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  1. I turned 14 today.
    On another note, I beat Plutonia on nightmare today.

    For my birthday I got--
    A Nintendo DSi
    Nirvana-"Bleach" Deluxe Edition
    Nirvana- Unplugged
    Nirvana- In Utero
    Megadeth- Greatest Hits
    Some Ramones compilation album
    The WarCraft archive book
    Fallout 3 goty edition for Xbox 360
    Pokemon Soulsilver
    and, obviously, a cake.

    ---I don't know why you guys want to know any of this, other than the second line maybe...

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    2. 40oz


      Mike.Reiner said:

      I just had my first birthday where I didn't get any. I guess that's "Welcome to the rest of your life."

      Whatcha talkin bout mothafucker, I made you a map!

    3. ReFracture


      40oz said:

      Whatcha talkin bout mothafucker, I made you a map!

      Oh shit, that's right!

    4. Whoo


      Maes said:

      FTFY (except for the GameBoy, but even that could just be an emulator with a bunch of ROMs ;-)

      That'd be a ball buster to find out.

      "Here's your presents!!!"
      "Thanks! Where did you get them from?"
      "I 'borrowed' most of them from the internet."

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