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  1. Yesterday: Bought Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PS2. I'm in love with this game, got all the genesis sonic games, the game gear games nobody played, and ristar, the ooze, comix zone, and flicky. That's all the good genesis games there are, right? Oops they forgot tiny toon adventures, but I'll let it slide. Hey, it was only 20$!

    Problem with it is I have to unlock those last 4 games. I can't even play ristar yet, because I haven't unlocked it. And the way to unlock it (and all of them) are dumb. I have to start all the genesis games and exit them 20-30 times each. Yuck. Can't wait to play ristar and comix zone, have great memories of those games.

    Today: World of Warcraft release date announced by blizzard. November 23! Hope I can find 80$ for the collector's edition by then, my brother might help me pay though.

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    2. Sephiroth



      oh...god. i hated that game. ran across it in his closet today digging out his SNES and N64. however i left that one in the closet. alont with a few other games that didn't interest me

    3. zark


      Linguica said:

      does it have sonic cd included?


      well then.

      ling you killjoy

    4. Grimm


      Beyond Oasis was really good also.