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  1. Hi, I've reached my final project in my Multimedia Programming class: create a game! If you feel like it, you can watch the game develop right here, and if you feel like it, you can make fun of me right here too. The project is due in ~2-3 weeks, so I'll be really cracking, pretty fast.

    Previous simpler flash projects:
    -Three-scene flash project. Basically, first scene had to be a ball bouncing off of a shelf, second had to be a repeating motion, third had to be a rocket taking off, all with navigation buttons.

    -Cannon. This was a simpler project, just to get the hang of motion with actionscript, not tweening. (wasn't worth points booo). Didn't draw any of that.

    -Smoke Grinder. Create a machine that does nothing (but grinds smoke). The gears were provided, but we had to use those and more. (here is my first attempt at this project)

    -Demonstration assignment. Here we had to demonstrate something to the user, and then test them on it.

    Game Blog
    DAY 1: Started the game, woo! The game is top-down action, and so I drew my character today--or at least my first attempt at him. He's a wizard! This took 30 minutes. Then I wrote some code to get him moving, with arrows or WASD. Then I took an hour of being very particular about it, adding acceleration/momentum to make the controls fun. Criticize me here of the movement is not awesome--I want awesome movement. The last thing I did today was draw a rock class, and then cover it in rectangular boundary objects. Then I coded the player to bounce off of these boundaries, slightly. It works surprisingly well.

    Total Dev time: 4 hours.

    DAY 2: Worked on the game twice today, total of 6 hours. There was a lot of struggle. First, I drew another rock, put boundaries on it, made it a class, put it in my level. Fine. Next I made an enemy, mc_enemy1. I drew it rather nicely, considering my artistic integrity. Then, I made my first weapon: the laser sword. I drew it rather terribly, and I'll have to re-do it. I did all of this in about 90 minutes.

    But then the trouble started. I could get the sword to hit the enemies I put on the screen, and take their hp down. But when their hp gets to 0, and removeChild(enemy); is called, the game errors and crashes, something about not using removeChild properly. This took me 2 hours to fix.

    Then, I wanted it so that when the sword is hitting a rock, it will instantly shrink, and keep shrinking, until it isn't hitting the rock. I could not get the sword's array of small collision objects, to detect collision with the rocks, using hitTestObject. Damn. After spending ~2 hours on it, I think I'm giving up. As it is, the sword goes through rocks :/ I guess I'll just make it smaller, or not use the sword at all. If I have an idea to fix it, I can implement it later, I think.

    Total dev time: 10 hours.

    DAY 3: Worked around 6 hours total today. I got my pathing to work, you should check it out. There are three paths, each made of nodes. Enemies are spawned at the beginning of one of the three paths, off screen. Then they go to each next node. If there's a fork, they might take the fork, and then keep following it, until the fork ends. Then if there's more to the main path, they'll resume following that. (surprisingly, adding fork capability only took one hour!)

    Total dev time: 16 hours.

    DAY 4: Serious problems today. But first, I added 7 mana meters to the bottom left corner, for the weapons. The player can switch weapons with number keys. Then I made it so that the sword is for weapon 1. Then I made a new rapid-fire bolt-gun, as weapon 2.

    But then came a problem. The bullets are supposed to be removed permanently when they hit a rock. And it LOOKS like they are removed. But once more than 200-300 bullets are shot (and removed), the game runs a lot slower, very gradually, as if the bullets are still sitting around.

    After 4 hours of trying to fix this, I think it is fixed, for now. In addition, I found the same thing happened with enemies spawning and not really being removed. I got to "fix" that too. Hopefully these worked.

    Plenty of work still ahead!

    Total dev time: 21 hours. (site updated! gun 2 doesn't hit stuff yet)

    DAY 4 PART 2: Took a leisurely hour and got gun 2 hitting/hurting enemies now! The game is addictive.

    Total dev time: 22 hours.

    DAY 4 PART 3: Took another 2 hours and now the enemies shoot. The bullets don't do anything though. That'll be first on the agenda. Then I have to make a third gun, which will be difficult, and then a second enemy, but then every gun/enemy after that will be a lot easier because I'll have the code set up just right. Then, I'll be pretty much done with coding, just will have to do art and level design, and a whole lot of polish.

