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  1. 1-New Modest Mouse Album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank leaked. I haven't listened to anything else since I got it, I've listened 4-5 times per day, it's soooooooooooo good. Dude. Serse. Man. Awesome. And it's still getting better with each listen. Second best album ever? Maybe!

    Modest Mouse have tried to make a theme album before (sort of). The Moon & Antarctica more had a theme with the sound/mood of the music and not so much the message. The Lonesome Crowded West had a theme of the city and cars, however, there wasn't a specific story going on, and no real continuity between songs besides the spread and rotting of cities, which is a very impersonal subject.

    However, this album is a much more successful theme album. The first song of the album is called "March Into The Sea", and the ending chant of the album is We're crushed by the ocean but it will not get us wet--crushed by the ocean but it will not get us wet--crushed by the.... The songs nearly all somehow tie into a story of shit-luck-sailors setting off and realizing their ship is doomed, but they don't care. The sound of the album nails this mood. A few songs break character, that is, have nothing to do with the sailors or boats, however, they still have an impending doom and careless fun feeling to them. Steaming Genius especially.

    The cover of the album cleverly fits into the theme as well, it's an emblem of a hot air balloon but instead of a basket on bottom, it has an anchor. It's a doomed flight surely!

    The lyrics are top-notch.

    -"Treat me like the sea/oh so salty and mean/ah ha ha/Bang your head like a gong/'cause you got it all wrong/clang clang clang!"

    -"Even as I left Florida/Florida, Florida, wasn't far enough"

    -"Like trying to save an ice cube from the cold/Like trying to hide the daylight from the sun"

    -"We've got everything/we've got everything/we've got everything down to a science/so I guess we know everything/we know everything/we know everything/we know everything was built to expire/so I guess we've done everything"

    Hell, all three of those quotes tie into the theme now that I think about it.


    2-http://everybodypanic.org/linegame.htm Try this excellent and incredibly simple flash game Everybody Panic! Now. Choose mouse mode. Tell me when you beat all levels (there are only 8). Level e is not as hard as it says!

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    2. Kelzam


      Bucket said:

      Is that so? I use Modest Mouse as a prime example of why underground music should stay underground.

      I agree, heh

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Yeah well you guys have shit taste in music, that's the only rational conclusion I can really come to.

    4. Sharessa


      Bucket said:

      Is that so? I use Modest Mouse as a prime example of why underground music should stay underground.

      Heh, I remember back in about 2000 my friend tried to get me into all these indie bands. There was Modest Mouse, Dashboard Confessional, and Pedro the Lion among others. I listened to it and was like "wow, no wonder these bands never made it mainstream.

      But then they did...

      I guess the record companies ran out of ideas or something.