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  1. 1-Grats to Mordeth nabbing the final post in blog one with an extensive burning crusade post. Have you done any instances in BC yet? How are they? I've only seen my brother do blood furnace twice. Looks cool. Really short, good looking, and phatty lewt. I'm holding off til 70. Which should be tomorrow, since I'm a third through 69.

    1.5-Started the Karazhan-key-quest-chain right outside the tower just now. Just thought I'd say that. It's a blog. It's pretty tough, had to go beneath the tower (non-instanced), really hard mobs down there, was bandaging every other kill, had to go deep down and find two lakes.

    1.75-Ranking the 7 Outland zones:
    Netherstorm > Blade's Edge Mountains >>> Terokkar Forest > Zangarmarsh > Nagrand >>> Hellfire Peninsula > Shadowmoon Valley, although to be fair, I haven't done Shadowmoon Valley, I just stepped in to check how much it costs for a flying mount. Looks ugly though.

    1.99- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl0PQHT34_0&eurl= "Nerf Druids" (It's :37 second video SFW)


    2-The Final Fantasy VII soundtrack is 4 discs. The game is 3 discs. Riddle me that.

    2.5-I downloaded it for background music while playing WoW. It's better than I thought. It occurs to me that, throughout most of FF7, the only thing you're hearing is the music, no voice acting, no sound effects really. To me music is more than half of a video game, so, yeah. Anyway, the music is way more emotional than I remember. I thought it was the dialogue, the characters, the plot that was disturbingly sad--and not even Aeris's death, that never moved me at all, but just every second I play FF7 it feels sad. Finally I figured out that it's the eerie music playing at any given time...And all those other things too I guess.

    2.77-You know what? FF7 needed more variety in battle music. You're hearing the same song or two a third of the time you're in the game.

    3-You think you're decisive? I bet you can't rank the Weezer albums in order of your love for them. You'll only hurt yourself.

    3.5-Ok, I'll try: Blue > Pinkerton > Maladroit > Green > Make Believe. Ugh. That was difficult. Probably the hardest thing ever done by man. It's like trying to pick a favorite beatles song or something. Good luck.

    4-Lost is on, but I give up on it. The show is sooo different than normal right now. Feels like a whole different show. I never really liked it in the first place.

    5-You guys heard about the mooninites thing right? The viral marketing causing a panic and bomb squads came and got pissed? It's exactly like the mario blocks as bombs panic! Clearly terrorism has won.

    5.5-The guy who makes QWANTZ/Dinosaur Comics, was involved with the mario blocks as bombs panic thing. Remember that? What a small world! Because I love QWANTZ!

    6-Half Life 2 Episode 2 is allegedly coming this fall. Can't wait until it comes out next year!

    6.5-I didn't like Half Life 2, but Half Life 2 episode 1 rocked my socks. How disturbing.

    7-My DSX still hasn't arrived...

    8-Beef jerky. I got a bag of beef jerky. Scary as hell the first time I ate it a few days ago, but it's tasty and fun, so now I always keep a bag on my desk. It's hilarious. Like BBQ chewing gum that you have to rip off pieces of and choke on, on purpose. And then you die. Not so funny now, is it.

    9-I had two snow days this week.

    10-Signing up for 12th grade classes tomorrow. Picking: AP Chem, H-Engineering, AP US History, English 4, H-French 4, H-Calculus, and possibly AP Economics, but then I have no lunch, but I don't eat anyway.

    11-I'm not getting a Wii. I don't have the time for another system, what with my DS, WoW, and later this year a PSP, which I'll probably only ever get one game for. I don't have a job anyway. Not enough Castlevania on the system anyway--None.

    11.5-Frankly I dunno about you guys but I judge a system by how much Castlevania is on it.

    11.75-Oh crap, virtual console. You got me there. But still.

    12-I have not touched Captain Mancubus 2 since January 15.

    13-I can 4-star Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart blindfolded.

    13.5-I tried Can't You Hear Me Knockin' on super speed, and got my best % ever on it, 98%

    13.51-Five starred Less Talk More Rokk. That's my favorite song in the game. That and Can't You Hear Me Knockin' are some of the best songs I've ever heard ever. I don't even like the Rolling Stones.

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    2. Kelzam


      I've done all the non-raid instances now, have my Karazahn key and all my heroic mode keys. I'd still say I'm quite satisfied with the expansion and how it's turned out. The level 70 instances are quite challening, and I'm glad they're giving element/enhance shamans a bullet in the foot, because no one wants to bring them (theres no room in them, and the instances are challenging enough you want the best group composition possible). Thus, finally getting more healers available.

      The hardest dungeon I've probably done was Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz. My guild is a pretty top-end guild, and while we breezed through the majority of it we couldn't put a dent in the last boss. It was fairly disappointing.

      http://ctprofiles.net/5113493]Heres a link to my CT Profile[/url], if you want to check out some awesome caster gear (I don't believe I've ever read what class you play, so unless you're a mage, warlock, or shadow priest its of no interest to you).

    3. Epyo


      Instance-wise, since hitting 70 I've tried Arcatraz twice and Shadow Labyrinth once, in PUGS.

      1st Arcatraz run we got to the last boss, almost had him on our second try, but we were getting some repops and sleepiness.

      2nd Arcatraz run the group got 100% stuck at the boss that does the charge and leaves an acid trail. We were blazing through the instance until we got to that boss, and we just could not do it.

      Shadow Labyrinth was hilariously easy. Our tank didn't even try to hold mobs, we pretty much just free for alled against the packs of mobs. Got a super-phat sword from the last boss too.

      Now to look at that profile...

      Ewwww you're shadowfury/master summoner? That's disgusting! You can't even instant cast corruption dude! I'm unstable affliction/destructive reach, thar's a real build.

      And, oh dude that's the same sword I was just talking about. We've got pretty much similar gear, I think I have 50 less magic damage or so. Are you going to try for the tier 3.5 set, or are you skipping that one and going straight for tier 4? And have you tried a heroic instance yet?

    4. Kelzam


      I do enough damage I don't need corruption or curse of agony, or a 1.5 sec dot that pve bosses won't ever dispell. I actually never even use dots because of the amount of burst damage I have, and shadowfury + seed of corruption has my guildies pretty impressed when it comes to AoE situations. I've easily been able to out dps mages (I'd say rogues, but who brings them to 5-mans anymore?), and done great soloing. I've tried all the trees, but mobs die fast enough in 5-mans that I simply find throwing dots up a waste of time when I can usualy put Curse of Elements up and increase myself and a mage's damage by 10% (besides Immolate since I use Incinerate as my main damage spell).

      Heroic Mode instances are ridiculous. We went into Hellfire Ramparts the other day and a mob one-shot our rogue; The healer didn't even get a chance to heal him. They were easily hitting for 4,000 dmg and hit a lot harder than the bosses themselves actually did (which you could say is a good thing).

      As for tier 3.5, I'm picking up pieces here and there between helping guildies out but not really intentionally. Some 3.5 pieces like the shoulders and pants are superb, then you get the gloves and robes and they're pretty week. Bloodfyre Robe of Annihilation (the one I'm currently wearing) is quite a bit better than the tier 4 robe, even, except the tier 4 robe has four sockets to work with, I believe. I'll definitely be going for multiple set bonuses. I have a seperate stats set at the moment for long-winded boss fights that helps a lot (Imbued Netherweave set and some other stuff for mana regen and alot of +stam). But to answer your question no, I'm not, I'm just picking up what looks like the best I can get out of specific instances by checking out wowhead.com.