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  1. http://www.kongregate.com/games/Epyo/wandslinger-the-mana-cycle

    Yup, after ~40 days, 200 hours, I finished it. Still no music, sadly, just couldn't make it in time, too hard, and didn't want to buy music off of anyone. I made the flash game I wanted to play, and I wanted it to be mine...

    So, if I have one of the top fifteen scores by dec 27, I get to go to the judging round of the flash contest. =] Wish me luck! I really like my game, so excuse me if I celebrate a little.

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    2. Epyo


      Hmm, just tested out back in flash cs4, it should definitely still be sending, and I checked the code too. In fact, it should be sending your score between every level.

      Kongregate is kind of sketchy though, you have to make sure the plug in the top right corner is green, and if its not, you might be able to click Reconnect Me in the Alert Box in the side panel.

      And oh man that totally sucks about the Conductor mode loss, I think I'll fix that right now and re-upload actually. =]

    3. Technician


      Your sending your score data to a database right?

    4. Epyo


      heh, I don't really know, all I know is the code to send a statistic is kongregate.stats.submit("statname", value);