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  1. when is texture filtering going to be done?
  2. Yhe1

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    Thanks! You are right, that was the absolution TC.
  3. Yhe1

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    I remember you unlock jump from the secret level. So I have to beat the secret level first? Does anybody have a saved game at the start of the Bonus campaign ?
  4. Yhe1

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    One more question, I am only interested in playing the Bonus campaign because I have already played the original. Is there a way to unlock it right away?
  5. Yhe1

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    So I heard the new version of Doom 64, The one with the extra levels linking to Doom Eternal, does not have mouselook. Is this true, Is there some way to get mouselook back? Thanks!
  6. Yhe1

    How would a modern Blood game look?

    Something similar to Darkwatch or Necrovision?
  7. Yhe1

    Winquake crashes on startup

    Just use quakespasm ?
  8. Please add a quick save function to dark forces, and also allow texture filtering for those of us that want it. Thanks!
  9. I meant that Doomguy having a pet rabbit fits with the 90's cheesy vibe, like the Raul Julia Bison. but does it still fit the modern Doom? Does the comical tone help or hurt the series?
  10. How do you feel about Doomslayer having a pet rabbit named Daisy? Is it too comical? especially in contrast to the "scientific" explanations they tried to give too all the monsters? I personally prefer the more serious explanation of Doomslayer being the Martian, and his superhuman abilities being derived from soul cube. Discuss.
  11. Yhe1

    Is Doomguy the Doomslayer?

    I think they purposefully keep it vague so it fits into both timelines. Doomguy from Doom 64 was stuck in Hell. The Martian was also stuck in Hell.
  12. Yhe1

    Recommended DOOM 3 mods and custom maps?

    Are there any good custom sp maps or campaigns in the last few years. I just tried Gammalbs and Gammalbs2, and they were Pretty good. Are there any others? I already know about phobos
  13. Yhe1

    Blood : French Meat 2

    It is now released: https://www.moddb.com/mods/french-meat-2/downloads
  14. Yhe1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    It was the Bloom, disabling it make my game work correctly. Thanks! How to I disable bloom in autoexec.cfg?
  15. Yhe1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    seta r_mode is at -1 it works correctly if I start it with no DoomConfig.cfg, but if I change resolution to 1920x1080, it becomes like that.