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  1. I know there are some programmers on here, so here's a quick question. I'm going to a technical interview in a few days and I was asked to bring a code sample for them to look through to "get a feel for how I write code". I have no idea what to bring in.

    IMO my best code is in an XNA game project I've been working on for six months that I've tried to keep very organized, but I'm still doing habits that are embarrassing but convenient since I'm the only person working on the project. (1: All variables are public; 2: All objects in the game world have a pointer to a huge object called "vars" that contains everything in the game world). Plus the fact that it's a game doesn't seem mature enough.

    I've worked on a lot of small projects with school, some of them group projects, so I have some small code files that are about ~200 lines long and just have a single algorithm inside that does some sort of computation or analysis, basically, and they're easy to read, but much more sloppy. Is that more appropriate?

    I just have no idea what to bring in in terms of size and subject matter. Anyone have advice?

    1. Maes


      Some Befunge code. That will make them bow and suck you quick.

    2. Jodwin


      If nothing in particular stands out, bring something that you can actually stand behind and explain why it's the way it is. Also, they might only want to take a look at a file or two, so you could grab the most sensible bits of the game project, maybe tidy those up for the sample alone and go with that.