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  1. I just started playing winter's fury, I changed the option to keep Inventory. Yet on map 02, I start with the pistol. Is this normal? Thank you!
  2. Yhe1

    Quake II Remastered

    Is it possible to edit the damage of the turrets for ground Zero? Do they still do 50 dmg?
  3. Yhe1

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    Does Golden Edition work with the Lost Missions? Thanks!
  4. Yhe1

    Quake II Remastered

    Hello I heard that the PS1 exclusive enemies are in the Remaster, are they in the new campaign or are they put into the original campaign? Thx!
  5. Yhe1

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    Is the golden edition compatible with any HD texture mods, If I want the Golden edition changes, but with Higher resolution textures, is there any way to do this? Thank you!
  6. So everybody knows the MMOD for Half life 2? Is there something like it for Doom 3? Thanks!
  7. So it was said that Knee deep in KDIZD cannot replicate all the custom monsters in the Original KDIZD. Which are the ones that cannot be replicated? Playing through the original, most of them have pretty standard attacks.
  8. Hello, this question is for the Original KDIZD. I do not meet the requirements to access z1m10, but I still want to play it. Is there a change level command so I can retain my weapons and ammo and go to this level? Thanks!
  9. I am using gzdoom 4.10, the old gzdoom are portable and save within its own folder. How do I do the same for Gzdoom 4.10? Thank you!
  10. Yhe1

    Do you know any obscure 2000s PC games?

    Ubersoldier 1 and 2?
  11. I saw the video, but which part of it was him finding the button? I can't find it. When I got to the end just like he did, the door just wouldn't open? Can somebody point out the timestamp? Thanks!
  12. Hello, in the third level, I have all six keys, but I cannot find the button that open the secret exit. Can I get some help? Thanks!
  13. what exactly are the bugs playing through with GZDOOM hardware mode?