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  1. Walk sprites are done in all angles, attack just in one angle and death is all done, I'm still thinking about how the heal sprites will be done. As another preview, here are some more sketches that i used to make the walk sprites
  2. Hi, I made the current cyberdemon sprites, originally it wasn't meant to be a cyberdemon, it was some kind of 'greater arachnotron', I know many people can dislike it as cyberdemon, I respect that, but I really like the work I've done. your cyberdemon idea looks very interesting, though that first sketch looks a bit simple, I want to see it done.
  3. More previews!
  4. After long time of beign abandoned, I have retaken this project, walking sprites are all done, but attack, death and heal sprites are yet to be made. Here's a preview of attack and some concept art
  5. More ideas about how it's attack could look? I'd like to make it look a bit different from arch's attack
  6. I've been working on a new monster that can be used as archvile, I've already finished all the walk sprites, attack and death sprites will be done soon. Here I post a sample, tell me what do you think.
  7. I finally uploaded the monster to the ftp, Urric_boss_demon.zip is the file, either as mastermind or cyberdemon, i hope it can find a home in freedoom, I'll post some concept art of the monster later. I want to make the sprites for the archvile, I'm currently making some sketches, I could post them later.
  8. I finally fixed all errors I could find, the monster is ready, I will upload it as soon as i can. It could be a great cyberdemon, but the sprite has 2 cannons, after I upload it, we should see where does it fit.
  9. Hey I finished the sprites for the spider monster, but as it wasn't originally intented to be a substitute for the mastermind, the number of walk sprites do not match exactly with the mastermind's, is it a problem? should I upload it for you to check? as preview, here's a gif of the death anim
  10. Hey, I've been working on a new monster, a friend of mine said that it could work as the spider mastermind for freedoom. I just need to complete the death animation let me know what do you think! Here's a screenshot of how it looks on gzdoom and a gif animation