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  1. 1-My Geforce 7600 GS arrived! Now I can play WoW at high settings, and with 60 fps without slowdown in instances! GOOD TIMES ARE BEING HAD MY FRIENDS

    2-My stupid Oblivion Spaulders won't drop in Shadow Labyrinth! I've been there 9 times! Pretty good instance, but bullcrap that I have to go there for two pieces of my set, and never have to go to coilfang at all. As a result, I'm almost revered with Lower City and still haven't done a single coilfang or hellfire instance. I have done Arcatraz a few times though, great dungeon.

    3-Also on the subject of WoW, how do I get the Consortium to give me gems?

    4-I'm still waiting for my dad to put the hard drive from the broken computer onto the open slot in this one, I'd do it, but he has to like make room for it or something, because somethings in the way or something. I really want to work on my novel mans! And I really want to not-work-on captain mancubus 2, but right now I'm unable to not-work-on it.

    5-I might miss Lost tonight, because man, I just feel like it. Intriguing episode name though: Enter Seventy-Seven. or is it Enter 77. I do not know. Also: physics homework.

    6-Windows media isn't playing my SotN soundtrack. Something about ID3 tags. Wish I wasn't lazy enough to not say screw that. ...Wait, right?

    7-Should be taking my driver's test in 2 weeks, any tips? Which one's the gas again, I always forget? Am I supposed to hit the other cars, or, no?

    8-Super Princess Peach was good, but I'm stuck on this level. New Super Mario Bros sucks. Kirby Squeak Squad, like I said, ruled.

    9-Crud I wanted to play the second case of Phoenix Wright tonight and forgot

    10-Crud I wanted to watch Farenheit 911 I downloaded 4 days ago and forgot



    Gwoo da gwoo da GWOO, gwoo gwoo na do-do-dow...[Final Stage: Bloodlines BWAW na]BWAW na BWAWWWWWW, BWAW na BWAW na BWAWWWWWW, BWAW na BWAW na BWOOOOOOOO, BWAW now ga-BWOOOOOO, naaaaa...naaaa...naaaa...NAAA! BWAW na BWAWWWWWW, BWAW na BWAW na BWAWWWWWW, BWAW na BWAW na ks ks ks ks ks...

    Die Monster! You don't belong in this world!

    It is not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute!

    Tribute?! You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves!

    Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.

    Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!

    What is a man?! A miserable little pile of secrets? But enough talk, have at you! *chink!*

    DWEE-dwoo, dwoo-dwoo-do-dodododa-DWEE-dwoo, [hohoho]dwoo-dwoo-do-dodododa-DWEE-dwoo, HYAH! HYAH!, dwoo-dwoo, do-do NANAnana-noo, na-na-na nana(nana)-noo, NEE noo... HYAH! [hohoho] [TAKE THIS!] dwoo-dwoo-do-dodododa-DWEE-dwoo, dwoo-dwoo, do-do NANAnana-noo, na-na-na nana(nana)-noo, NEE noo..(do do do do do do do do) doo-doo NAH NAW doo-doo NAH NAW doo-doo NAH NAW doo [I...NEED...POWAR] doo NAH NAW doooooo doooooooooooooooo [NO!! THIS CANNOT BE! NOOOOOOOOARRGGGGGGG.....]


    et cetera?

    1. Kelzam


      3-Also on the subject of WoW, how do I get the Consortium to give me gems?

      At the beginning of the month starting the month after you join the Consortium, you talk to the Ethereal at the camp in Nagrand and he gives you the envelope. A lot of people think you get it in the mail, but you don't.

      If you HAVEN'T already: Go to the small Consortium outpost in Nagrand northeast of the giant diamond in the southwestern part of Nagrand. Theres a robed Ethereal there you can turn Obsidian War Beads in to for rep. He also has a quest where you talk to him and basically pledge your loyalty to The Consortium, and hands you your first Gem Stuffed Envelope. After you've done this, read above.

    2. Epyo


      Yeah got my first set of gems way back in January, and I've gone back every week to Aeris Point to check if they have gems, and here we are in March and still no gems! I'm honored btw, that's high enough right?

      Fun fact: the name "Aeris Point" inspired me to download the FF7 soundtrack and listen while playing WoW back in Blog issue #1.