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  1. 1-That's from a comic from asofterworld.com, where a girl does the photography, and a guy does the poetry, and it's neat.

    2-I quit WoW because Desktop Tower Defense-- http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/ is a whole lot more fun. Upgrading pellet shooters 5 times makes them sniper towers. That's good to know. Also, I have friends now.

    3-Got my license on my second attempt.

    4-Kid A >>>>>>>>>>>>>> > > >>>>>>>>> OK Computer

    5-SotN was released on XBLA and I've been helping punks out on gamefaqs. The main problem I find with gamefaqs is that, yeah, the FAQs/Walkthroughs are right there, but nobody wants to explore a half megabyte of text when all they needed to know was the general location of echo of bat, and they'll probably get spoiled too, anyway. So, I made my own simple no-spoiler guide.


    1-Buy Jewel of Open: Long Library

    2-Find Leap Stone: Top of Castle (not through Clock Tower area!)

    3-Find Mist Form: Colusseum (area above giant-analog-clock)

    4-Find Bat Form: Deeper in Long Library

    -(Fake Ending: top of castle)

    -(Turbo Jump: giant-analog-clock)

    -(Breathe Underwater: east purple caves)

    5-Find Echo of Bat: Olrox's Quarters

    6-Find Gold Ring: NE purple caves (purple save point)

    7-Open Catacombs: Destroy purple caves' bridge (puzzle)

    8-Find Spike Breaker Armor: East Catacombs

    9-Find Silver Ring: Break Spikes in NW chapel

    10-Find Holy Glasses: Wear Gold/Silver rings in giant-analog-clock room

    11-Find 2nd Castle: Wear Holy Glasses during battle at top of castle, kill red orb

    -(2nd Fake Ending: don't kill red orb, but wear holy glasses)

    12-Find 5 pieces of Vlad:
    -2nd clock tower's boss
    -2nd chapel's boss
    -2nd outer wall's boss
    -2nd purple cave's boss
    -2nd abandoned mines' boss

    -(Poison Mist Form: 2nd Catacombs' Boss (Hard!))

    13-Final Battle: 2nd castle's giant-analog-clock room.

    -(3rd ending is -196%, 4th ending is +196%)


    6-Excited about the new Pokemon DS games coming out.

    7-Happy Easter

    8-The game froze at the boss of Hill Top zone today, but it turns out, there's a level select code in the Knuckles version of the game too: up up up down down down left right left right a start. Who knew? But I only had 3 lives then, and I spent one at the spike pit in mystic caves 2, and I tried to cheat through the ocean at the bottom of oil of olay, but with knuckles it's harder, because you accidentally glide, and kill yourself. I did get to Metropolis, but screw that zone.

    9-Amusing anecdote, my family has always called oil ocean "oil of olay". It never even occurs to me most of the time that I'm calling it by the wrong name.

    10-Dunno if I should do a playthrough of Curse of Darkness or Lament of Innocence during the remainder of my spring break.

    11-BTW, you call this a spring break? We didn't have nearly this much snow on winter break!

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    2. Epyo


      DOOM Anomaly said:

      Metropolis! :D Especially the music. :D

      Dude dude, does the music sound like Can't Explain by The Who to you too? Me and my brothers would always sing that.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Epyo said:

      4-Kid A >>>>>>>>>>>>>> > > >>>>>>>>> OK Computer

      Apples and oranges. It depends on my mood. But I would agree that those two are far and away the best of the six.

      LP7 is going to be phenomenal though, did you hear any of the new material they played live all last summer? Saw them in Philadelphia last June, blew me away.

    4. Danarchy


      Epyo said:

      4-Kid A >>>>>>>>>>>>>> > > >>>>>>>>> OK Computer


      I mean, it's not like you're comparing it to The Bends or Pablo Honey, but yeah, Kid A is very awesome.

      Now the real question, is if it or Hail to the Thief is better.