    Total dev time: 24 hours.

    DAY 5 PART 1: Took an hour after I woke up and redid the enemybullet spawn code, as well as the player bullet spawn code, so now it should be easy for me to add new weapons and enemy weapons. About to start working on the enemy bullet detection. ALSO I added the shrine that you are supposed to defend. Looks ugly right now. Also I'm not liking the design of this first level.

    Total dev time: 25 hours.

    DAY 5 PART 2: 2 more hours of work...and...enemy bullets hurt you! and your shrine. I've also added more mana meters in the bottom corner--there will be two more weapons. shrine hp and your hp are still the last ones. I've also modified the colors of all the bars a little bit, for more consistency, I think they're easier on the eyes now.

    Here's a big change: the bolt gun is now your primary weapon! It blows mana fast, but if you're accurate, you'll get a recharge bonus. The "laser"/"sword is now weapon 3, and it looks a lot more pleasing--more like a shortrange sonic soundwave cannon or something. It blows mana, but you can make a little go a long way if you're stingy.

    There is no weapon two yet. Or weapons 4-7. Some of the health bars are hard to see now. And a strange bug has appeared where an enemy is spawned, but his hitboxes don't work. And they are visible. He's kind of creepy. I could make him fail to spawn, but I'd prefer to know WHY he's spawning...<_<

    Total dev time: 27 hours.

    DAY 5 PART 3: 2 more hours of work down, I'm really happy with the way the game is shaping up. NEW GUN 2 ADDED! The yellow sun gun. I spent a lot of time on how it looks, but it looks stupid...so, I don't know what to do.

    The gun itself is extremely fun, and reminds me of the BFG now that I think about it, because it's got a little extra trick that makes it useful. It's basically a big shot that does 100 damage, but when it disappears, 7 little pink bolts come out, in a cone. Fancy thing is, the cone comes out in the angle of the player, not of the projectile itself! So if you need to hit guys around a corner, but you're far away, you can send a shot, timed correctly to hit the front man, then twist your player 90deg so that the cone comes out and hits the friends.

    Because of this cool thing, I've changed the pink bolts a bit. They do enough damage to kill the little guys in only two hits (4 before). Less bullets per second come out of the bolt gun as well (slightly), so that it takes a bit more skill to use. In addition, the mana cost is higher, and the mana regen is higher too, making the player more likely to have to reload.

    These changes also help optimize the game, because having ~20 bolts coming out per clip was unwise, now there's usually 6-10.

    Total dev time: 29 hours. (two thirds done, IMO. hardest is over)

    DAY 6: I made a new enemy lol! it's a burrd. it shoots firee. I'll work a bit on that flame breath code, it's a little weird now. Needs more animation on the bird's part too.

    Weapon 3 (sonar thing) now blocks projectiles!!! Useful. Might want to nerf damage.

    Total dev time: 33 hours.

    DAY 6 PART 2: Many, many touch ups, from procrastinating on adding the next gun...speaking of which, GUN 4 ADDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The idea sprang, and I realized I could do it very easily. An hour later it is done. I highly recommend you check out weapon 4.

    Total dev time: 36 hours.

    DAY 7: Mostly behind-the-scenes changes, hopefully you won't notice anything change. God I hope I didn't break anything. I'm organizing a lot of the code that was just out in the open before, into functions. That way I can just call back those functions in later levels. Side note: had a bug with turrets, they only cost 25% mana but it was forcing you to have 40% to place one. Should be slightly easier now--slightly.

    Total dev time: 38 hours.

    DAY 7 PART 2: Changed the gameplay of level 1. Starts off slow. Then returns to normal speed, sans birds. Birds are slowly added. Ends with a bigger battle.

    Total dev time: 40 hours.

    DAY 7 PART 3: AUGH that was an awful three hours. Still working on coding the whole level-switch schema. Had a bug that was KILLING ME SOFTLY THIS WHOLE TIME. What it was? I had boltarr, and it was supposed to be eboltarr. CHRISTLY. I looked that function over THIRTY TIMES.

