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  1. Entryway by Joe Pallai (@joepallai) (review posted 11/15/17)




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    1. Memfis


      After several months, I'm still pissed about that crusher. I must admit it was a clever setup though.

    2. joepallai


      Thank you for these reviews; it made my day!   


  2. Oh, yeah, I especially like the gratuitous pushback on a monster that barely shows any
  3. My true zen is the super shotgun vs. a horde of demons. The rhythm is gonna get you... I also agree with arch-viles in high skill ceiling levels
  4. Today I discovered that the fake titlepic I made for my review of the original Return to Hadron has become the official and I couldn't be happier!
  5. SQUARES by Costa Lappas (review posted 11/10/17)




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  6. you are truly a forum coLOSSus
  7. Deus Vult by Huy Pham (review posted 11/03/17)




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    1. Memfis


      One of the most important wads in Doom's history!

  8. definitely Memento Mori II
  9. Two questions for archivists concerning Vick Bobkov aka Virgil the Doom Poet: 1) Vick mentions a WAD called Black and White (BW.ZIP) on his website where it was apparently available to download but never appeared on the archives. Does anyone have it? 2) I think that I've answered this one for myself, but the text file for AfterDoom 2 describes it as "Another megawad from me. Same features as Afterdoom, except the levels, graphics, and music are new and different". Is Afterdoom some megaWAD that has been lost to the sands of time, or is Vick just using it as a confusing pet name for Doom II? "Another megawad from me" is the main thing throwing me off but it's probably just poor phrasing ("Another megawad[, this one] from me")
  10. Uh, if my memory serves me correctly, this had to do with Bob Evans's Odessa levels and their draconic distribution clause (the collection in question having Odessa 1 and Odessa 13). Bob of course eventually uploaded the maps he had finished but did not publish the contents of his private Compuserve archive before disappearing again.
  11. at this time, counting the three Joe Pallai maps that I recently played, it's 604 WADs / 5024 maps from 682 authors. Give or take a couple of mods.
  12. Phobos - Relive the Nightmare (review posted 10/20/17)




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  13. Torment by Shamus Young (review posted 10/13/17)




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    1. Megalyth


      Hopefully you hear this often enough, but I really enjoy and appreciate your reviews. You've covered so many WADs that I've never even heard of and might not have had the chance to play otherwise.

    2. kmxexii



      Thanks! I hear it a lot less than I used to. Then again, I am posting less reviews than I used to :D

  14. Super Win the Game - fun short Metroidvania that aesthetically draws from Metroid and Link's Adventure. It's mostly about nightmarish platforming, though, much like the original (You Have to Win the Game). You Have to Win the Game - The game before the above. It draws a lot more from VVVVVV in its approach. I got to the end last time I played it, probably a year or more ago, and Lost the game at a riddle I wasn't prepared for and gave it a break. I'm replaying it. The Waste Land - another Metroidvania but it's got way more of a Simon's Quest feel that's way less user-friendly but I like the concept and the nightmarish world. Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner - I've had this for a while but not taken the time to play it. As a Homestar Runner fan, it's a must. Cuphead - fantastic. I love the art and the music I love pressing through and learning the boss fights.