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  1. Yhe1

    Blood : French Meat 2

    It is now released: https://www.moddb.com/mods/french-meat-2/downloads
  2. Yhe1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    It was the Bloom, disabling it make my game work correctly. Thanks! How to I disable bloom in autoexec.cfg?
  3. Yhe1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    seta r_mode is at -1 it works correctly if I start it with no DoomConfig.cfg, but if I change resolution to 1920x1080, it becomes like that.
  4. Yhe1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    I cannot run the game in fullscreen mode, I get this: any ideas? Thanks
  5. Yhe1

    Doom Slayer's possible connection idea

    There are tons of theories Doom Slayer is Original Doomguy Doom Slayer is the Martian Hero Doom slayer is the betrayer in Doom 2016 Doom slayer is not connected to any of the previous games
  6. If every FPS game was like Doom 2016, would you start missing the modern military Shooters?
  7. I don't think anyone wants to canonize nuts.wad
  8. How is Doom 64 even canon? it was made by Midway, not id software
  9. There are evidences both ways. In Doom 2016 you find a stone carving with Doomguy holding the soul cube over the demons, same as the one in Doom 3. The OG Doom guy never used the cube. The Only one that ever used the cube beside Doom 3 marine was the Martian Hero.
  10. If id software's intention is to confirm that Doomslayer is OG Doomguy, they could have made it crystal clear by removing the Doom 3 guy skin, or making him a different playable character altogether. they didn't. If id wants to confirm anything, they wouldn't have to wait until now. Id just enjoys the fan speculation and keeps everything intentionally vague.
  11. And the Original Doom Guy skin is simply called "doom guy" If he were a different character, why would he be an alt skin for the doomslayer?
  12. If that's the case, Quake Champions also "confirms" him to be the Doom 3 guy, and that creates problems for old school doomers
  13. lol, the old school doomers that want doom slayer and doom guy to be the same person, will vehemently deny that he is the same as the doom 3 guy, thus throwing quake champion's confirmation out the window.
  14. two theories: Doom slayer is Original Doom guy, or He is the Martian that used the soul cube to Push back hell the first time
  15. The fact that the Doom 3 guy is also there proves that this is only fan service, not canon, as Doom 3 guy and doomslayer cannot be the same person