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  1. Caffeine Freak

    Anyone Annoyed That...

    This is a stellar idea. I think you should lead by example and start by flipping all the frames of the .gif in your avatar, as it clearly features a right-handed space marine. The game industry needs to know that not every marine blasts demons and browses porn with their right hand, and where better to start shaking things up than with our avies? They won't know what to think when they see those lefty firing motions.
  2. Caffeine Freak

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Yep. Revised for modern times and lead-free.
  3. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I have more of an issue with how the normals of that surface are distorted because nobody took the time to properly distribute the vertex points.
  4. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Oh, come on. Except for the Mutant Bash TV guy, most major characters are all 'ooh, I hate the authority, ya gotta watch out fer bandits, and why don't you go grab some shit that I need from this dangerous area.' John Goodman (Dan Hagar) fits that description to a T, so do all of the resistance characters in the garage that's in the eastern wasteland in the second half of the game. There's other characters that are less gloomy, such as the sheriff and mayor in Wellspring, but they're still very serious and expect you to give a shit about their problems when they have no emotional resonance with you. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the game; quite the opposite. The game world itself isn't dark and gloomy for the most part, but a good chunk of the pivotal characters are deadly serious and expect you to care about issues you've not really been given any reason to care about.
  5. Caffeine Freak

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    I heard 'yanny' at first, without question. But then I let the clip continue to repeat, probably about 30 or so times, and before it had played more than half a dozen times I could begin to hear the emergence of different sounds, sort of like when you hear a phrase repeated non-stop and then it kind of melts together. I can clearly hear 'laurel' now, even though 'yanny' wants to override it in my brain. If I just let it play on repeat I can hear both at once. Pretty neat. I'm sure I would never had heard it if I didn't know to be looking for it, though.
  6. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Y'know, I initially had reservations about how much the tone of that trailer departs from the tone of the original game, but on second thought, I'm perfectly fine with it. The first game took itself so seriously and was too self-important for it's own good. Almost every character was serious and somber, expecting you to automatically give a shit about whatever their problems were. You were supposed to care about events and story elements (such as destroying the 'authority') that really had no emotional resonance with you. If there's more of a carefree feel to the second game, like the vibe I get from the trailer, I'm all for it. It would be nice if say, you were more of a lone wolf type character who freely associated himself with whomever he wanted, as opposed to a guy who continually gets shoved into situations and pulled into some vague 'resistance' movement against an even vaguer authority figure that he has no reason to feel any particular way about.
  7. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Well, that was marginally better. I guess we'll have to wait for the gameplay reveal trailer to see what they really have in store for us. Interesting color scheme they chose for the title and logos this time around.
  8. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I'm honestly not sure what it is you're saying here. The game is designed to look pretty while the player is moving at a high speed? How do you make a distinction between that and a game that's designed to look good while the player is moving slowly? How do you design the visual details of a game around the idea that people are just going to be moving quickly and not stopping to look, aside from simply skimping on the visual details altogether(which you've indicated DOOM doesn't do)?
  9. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Maybe a lot of people don't. I sure do. I spend time analyzing the details of every game I play, and I've spent hours gazing at the architecture and other details in the new DOOM, particularly the first time I played.
  10. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Other than that being an all-around terrible way to present the game, (shitty, shitty music, nothing on screen long enough for me to discern much, and the characters making dumbass annoying poses), I really can't make much of a comment. Character models look good, at least. That's about all I can say. EDIT: I don't know if that's actually from the game, but either way I can't imagine that will be the trailer they reveal it with. That's a fifteen second TV clip, something you put out when your game is close to done. The initial announcement trailer for DOOM was about a minute long, and that was before any actual gameplay was shown. There's just no way that's what they'll actually use to unveil the game.
  11. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I feel like DOOM 2016 did reach that level of detail at times. But on the other hand, I would almost expect a game like RAGE to have an inordinate level of detail compared to most games. When you spend 6 years or so fiddling with a game, it can accumulate a lot of artistic detail. And when artists first started working on the game back in the mid-2000's, the prospect of being able to put an unlimited level of detail in must have been mind-blowing, so they probably were going crazy with it. DOOM also had a shorter development cycle, about 3 1/2 years (they have said that the project was restarted in late 2012 or early 2013), so there was probably less time devoted to sitting around and detailing environments to the nth degree. However, I think the *big* reason for the higher level of detail in RAGE than in a game like DOOM boils down to the simple difference in setting: the post-apocalyptic setting where you have hundreds of people living in broken down structures over long periods of time, versus DOOM, which takes place predominantly in a massive futuristic base that has been immaculately cleaned and maintained by teams of people daily.
  12. Caffeine Freak

    Rage 2 leaked?

    RAGE was roughly 6 years in development, and during that time as I recall, they made some mistakes with the tech that they had to correct later---most notably, trimming down the massive file size for the game that resulted from all the gigantic textures. In the last year or so of development, they had to go through and investigate all the art assets, and do a bunch of down-sizing that resulted in some fairly cringe-worthy textures in the final product. The problems you see with the megatextures in RAGE had less to do with the tech itself, and more to do with how artists were given liberty early on to go crazy with texture sizes, only to later be forced to scale everything back.
  13. Caffeine Freak

    How did you come up with your username?

    On average, I drink roughly 500 mg of caffeine a day. (For perspective, that's equal to about six 8 oz. cans of Red Bull.) That's why. I *knew* there had to be a reason for the Ziggy Stardust avatar.
  14. Caffeine Freak

    What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    Honestly, I see a full-bodied Icon of Sin to be a perfectly viable option. Ordinarily I like to steer away from what seems to be the go-to mentality of 'just do it like the classic games' in discussions like this, but the IOS is one interesting enemy concept that hasn't ever really been delved into very deeply in the Doom universe. It would only be compelling if they revamped it's appearance and scaled it up from what it was in Doom 2016. You could even make it massive enough to where entire levels took place inside the guts of the demon. Heck, Titans Realm has you jumping down the throat of the husk of a long dead colossal demon, so why not? Failing that, something entirely new that we've never seen before in the Doom universe. Or perhaps, as someone suggested, the demon you hear narrating parts of Doom 2016.
  15. Caffeine Freak

    Favorite Source Port?

    People *have* done this topic many times, but I feel like it's an appropriate thing to ask periodically, as source ports get updated many times over the years and can potentially fall out of favor or reach newly found preference with different people. Especially since new Doomers join the scene over time, particularly in the first few years after a new installment in the series. Anyway. For me, it's 1. Gzdoom 2. Zdoom 3. PrBoom+ 4. Doomsday. I like Prboom's old-school vanilla feel, and how versatile and compatible it is. Zdoom may be discontinued, but it's the first source port I ever used, and I always found it easy to use, even as a newbie, and I always liked the small enhancements it introduced while retaining the feel of the original .exes. Gzdoom is my favorite for the plethora of OpenGL options and ability to *really* take advantage of modern hardware acceleration. It has 10x the number of tweakable features that most modern games have, and I love that fact. Doomsday is always cool for just how far it takes the engine, and all of the different texture packs available for it and re-mastered music files you can stick in there. In some ways, it feels a generation or two ahead of the Doom engine, in that the rendering reminds me a bit more of the original Unreal Engine, or maybe Quake 3 Arena. However, I've always found the overall feel of it to be a bit awkward, like there's a lag in the response time of the game that slows it down behind how the Doom engine games originally played. So it ranks last on my list of favorites.