    UPDATE: level 2 added (bare bones. get there by beating level 1 (might not work yet) or just PRESS SHIFT--cheat code! takes you to next level. Should you be allowed to walk in water? Maybe there should be a ripple effect, if you can.

    also, PAUSE works. I think you can press CONTRL or P?

    Total dev time: 43 hours.

    DAY 8: Finished up coding the higher level stuff better. Much more flexible, this'll help me when I add menus and the upgrade system (different from normal upgrade systems!).

    Also created a new gun, gun 5. It's all right, I don't know. Took a lot of work to make, mostly because I couldn't get the math right.

    Shift doesn't skip the level any more, unless you press it like 15 times.

    I'm still worried about the speed of the game on worse computers. Just worries though, I don't really have proof. This new gun might be slowing the game down a fraction, for some reason I hate that.

    Total dev time: 46 hours.

    Day 8 Part 2:

    designing these last few weapons is hard.

    gun 6 is definitely a gas cloud that slows enemies down.

    My first idea for gun 5 was a disc that goes through walls and enemies. It was weird. Then I thought it would be cool if it was affected by momentum. It was still just weird. Then I decided it should bounce off of walls, but still go through people. But then if you wanted to do the most damage, you would want to just shoot it while moving backwards,so it moves really really slow, to get the most frames where it is hitting the enemy.

    But not only does this negate the bouncing aspect, and also makes you never want to shoot it at high speed ever, but also that has overlap in design with the gas cloud, which is a stationary projectile.

    Then I decided to scrap the disc altogether and make a ghost gun. It would shoot out little ghosts that go through walls and people, but it would be weak, so you wouldn't want to use it besides through walls. It turned out to be too weak no matter what, when you can just wait for the enemies.

    I returned to the disc idea and thought...let's make the damage based on the speed! I got rid of the enemy-penetration (doesn't jive with high speed or gun 6), and I kept the bouncing, so that you don't have to aim so much since you want to be running fast mostly.

    Now I'm rather happy with this. Yellow ball, sonar beam, and metal disc are now the biggest dpsers. Sonar beam is dangerous to use. Yellow ball is easier to use on single enemies than disc, but does best damage on groups. Disc is easiest to use on groups (just shoot a few discs over there), but does best damage on single enemies...which is difficult to pull off.

    And it doesn't overlap with gas cloud or turrets. Good.

    AND it's momentum-based shot and momentum-based damage are interesting from a gameplay perspective. Great.

    Total dev time: 49 hours.

    Day 9: Scratch all of that! I got rid of that stupid gun. The gas cloud that slows people down is now gun 5, and it's slime you put on the ground. Although I guess it shouldn't work on the birds, then, right? Dammit.

    Total dev time: 51 hours.

    Day 9 Part 2: Gas cloud is working out pretty well, maybe the graphics need a little work, otherwise, sweet. Also made a new enemy, which spawns in level 2. Might change the color of it. Shift skips level 1 again.

    Total dev time: 54 hours.

    Day 10: Don't know about weapon 6 yet, no idea what to do there. The new enemy in level 2 is adorable. The level is just about done I guess, I guess I should create the order of the enemies coming in. It's a lot easier than level 1 right now...I think. I should probably make level 1 easier, I don't want to scare away players. Especially since a lot of the people in my class aren't even gamers, and part of the grade for this project is by your peers.

    It's actually pretty interesting, in addition to the teacher's rubric, each student will receive copies of three other games. They get to assign ten points to the three games--like 7 to one game, 3 to another game, none to the last. And they are not allowed to give the same score twice--like 4, 4, and 2.

    I've glimpsed some of the other projects, there's a mario-like, a poker game, and a simple pinball game is in the works I think.

    Total dev time: 55 hours.

    Day 10 Part 2: Created weapon 6, it's pretty sweet. It takes a hell of a lot of mana, but it's very very powerful. It also can make a lot of mana its own back if used properly.

    As far as weaponry, just need to created the healing weapon 7, and the time-stopping weapon 8 will surprisingly not be too difficult, I think.

