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  1. Caffeine Freak

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Love the photos, Lee. Pretty awesome that you're doing a collab even with all the thrilling medical adventures life is throwing at you. I just hopped over to your Bandcamp and gave 'Pavane' a listen, and I'm glad to say, it grabbed me right from the beginning. I loved it. Personally, I could see it playing during a creepy-crawly sewers level in Duke. I hope it's a sign of things to come. :D
  2. Caffeine Freak

    They Found the ORIGINAL "Wilhelm Scream" Recording Session!

    Simply awesome. And the blog post is worth reading too, even if you're not in audio production. It's fascinating to read about the process of technical preservation they used for these recordings.
  3. Caffeine Freak

    How do you stay motivated with your mapping?

    This is very true. In addition, I would say this advice applies even within mapping itself; if you are working on a room and just find yourself getting stuck and unable to continue, jump to another area of the map and start working on that, and return to the previous one later. I consider discipline to be the *main* pillar of good mapping practices, but inspiration also has a key role, and your inspiration and creativity will flow much more efficiently if you allow your brain to jump to different tasks when it gets bored, as opposed to restricting it to the same task until the solution is brute-forced out of it.
  4. Caffeine Freak

    How do you stay motivated with your mapping?

    Yep. This is how I've mapped for years. I have a 5-day long videogame music playlist that I've been building for over a decade. 95% lf the time, it's what I listen to while working on games. The obvious exceptions are when I'm working on audio or something else that requires my ears. It works not just as a creative background, but also as a way to block out the world around you so you can really sink into the task at hand. I can't imagine not listening to music while working. As an added bonus, how far I've worked through the playlist tells me how many hours I've worked in a day, which is a great way of setting your work pace.
  5. Caffeine Freak

    How do you stay motivated with your mapping?

    My genuine advice would be, don't wait for motivation to fuel you---work even when you're not motivated and the motivation will return all on its own. It's a matter of discipline and tempering yourself. Make it a habitual routine to work x number of hours on your maps every day, and once you have a routine down, your motivation will be much more steady and consistent.
  6. I'm making a subjective statement, not stating an objective truth. I find the trends Tiktok has set to be annoying, ergo, I don't like them. I don't want Tiktok banned, I don't think it should be banned, but for the reasons I stated, it would be satisfying in the short term (again, on a primitive level) to see it banned. Also, why are you excising the first part of my post where I said 'I disagree with it morally and it would be terrible for everyone not in government'?
  7. I suppose a silver lining to a bill like this is that even though I disagree with it morally and it would be terrible for everyone not in government, it would be somewhat satisfying on a purely primitive level to see Tiktok get banned. (Yes, I'm aware this isn't just about Tiktok.) Nearly every trend it's set across the internet has been insufferable, be it the resurgence of cancerous short-form videos that have now spread to other platforms (fuck you, Youtube Shorts), millions of Zoomers now cluelessly recording vertical videos when that regularly got you berated online not even a decade ago, and shallow, insipid content that would put the worst of Vine to shame.
  8. I think all he meant was 'we will vote them out'.
  9. Caffeine Freak

    Internet Archive is in trouble?

    If this is really true and the situation was more or less as described here, then the people running IA made a pretty lunkheaded move and frankly should have seen this coming from 100 miles away. Any imbecile who hasn't been living under a rock the last ~25 years could see why this practice would come back to bite you in the ass in a big way. Also, in no way am I siding with the publishers here. Publishers care about money, pure and simple, and would just as soon edit re-printings of books, both classic and modern, as they would side with idiot politicians and corporations implementing censorious ideas to further protect their own pocketbooks. On that note, I entirely agree with @segfault in that copyright laws historically protect the big guys FAR more than the little guys. I very much hope IA doesn't go under, as I consider archiving an incredibly important aspect of the internet that unfortunately, corporations and ideologues of many stripes don't value at all or would like to see destroyed. None of that changes the fact that what IA did was strategically stupid and that this outcome was entirely foreseeable.
  10. Caffeine Freak

    I want to say something about Quake

    I swear @Technicolor, after however many hopeless black hole threads you've opened up, I'm still not 100% certain whether you're a scripted chatbot someone loosed on this board, an ADHD child with the memory of a goldfish, or some God-tier troll.
  11. Caffeine Freak

    I want to say something about Quake

    If anyone read more than 2 of your 5 posts on this page alone, they would know how those posts are just like your other posts on this page.
  12. Caffeine Freak

    I want to say something about Quake

    I want to say something about Technicolor This is only about Technicolor's threads. If you read Technicolor's threads, your brain becomes very loopy and delirious, which is a surreal thing. Posts in Technicolor's threads have similarities with the dialogue in a Neil Breen movie. I only mean Technicolor's posts. Technicolor's threads bring you far closer to genuine insanity than troll threads. Troll threads are very different.
  13. Caffeine Freak


    Just finished it. Took maybe an hour and some change total. I am an awe. Completely and utterly fucking blown clear the fuck away. My brain has been completely screwed with and my sense of direction and puzzle-solving has been thoroughly tested. I've never played anything quite like this in Doom in my 25+ years of playing the game. As a fellow designer and Doom modder, I tip my hat to you, sir, as well as whomever else had a hand in creating this.
  14. Caffeine Freak

    What Are We Drinking?

    19.2 oz Atomic Torpedo IPA. Baby packs a punch.
  15. @ArsinikkHey man, thanks for posting here again. You reminded me that I really need to get around to posting my detailed thoughts and feelings on 200lnm in here. I finished it a couple months ago, but have just been so busy with my own mapping and IRL things that I haven't gotten around to it. For the record, I played through both 100lnm.WAD and 200lnm.WAD and immensely enjoyed them both. 200lnm was a substantial improvement and was immensely enjoyable and a nice challenge without being overwhelming---a nice little WAD treat that had it's own tough moments and was impressively innovative and creative, given the limitations you guys were working under. I loved it! I'll try to post some more detailed thoughts soon.