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  1. My mom just told me some news about her cousins in California. She doesn't know them too well but hears from them every few years.

    Backstory: A few years ago (5 I guess) they put some money in a stock and it exploded, they became millionaires and moved to California. About a year ago they came back to visit and bragged all about their fancy house they were working on. They seemed pretty arrogent and snooty.

    Frontstory: Ok so they keep working on this house, and they tell their builders to keep adding new things and new things and more rooms. Appearantly there was an arguement and the father decided that's it. Begone! I've paid you enough! My house is complete! Woops, appearantly they had an important contractual agreement. The builders sued and won. The family had to give up their house to pay it off, and the parents are now looking for jobs. They had it all!

    She keeps talking and it gets funnier. The older son was in the top 5 of his class in his exclusive private high school. Uh oh! The younger son participates in worldwide tennis tournaments. Oh dear lord no!

    Please forgive me if I seem to be heartless to smile at something so cruel. But you see... But hey... Well actually I have no excuse. Guess I'm heartless then!

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    2. Fredrik


      I find it twice as hilarious as you do.

    3. Coopersville


      Yeah, that is quite funny.

      My best friend's uncle is a multi-millionaire, but still lives in a shitty, rundown shack.

    4. Danarchy


      Coopersville said:

      Yeah, that is quite funny.

      My best friend's uncle is a multi-millionair, but still lives in a shitty, rundown shack.

      Heh, sounds like my dad. He makes quite a bit of money, yet he spent 3 years living in a trailer park. Rampant cheapness is fairly common in my family.