    Total dev time: 56 hours.

    Day 11: Anyway, just coded the time-stop. I'll have to put an hourglass over the player or something, for extra feedback that, indeed, time is stopped for the enemy.

    Yesterday night, I did the healing thing, "weapon" 7. You keep clicking on yourself or the shrine, and little whitish sparkles coming out letting you know it is being healed. In the future I'll make it so that when you click somewhere random, it'll remind you (inform you) that you can only heal yourself or your shrine.

    I also re-did the graphic of the shrine, it's prettier, but doesn't really make much sense, I'm guessing I'll make it again before release.

    Total dev time: 58 hours.

    Day 12: Yesterday night, I worked on level 3 a bit. Got an interesting layout, no monsters yet, graphics not done.

    In addition, I've created the first pass of the upgrade system. If you've played a lot of recent flash action games, they've all got this identical mundane upgrade system that everyone's sick of, so hopefully my system (described in post 20ish below) will shake things up. I'm never interested in using the upgrade systems, but since this one is required, and dreadfully simple, and you don't have to worry about saving up points of any sort, it'll be enjoyed.

    You can still press SHIFT to advance to the upgrade screen, and then get to the next level, indefinitely. (you also get full manas). I'm going to paste the current possible upgrades in a post below. As of now, you can't get the same upgrade twice...but I might change that. I'm just scared of people having 10 turrets and the game lags to hell. But it would be rare...

    Total dev time: 61 hours.

    Day 13: Not much obvious work went on today, just balancing stuff, fixing the overall code. Level titles appear when you start a level, but they're not done yet. They still look a bit odd. I have to do other homework today, but after today I'm on thanksgiving break for a week, so it's gonna be a huuge push. Hopefully I'll have 7-8 levels, a week from today...Wait, the project might be due a week from today...Can't remember.

    On a side note, I played the game for an hour last night, I was really addicted. I really enjoy this upgrade system, you can get some great synergies with good upgrade chohices. Just now I worked on souping up weapons 1 and 2...which means every upgrade to weapon 1 also helped weapon 2, since it shoots bullets of weapon 1...it was awesome, I was shooting yellow orbs all over the place.

    Total dev time: 63 hours.

    Day 15: Almost done with level 3, also, made a new enemy: zombie! He comes out of a hole. The next level is the cave inside the hole. His attack is not done yet. The level is exciting, especially if you use weapons 3-6.

    Still working on weapon balance. My brother thinks weapons 1-3 are way stronger than 4-5, but I disagree. I think the real problem is the high-learning curve on both weapons. So, I want to take steps to make these two spells easier to use at first, but not affect their final value, and not effect the framerate. Making the turrets shoot more would be great, or turning them into flamers, but I'm too scared to do that. The game is already pretty laggy on my girlfriend's laptop.

    So, so far, I made the bullets shot from the turrets a tad bigger, and they are fired a taaaad more often. Little bit. As for the gas clouds, I'll make them shoot farther, and perhaps make them a bit bigger, although I really am pleased with the way they look, visually, at this size.

    Total dev time: 66 hours.

    Day 16: Just put 2 hours in, and I think level 3 is about finished! It's by far my favorite level yet. The design and order of creature-spawns makes a lot more sense, and is a lot of fun.

    Worked more on balance. Gas clouds shoot farther, dunno if it's easier or harder to use. Turrets shoot more often and last longer...and to prevent loss of framerate, the bullets simply go faster! That way there's a lot less on the screen at once. That's really what I'm afraid of--someone getting really bad-ass turret upgrades, managing to get 8-10 turrets on the screen at once, and their frames go to hell. Everything's fine! There's always a way.

    Just implemented level 4, it's blank right now, but it will be a darker, indoor bluish cave level. More zombies inside! Project due in: 10 days!

    Total dev time: 68 hours.

    Day 16 part 2: Put 3 more hours of work in, mostly on designing level 4. Still trying to figure out the layout I want, give the level a different character than the others, I want a much more scattered feel, but it should be also more enclosed since it is indoors. The level is strange right now, but interesting. Another reason it looks weird is the gradient background, but that will look a bit better when I make shadows for the rocks, I think. Which can't happen until I'm done with layout, of course. I think I'll draw a rope in, symbolizing where you dropped down from the building above.

