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  1. The past 3 months of gaming for me have been excellent. Started off with Hexen, if you remember my hexen thread, you know I effing loved the hex out of it. Weeks later on a bored night I bought two $6 games on WiiWare called Bit.Trip Core and Bit.Trip Beat, and they were totally sweet for the price and even my girlfriend liked them and she hates everything.

    Three weeks ago I bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein and was very impressed--although really I'm impressed with fpses 80% of the time anyway. I really enjoyed it, but near the end of the game I had an urge to play the PS2 medal of honor games, and then I played through Frontline for the next week. And I was getting close to the end of that and now...

    Torchlight has been released! I thought everyone knew about this game but I didn't see it mentioned at all on any message boards I frequent, except gaming reddit a little bit. If you haven't heard of it, its made by the ex-Blizzard guys who created Diablo 1&2, and if you enjoyed either of those, you'll effing love Torchlight. I just played for 3 hours straight for the second time today, really enjoying my Alchemist character =]

    Anyway, has anyone else played it yet? It's only $20 (and only single player), and it's on Steam, sooo, maybe you should play it.

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    2. Epyo


      I'm gonna restart this game as soon as I finish Trine. I was on my second playthrough of this when I had to start my flash project and work on it for like 6 hours a day...

      By the way, Trine is excellent.

    3. rf`


      Oh my god this is awesome. I just started playing it today and got hooked on it for six hours solid (at least it was at night :P)

      The only thing that irks me are the loading times between maps. Granted I just barely meet the specs. I'll have to try netbook mode.

    4. Jodwin


      Epyo said:

      By the way, Trine is excellent.