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  1. fruitybubbles17

    Quakecon - Rage

    I hope this game is as good as Doom... but why would I hope for such nonsense?
  2. I turned 14 today.
    On another note, I beat Plutonia on nightmare today.

    For my birthday I got--
    A Nintendo DSi
    Nirvana-"Bleach" Deluxe Edition
    Nirvana- Unplugged
    Nirvana- In Utero
    Megadeth- Greatest Hits
    Some Ramones compilation album
    The WarCraft archive book
    Fallout 3 goty edition for Xbox 360
    Pokemon Soulsilver
    and, obviously, a cake.

    ---I don't know why you guys want to know any of this, other than the second line maybe...

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    2. Use


      fruitybubbles17 said:

      Fallout 3 goty edition for Xbox 360

      ESRB fails again..or does it.

    3. Technician


      Danarchy said:

      If I ever stopped getting gifts for my birthday, it would mean my parents are dead and my friends stopped liking me.

      Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

    4. Mechadon


      Too bad you can't pirate cake off of the internet :(

      Happy birthday though!

  3. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    Reminds me of school. If you get beat up by someone, your options are A. take it or B. fight back and get in just as much trouble as them. Also, if you beat someone half to death you get in the same amount of trouble as someone who hits someone once. This is related because people who post CP on there get the same kind of ban as me, and it's complete bullshit.
  4. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    The consequences will never be the same!
  5. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    Alright, so I just went to 4chan to see if my ban was gone, and it's glitching out like a motherfucker. The homepage has a plain white background, and all the boards go to blank page.
  6. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    Yeah. Well, my two friends who even know what 4chan is.
  7. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    So my friends have said
  8. fruitybubbles17

    I like

    I like flying birds.
  9. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    Sleep deprived and not paying attention.
  10. fruitybubbles17

    4chan ban?

    So, last night, I was given a 5-day ban from 4chan for posting something on the wrong board. I honestly think it's stupid that people post porn on /x/ all the time and then I get banned for accidentally posting something on /h/ that belonged on /r/. So, has anyone else ever been banned from 4chan, or any other site for posting something unrelated?
  11. fruitybubbles17

    Piracy and the Obama Administration

    I only use torrents if I have already bought something and lost it and don't want to go buy it again.
  12. fruitybubbles17

    Warning: hackers might use your blender against you!

    What purpose would hacking a blender serve anyone, anyways?
  13. fruitybubbles17

    Scary Moments in Doom 3

  14. fruitybubbles17

    Favorite Creepypasta/ 4chan stories??

    God what happened to this thread? I didn't want arguments, I just wanted people to post shit that would scare me. Sorry for being an accidental troll.
  15. fruitybubbles17

    5 Reasons It's Still Not Cool to Admit You're a Gamer

    I play WoW, and people jump to the conclusion that it is all I do. So I don't really tell people anymore, unless they bring up that they play WoW. I hate gamer stereotyping.