    Also still playing with balance of course. Level two is hard to convert mana in, and level 3 is easy to convert mana in (specifically with weapons 4 and 5). I don't like that.

    Wish I had more time, I don't know if the game will be as finished as I like when the semester ends. It'll definitely be 100% for the contest, though.

    I've thought about different modes a lot. After completing the game on normal, the game will give a stats screen, but also the game will then wrap around to hard mode. Sort of like a New Game +. Or you can always just choose hard mode on the main menu. My idea for hard mode is, for hard mode, monsters gain 5% more speed and 10% more hitpoints, for every further level you go in hard mode. It's a good idea.

    Other modes, I've been thinking about an engineer mode, where you only get weapons 4 and up, and 4 automatically refills. Maybe a simple shooter mode, where you only get weapon 1. Maybe a melee mode, only weapon 3. Stuff like that sounds cool to me.

    Total dev time: 71 hours.

    Day 17: Development is slowing down a lot because I can't stop playing <_<. Anyway, I've got enemies spawning in level 4, but the level still feels a bit boring. The different gameplay--having to fight the zombies with mass hps, is fun, but the layout of the level is leading to the player wanting to camp the shrine, basically. But this is what the player is doing for the first 3 levels. I want the player to want to move away from the shrine this time, and really go chase the mobs right where they spawn. More hitpoints, perhaps? Don't know what to do. Different layout? Probably.

    Total dev time: 75 hours.

    Day 17 Part 2: Got a lot more done! Finished the zombie (who is really a frankenstein monster) and his attack animation. It's a zap! Tell me if it looks dumb/unprofessional. My brother thinks it looks fine/pretty sweet.

    Fixed a bug! In case you didn't know, enemies sometimes don't shoot straight at you--they shoot slightly off. If you've never noticed, go to level 1 and stand next to some purple guys, and watch some of them miss. I like this bug, but I didn't like it on the melee-ers, because meleers shouldn't miss. So I fixed it on meleers.

    Started a new enemy! I'm not sure about his sprite, looks funny right now. His attack looks like the dark bishop's bolts from hexen. Except they don't home. Instead they go through walls. This helps make the cave level more interesting, helps make the player want to leave the shrine a bit more.

    Total dev time: 77 hours! Can't wait!

    Day 18: Started working on level 5, shouldn't be too hard to make. I was hoping to get it done quickly, in two hours. But there was a strange bug while I was making it: it was laggy. I went through all the code twenty times, couldn't understand why level 5 was different than any other level. In fact, when playing in Opera, the lagginess wasn't there, it was just in adobe's flash player for Flash CS4. Didn't make any sense.

    So, I literally moved level 4 on the timeline to be ahead of level 5--to the right of level 5. So it goes 1 2 3 _ 5 4. The lag was gone. I shouldn't have been that concerned about it since it was just in the editor, but I hated it.

    So, hopefully that's solved for now. Waste of 3 hours really.

    Total dev time: 81 hours.

    Day 19: I think the above bug is just some sort of bug with the garbage collector with that version of the flash player. Because, the same problem was happening with IE. And my copy of IE has the same version of flash player as my CS4, both are older than my Opera copy of flash player. And strangely enough, now that I've created a level 6, level 5 doesn't lag anymore. wtf?

    Anyway, I finished level 5 yesterday, it's really cool. My brother playtested it and said, okay, this game finally got awesome. Thanks Paul! I agree, each level I make is twice as interesting as the previous.

    Today I didn't get to work on it too much, but I just worked on it for a couple of hours, in level 6. This art stuff is so fucking hard. Level 6 is a large plateau on most of the stage, but a huge river divides the level, the river being down in a deep canyon. Drawing this river took the full TWO HOURS. Jesus, my first level took about fifteen minutes! The second level took about five! Oh well, I think it looks pretty cool, will look better when the level is more fleshed out.

