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  1. At first I was like noooo they've ruined the balance of sonic 1! You're not supposed to be able to spin dash and the levels were designed that way!

    And then I was like hoooo sweet I've played it the old way so many times, finally a new way to play, this will be interesting.


    c wat i did thar? posted a link to a blog...in a blog!

    Although this post on joystiq is all I've heard about this news. I wonder if it's even true.

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    2. leileilol


      MaTT [TiK] said:
      And these are ROMs for Mega Drive/Genesis emulators are they? Cool! I'll have to look for them. Does anyone have any links to them please?

      These games exist in a legal physical cartridge form you know :|

    3. MaTT [TiK]

      MaTT [TiK]

      Sorry, wasn't thinking. Tends to happen a lot lately :)

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Epyo said:

      I saw a screenshot of the armadillo from chaotix in sonic 2 or sonic 3, that looked hot, I'll get around to that too.

      Hahaha, "hot." :D Good ol' Mighty. :D

      MaTT [TiK] said:
      Sorry, wasn't thinking. Tends to happen a lot lately :)

      Don't worry, 'twas my doing for mentioning the hacked versions. Sorry 'bout that. :D