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  1. 1-They're my favorite band, Modest Mouse. This will be my first concert. I'm 17. Yeah yeah, I know. Lul, I'm excited!

    2-Going with my friend Steph, hoping to go early so we can stand in the front, bringing my zen vision: M and going to try to record the whole thing.

    3-Band of Horses (who?) and Love as Laughter (oh I've heard of them...I think?) are opening. I downloaded some LaL and it was pretty good. Cross between animal collective and built to spill, I'd say.

    4-I told my brother I'm going and he's like o rly me too lul


    5-I see wendy's has some new frosties, twsited frosty, which is basically a blizzard it looks like, and frosty float. Root beer is basically one of my 5 favorite things in the world. Anyway, has anyone tried these and would like to review them for me?

    6-I got Resident Evil 4 for GC 2 weeks ago, finally. Oh my god. It actually lived up to the hyped, and more. That's gotta be one of the best games I've ever played. In fact:

    10-Sonic & Knuckles
    9-Katamari Damacy
    7-Castlevania III
    6-Final Fantasy VII
    5-Resident Evil 4
    4-Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
    3-World of Warcraft
    2-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    There, that's always fun. I also like Wiz 'n' Liz.

    7-I saw people on another board drooling that Heretic and Hexen were put on Steam. I've given Hexen a lot of chances and it's just too hard. After like 5 tries over the years I made it out of the first hub and then got bored.

    However, I gave Heretic another chance 2 weeks ago and started getting bored in level 2 as usual, but I had nothing else to do, so I went on to level 3, and then level 4. Holy eff, level 4 is one of the best levels I've ever played in a video game. I think it was 4, anyway. And the rest of the episode kicked butt too. Still working on the rest of the game, but I love it.

    8- http://xbox360.joystiq.com/2007/08/15/xbox-live-arcade-statistics-galore-from-gamefest/

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    2. Danarchy


      I've been going to rock concerts since I was 13. Seen an assload of bands. Aside from local shows, I've only ever moshed once, at the Skinny Puppy concert. It was pretty damn fun and intense, but after a few songs I couldn't keep it up and luckily some guys next to me carved a path out of there and I followed. Enjoyed the rest of the show from the back of the venue.

      After seeing a couple shows in small clubs then going to Lolapalooza, I vowed to never go to some huge commercial venue ever again. Small club shows generally have bands more to my liking and cost $10-$30, whereas the huge venue concerts cost you $80 with mediocre commercial bands and then you have to pay an extra $10 just to get a fucking cheeseburger. What the fuck?

      Hay kids, for extra fun, let's list all the concerts we've been to.

      Actually went 3 years in a row, but they've all become muddled together so I can't remember when was what. These were my first exposures to concert atmosphere, and I saw my first mosh pit when watching Mudhoney.

      Crash Test Dummies
      Foo Fighters
      Blues Traveller
      Tiny Tim (teh lolz)
      David Byrne
      Joan Osborne
      Electric Edison

      Rob Zombie

      Nine Inch Nails
      A Perfect Circle (Mer de Noms lineup)


      Black Sabbath
      Marilyn Manson
      Black Label Society
      Papa Roach
      Linkin Park
      Crazy Town


      The Donnas
      Jurassic Five
      A Perfect Circle (Thirteenth Step lineup)
      Jane's Addiction

      Skinny Puppy
      (some shitastic band founded by some guy who worked with NIN that opened for Skinny Puppy)

      That's not including crappy local bands I saw and a few others I saw and forgot about. The musician I've seen most in concert would probably be Maynard from Tool, as I've seen him with APC twice and Tool once, plus he also came on stage when Audioslave was playing. Danny Lohner I've seen almost as much, as he's been with at least a couple of the APC/Tool shows I saw, plus of course NIN. Maynard likes to make fun of him at concerts for some reason.

      Sadly I haven't been to a concert in yeeeeeaaars. Skinny Puppy was back in like 2003 or 2004 and that was the last time. I'd like to see Cake's tour sometime as they always bring good bands with them, and I'd love to see my favorite band ever, Legendary Pink Dots.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      I only started going to real shows like last year. Up until then it was just shitty local acts at little underground clubs throughout the city. Which was usually a fun time, especially whenever someone I knew would be playing in one of the bands.

      The only legitimate concerts I've been to are...

      Sons & Daughters - Sept 2005 - Middle East Club, Boston
      Jurassic 5/Dashboard Confessional/Violent Femmes - April 2006 - NEU SPRINGFEST 06, Matthews Arena, Boston. This show sucked, I just went cause it was the thing to do for drunk Northeastern students on that particular Saturday night, and tickets were only $5 for students.
      Bedouin Soundclash - April 2006 - forget the venue, I think it was the Middle East
      Radiohead - June 2006 - Tower Theater, Philadelphia
      Del tha Funkee Homosapien - Oct 2006 - Paradise Lounge, Boston
      Bloc Party - Mar 2007 - Orpheum Theater, Boston
      RJD2/Lupe Fiasco/Gym Class Heroes/Nas - Apr 2007 - NEU SPRINGFEST 07, Matthews Arena, Boston. This was much better than the previous year, needless to say. And still only $5.

      Coming up I'm going to the Pirates game in about a month after which The Clarks are playing a full live set, which is awesome. I also might go see Donnie Iris in Cleveland on the 31st of this month. Also now that I have money I'm probably going to end up seeing a lot more shows, although a lot of groups I'd love to see don't really tour anymore.

    4. GooberMan


      It'd be pointless trying to list all the gigs I've been to, as not only do I not remember them all but quite a few are unknown Australian metal bands. Speaking of metal, quite annoyed that I missed Sodom when they were out. Stupid debts.