    The biggest problem with drawing it was...understanding how. I've never actually taken a drawing class, and I've been shown how perspective works on buildings and stuff a bit, but this took a lot of trial and error. Since we're seeing this canyon from above, and the canyon runs both horizontally at times, and vertically others, I had no clue at all how to draw the height lines--going from the top of the cliffs to the bottom.

    The strategy I finally adopted was rather clever I think. The canyon cuts the north and east parts of the stage, from the middle/southwest parts. So on the inner side of the canyon, I drew a curvy brown line, representing the top of the cliff. I copied this curvy line, and pasted it in place. Then I moved this new copy up-and-to-the-right, about 50 pixels? Then I shrank it. This line would represent the bottom of the inner cliff, where it hits the water. Then to draw the depth lines, from top of cliff to bottom, I just had to draw them from recognizable matching parts of my squiggly lines. For example, if I saw a strange bump in both squiggly lines, I drew a straight line between them. Pretty easy! Press shift and skip a few levels if you want to check it out.

    Total dev time: 85 hours.

    Day 21: Yesterday I worked on level 6 a heck of a lot, and I think it's done. I'll have my bro playtest it and give suggestions, it might be too hard, or too taxing on the engine. I'm a poor coder, so I'm not confident in putting an effload of enemies on screen, even though it looks sweet, it's not really fun. Hopefully the level is tasteful.

    So it's officially crunch-time I guess! It's monday night, the game is due friday morning. I hope to do all of level 7 today and tomorrow, level 8 on wednesday, and then add everything else on thursday--game over stuff, main menu, quick, simple instruction slides. After the game is submitted to school, there's a few more things I need to do before the contest. I want to add a few extra modes, like hard mode, engineer mode, etc, and maybe a few more weapon upgrades that are more interesting. One I want to do, that isn't too difficult, is to make it possible to upgrade your turrets, so that when they get walked over, they explode into discs.

    Total dev time: 91 hours.

    Day 21 part 2: OMG YES! I'm very happy with my knight and level 7 now. I got rid of two towers, added the castle wall at the top (just a hint of it), and added shadows. The level looks totally fine now, in my opinion. My knight, I forgot that I was shrinking him every time he spawns, so I set him back to normal size, and I like how he looks too.

    In addition, the sonic weapon 3 now stuns enemies. Previously, you'd attack with it, and the enemies would look like they're attacking, but the projectile would disintegrate. Or if they were melee, it'd look like they're meleeing, but it wouldn't hurt. Now, they just get stunned. This also makes weapon 3 a lot cooler of a combo to use with the turrets now :) :) :)

    Excited to finish the level today, hopefully work on level 8 or the menus tonight. HAPPY

    Total dev time: 93 hours.

    Day 22: Got 5 hours in so far today, hope to get 5 more at least. Created a main menu, it's pretty bare for now, created a history of awards(upgrades) gained, it is shown on the pause screen and the awards intermission screen. I'll work on the scrolling tomorrow, should be easy. Just in case someone gets a lot of upgrades in a long game of hard-mode.

    Also, changed the ui style. Buttons look a lot nicer, and the overall color scheme makes a bit more sense (level name boxes, upgrade screen colors, main menu. Took a long time to get something I was okay with.

    Alright! Time to start level 8.

    Total dev time: 98 hours.

    Day 22 Part 2: Three hours straight of work later, I've got a nice-looking level 8 going. Now I need to just art-up the boss, and figure out the boss battle. Then I need to design the game end and game over screen/code, optimize some of the code, do as many finishing touches as I can, and the game will be ready for school. One day left to go!

    Then for the contest, I'll add multiple modes, more upgrades, etc, then do the kongregate API stuff they make you do on the site.

    Total dev time: 101 hours.

    Day 23: After another, ehh, six hours of work, I'm almost ready for the school-turn in tomorrow morning! If you are reading this, PLAYTEST FOR ME! Shift lets you skip levels. Still not quite done with the main menu obviously, and the game over screen is rather bare, and the game complete screen is bare too.

    Total dev time: 107 hours.

