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  1. About 3 minutes.

    I also downloaded the soundtracks to sonic the hedgehog 1, 2, 3, & & knuckles last night. Tasty tasty internet.

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    2. Johnatone


      Epyo said:

      About 3 minutes.

      Yeah, that sounds about right. Maynard tends to overdo it with Tool. Not to say I don't enjoy the music, but there are times I'm listening to the song thinking "Okay, Maynard, we get the point, now tell Adam to shut the fuck up."

      Thanks for making the thread, though. I've been listening to a lot of ICP, Dark Lotus, et cetera, and have been out of the loop. Coolz0r5.

    3. Psyonisis


      I managed to buy it before it's official release date, because the local independently-owned record store were giving them out to customers that requested it (with a wink and a nod).


    4. Gokuma


      I firmly believe Maynard's finest work was with Green Jell├┐.