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  1. kmxexii

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - public playtest

    I remember hearing about this from Alfonzo ages ago and hope to get around to playing it soon!
  2. The things I like doing the least in Doom boil down to -literal repetition, like the same exact encounter over and over again (like the cut level from Swift Death) -dead end backtracking (crossing a nondescript linedef and hitting a dead end and then stumbling on the newly opened area in an equally nondescript location)
  3. I didn't think that my commentary about "textbook" design, whatever it may be, would read as a defense of an opinion that you find unpalatable. I'm not about rejecting much of anything, and I think that you know that. I would be close to if not first in line for a project that shamelessly copied the works of Jim Flynn. I think the break is in assuming that people are copying Alm or Skillsaw because they are popular, rather than people attempting to imitate a style because they genuinely enjoy it, much like 40oz's inference that the BTSX team was being subjugated into making maps and had little influence in the quality control process because of how their project contributions apparently differed from their previous works.
  4. I feel that this is needlessly reductionist and implies the same sentiment I saw during some of the DTWiD projects where virtually every aspect of the Doom community's level design could be abstracted away into a derivation of something seen in the original Doom or Doom II. Even if we are nothing more than a product of our influences then we are still machines capable of fabricating novel experiences through the combinations of these influences and are thus greater than our sum. Whether or not an author is "authentic" (to themselves, I assume?) is immaterial to me. "Textbook" products are still largely filled with a passion for level design, whether it is for a person or an ideal, and thus still showcase their human element in their displays of love or standing as testaments to the agony that is often involved in making PWADs.
  5. They emphasize a passion for artifice over art. They are clinically interesting but celebrate someone or something else's character as opposed to the author's own.
  6. Revolution! MIDI Pack by various authors (review posted April 24, 2018)




    QUUqpA5h.png tcgM4z7h.png XsBhDLrh.png


    This release is the end result of a community project devoted to providing a full, new soundtrack to @t.v.'s Revolution!. It's loaded with great music courtesy of the informal Doomworld Musician's Guild but has a bunch of other choice frills including:


    • A snazzy new titlepic courtesy of Thomas van der Velden
    • Replacement text screen to elaborate on its story
    • A script that tells you the name of the track and the author
    • A brand freakin' new level from t.v. in the MAP33 slot! How neat is that?

    @Jimmy @CWolf @Alfonzo @Akse @Viscra Maelstrom @Doomkid @Icytux @yakfak @lupinx-Kassman @Eris Falling @ClumsyDoomer @Hellish Godzilla @NaZa @Velvetic

  7. kmxexii

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Goodbye, John. You will forever be one of the early cornerstones of Doom PWAD design. I am thankful to his family members for delivering the news and visiting here. Sad to think that two of the six Master Levels authors are now gone.
  8. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Vile-Lab (Vilab_11.zip) by Donald R. Howard as mentioned in the .TXT for KILLZON2
  9. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

  10. Revolution! by Thomas van der Velden @t.v. (review posted 04/17/18)




    VjIjIF6.png BBmBys9.png Pxq6iVZ.png


    XNo7dqh.png OreEHaz.png jwgjh7m.png


    RTQ3n8w.png aRsuawC.png shPLsMx.png


    Revolution is one of the tastiest classical megaWADs I've ever played. The difficulty is relatively easygoing, the levels are short, and it's chock full of both fun gimmicks and DoomCute centerpieces. I love the Quake II-ish interactive machinery bits and the new, non-stock resources. The latter levels are a little more about the abstract combat which is only understandable since you're kicking around in the Realm of Chaos. I highly recommend it if you haven't already.


    P.S. thanks to @fraggle and @The Green Herring for attempting to answer my questions about TVR's story.



  11. Mortiser 4: Chemical Plant by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 04/12/18)




    hWXfkXg.png HT8oEku.png 6o9sDTg.png


    Slightly tougher fare from Sam, ditching the arctic theme of the previous levels for these grimy sewers. It still has a pretty flat layout but the action is more intimate and the adequate copy and paste detailing is augmented by some nice lightcasting.


  12. kmxexii

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    snubbed again I see!! the universe has been remade. thanks dgm
  13. 00_E2M8 by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 04/06/18)




    bCrv2MG.png SAeOPav.png 9aJdtZ8.png


    Sam disowned his demo level for the Doom II version of Testament of Judgement but felt compelled to publish this thing. It's an E2M8 replacement and apparently the first finished level that he ever roughed out in an editor. The only thing that it offers over "Tower of Babel" is more Cyberdemons per difficulty grade in a much smaller area. A decent representation, I think, of someone's idea of a bad 1994-era level.

  14. Lava City Outskirts by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 04/01/18)




    ktZV3ZT.png MhBqTSk.png a7P7aHO.png


    Sam missed out on the first Doomworld Speedmapping event but he decided to make a level based on the same theme as practice for the ones that he would eventually participate in. This is a small but solid death domain that features a bunch of high-HP monsters (mostly Hell nobles) in a relatively tight space.

  15. Mortiser 3: Supply/Shipping Depot by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 03/28/18)




    pWuAOqB.png im4Kbc1.png OcUeedO.png


    A very small distribution center type of level that's in the same sort of frozen wasteland as Mortiser 2. Most of the monsters are imps but you have a small squad of Hell nobles serving as a miniboss of sorts. A clean but unenthusing super shotgun blastathon.