're becoming a conversational defibrillator, pull the damn plug and end the suffering.
  6. Caffeine Freak

    How do you deal with ghosting?

    Ghosting is unfortunately very common in online dating. I know it sucks to feel like you've invested time and energy into something, only to be let down. But like all forms of rejection, you have to sort of get to a point where it just rolls off your shoulders. If it sounds like I'm being callous here, know that I've been in your exact situation countless times. Also, word of advice: try not to feel *too* invested in someone before actually meeting them. Until you meet them, you don't know if things can actually work or not. Try to be casual in your attitude towards it without being uncaring. And if they ghost you, cut your losses and move on. Better things await.
  7. Caffeine Freak

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Good luck, Lee.
  8. Caffeine Freak

    Lost mission location isn't retconned, it makes sense on the map

    @BonciuADV Very interesting. I'd be intrigued to see if the team actually made the layout of The Lost Mission make total sense in relation to the base game. One thing I will say about the layout of Doom 3: out of curiosity, I once put all the Delta maps together in the editor, because I wanted to see if Delta 1 actually lined up with where they had you exit out of the ceiling crawlspace in the Delta 3 area (this is in Delta 5, *after* you get back from Hell), and... yeah, it's not even close. It's like a mile away. So I'd be interested to see if they actually took the time to line things up in The Lost Mission. I don't know how the rest of the Doom 3 maps line up with each other.
  9. Caffeine Freak

    Dead Space Remake Confirmed---Currently in Production

    *necrobump* New dev livestream incoming: https://www.pcgamer.com/au/another-peek-at-the-dead-space-remake-is-just-around-the-corner-gurgling/
  10. Caffeine Freak

    I've Never Beaten Wolfenstein 3D.

    Don't think I've ever beaten Wolf 3D either, though I did carve my way through a decent chunk of the game (up to the 4th episode or so, as I recall), around 11-12 years back. It's certainly a fun enough retro experience to blast through for an afternoon or so. Part of the problem with completing it is that even for the patient type, the game starts to become very monotonous after a couple dozen levels or so, though I think you could make a strong argument that this is more due to engine limitations than creative shortfalls. The game is probably an episode or two too long, especially when you throw in Spear of Destiny on top of the first six episodes. I imagine sometime in the future I'll sit down again and power through the whole thing, just to say I did.
  11. Caffeine Freak

    How do i become more likable?

    I'll try not to repeat anything that's already been said here. One small piece of advice I have: be a good listener. As in, if someone is talking to you about their day, their interests, hobbies, or maybe deeply personal stuff, be able to let them speak to you for an extended period of time, without interrupting them. People genuinely appreciate someone who seems to listen to what they're saying, as opposed to just waiting for their turn to speak. And at the appropriate times, ask them questions to further the dialogue. Obviously, this doesn't apply in all situations, and I'm also not telling you to be anyone's therapist. You have to be able to engage in conversations in meaningful ways and put yourself out there. In order for people to like you, you obviously have to talk to them in a friendly, relatable way. But the flipside (and an undervalued lesson, in my opinion) is that you have to learn to shut your mouth and let other people speak. You'll be surprised at how much people open up when you do.
  12. Caffeine Freak

    Recommended single player maps/campaigns?

    Demon Genes was the first Doom 3 map I ever made, and where I learned a lot of the fancy tricks of the game. Took me about 9 months. I'm always amazed and flattered at how well-liked it still is. There's plenty of stuff in it I would do totally differently today. In retrospect, I would even call some of the scares in it pretty cheesy, but I know what I was going for at the time, so I'm fine with that. I remembered that I had intended Part 2 of it to be some sort of underground facility that was overgrown and had a nest of Vagaries, Ticks and Trites and whatnot. Me finishing the map and joining Hexen: EOC happened to overlap with each other by about a month or so. I was also doing full time college classes, so a Part 2 sort of went out the window at that point. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. It's always nice to know your earlier work is still appreciated by people. :D
  13. Caffeine Freak

    Recent(ish) interviews with Hugo Martin about Eternal

    Bumping again. Here's a nearly 2 1/2 hour podcast interview with Hugo on Under The Mayo's channel. Just went up about 2 weeks ago. The podcast regularly features Ketchup, Mayo and Spud, all three of whom I believe have their own gaming channels. (Ketchup and Mayo do for sure, not positive about Spud.) Hmmmp, Allstin, and Maynarde also make appearances on this episode:
  14. Caffeine Freak

    I cannot believe how good people can be at this game

    Zero Master isn't human.
  15. Caffeine Freak

    John Madden Dead at 85