    Day 23 Part 2: 5 more straight hours of work. There's definitely some sort of memory leak with earlier flash players, but not if you have the newest! So it's fine. And the game starts lagging if you play through like three times, but then at some point the garbage collector solves it and it plays like new. I think it only happened because I skipped levels as fast as I could for a full minute.

    Good to go for class tomorrow! Hope to submit to the contest within 10 days.

    Total dev time: 112 hours.


    Day 24: Ho ho! Not done yet! Today I added Hard mode, which is also infinite mode. It is hard! Also, I added statistics. When you die or complete normal mode, you'll see statistics. Like, spell 1 accuracy. Or, total shrine damage taken. It's swell.

    Total dev time: 118 hours.

    Day 25: Not much done today, mostly playtesting, fine tuning. Gas is no longer translucent :( Let's face it, flash games should not use alpha. Also, I think the time-stop spell (8) only uses your shrine's hp now. It won't use all 7 other manas as well. Mostly because every single time I've ever tried to use time stop, I was out of spell 2 or 7. (Also it's always been either level 6 or 7). Anyway, there is a new upgrade called "Turrets are traps when stepped on." This is from the upcoming engineer mode. Basically, if your turret gets stepped on, normally it gets destroyed, but now it'll pop 3-4 metal discs out. Not too useful, but it's a few free extra damage, and free mana to spell 7 (since discs convert to mana 7).

    Close to completion!

    Also, yesterday I added "Conductor Mode." Not sure about this one, it's mostly a simpler-mini-game. You only get weapon 2, and instead of it popping out a spray of little bullets...it pops out another big orb! So you have to bounce the orb around and get combos to survive. Also you can't move.

    It's interesting, except on level 4 it's a bit boring.

    Total dev time: 124 hours.

    Day 26: a LOT of small things changed. There's an engineer mode, there are a lot more hints now, and level 1 and 2 are much shorter now. I also worked a bit on the Kongregate API stuff they require for their contest. It's easier than I expected. The default image quality is now Medium. There is also a preloader that is probably useless.

    I had a few more people playtest, and they're getting bored before getting past level 4. Hopefully the shorter levels 1 and 2 will help hook them better, and hints will help them get farther (as well as hook them even more).

    I hope people are noticing the Second Chance button.

    Total dev time: 129+ hours.

    Day 27: Much deliberation...Normal mode now has easier conversion rates! Easy mode has even easier conversion rates. Hard conversion rates are what normal conversion rates used to be.

    I just implemented score, I'll be playing with it today and tomorrow to make it the most fun. Points are from damage done, but there's a visible multiplier! You can watch your multiplier count upwards, but if your shrine gets hit...watch it get halved! In addition, your health amount effects your multiplier, and the multiplier is multiplied by 3 during Time Stop.

    Total dev time: 135+ hours.


    The game is here.

    Press N to skip levels now

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Dude this is awesome! I assumed because of lack of posts you'd stopped developing but there's heaps been done.

      It's alot of fun, the different weapons become useful against different enemies in different levels, and it seems to be pretty well balanced (I'm up to level 3 right now)

      About the only thing I can really spot wrong is that due to the fact you click alot, the pause screen which I assume shows when you reach a new weapon is easily dismissed by mistake before you get a chance to even realise it's there. Perhaps make the player unpause with P when that appears?

      I am keen to play more of this, I love rad little flash games :D

    3. Epyo


      The pause screen is supposed to appear when you lose focus of the flash, sort of an insurance. So the problem you were having before where your movement controls would get stuck (because you'd lose focus for some reason because of linux), is now replaced with this problem :)

      So I guess I could make it an option to turn this feature off? But then I guess we'd be back to the old problem of losing control.

      I think there might be some sort of simple code that fixes this by automatically keeping the focus of the flash, because every game in my class is having this problem of having to click before moving--oh wait, I have an idea and I'm gonna go see if it works when I get home.

      Anyway, thanks for the complements!!

    4. Epyo


      Need to:

      -Add music, made by my friend: if they finish
      -Finish statistics
      -...that's it!

      Definitely will be submitted before the end of the week. Too bad I have finals on weds/thurs, pretty annoying.