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Everything posted by Epyo

  1. Epyo

    How big is your DooM directory?

    453 megabytes. Ive had doom 2 for about 4 months. =D
  2. Epyo

    Zdoom vs. Jdoom

    does jdoom understand deep water?
  3. Epyo

    Scariest doom moments. post em here.

    aw man, my scariest moment was when i found out i couldnt use dehacked because I DONT HAVE DOOM2.EXE!!!!!....ok, deeep breaths.......phew.......*ahem* Otherwise it was when i found a cyberdemon at the end of level 29 of doom2 at close range
  4. Epyo

    Is GreenWar being played?

    I like Green war a lot, but can barely find anyone to play it with=(
  5. Epyo

    Deep Water

    hmmmm...heh heh...does zdaemon understand deep water....?
  6. Epyo

    yay for today

    ...and hold on to that beer, because in a few years, you can drink it! w00t!
  7. Epyo

    opinion on favorite doom enemy

    commander keen all the way. w00t!
  8. Epyo

    The /newstuff Chronicles #89

    I dont remember putting a plasma gun in.....
  9. Epyo

    my wad is finished

    yup.It would be sweet if someone would download it. *cough*members.cox.net\epyo\crackers.zip*cough* Its called Crackers n` Tea. I think it rules.i took screenshots. *ahem*members.cox.net\epyo\epyo.htm*ahem* i uploaded it to \incoming on thursday, so im guessing it will be in \newstuff chronicles. (am i right?) ok cool. I hope it downloads right and my little piece of bandwidth can hold people.
  10. Epyo

    my wad is finished

    wait, im lost again. Why do the links work on my computers, but not other peoples? I just tried on my sisters computer and it worked...
  11. Epyo

    my wad is finished

    huh?it worked on my computer...(darn cookies)
  12. Epyo

    DeHackEd question

    My doom2 cd-rom didnt come with a doom2.exe, but instead a doom95.exe is there any way i can still use DeHackEd?
  13. Epyo

    ZDOOM wads

    nevermind i found it
  14. Epyo

    ZDOOM wads

    where can i download "the darkest hour"?
  15. Epyo

    DeHackEd question

    lol, forget it. I still cant get it to work and i think my wad is so good that it doesnt need dehacked special effects.
  16. Epyo

    DOOM fonts

    sweetness. It worx
  17. Epyo

    DOOM fonts

    wintex ses it is invalid size. What size should it be?
  18. Epyo

    DOOM fonts

    wait a minute, how DO you make those level names anyway?