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  1. TV1998 by Thomas van der Velden (review posted 08/19/17)




    IRsosjc.png  vIm9zeK.png


    iIq2Lx6.png  OMXKOLQ.png


    pVyLqQl.png  sflps1D.png

  2. also I would love to see sprite versions of all the Quake baddies make their way into Doom, particularly the Shambler and the Fiend
  3. SlayeR by Richard Wiles (review posted 08/11/17)




    g1lxAHI.png  77uo47Y.png


    AAcdDiJ.png  eE8ztCI.png


    DIcOpzK.png  mwGXHQV.png

    1. 40oz


      thank you! I played this wad a looooong time ago and I couldn't remember the name! I've been looking for it forever!

    2. Memfis


      The best thing about this wad is that it has Tubular Bells in it.

    3. Marcaek


      Good stuff in this one

  4. I was really thinking of stuff released in November and December of 2016 because there was no way that I was going to get to play stuff like No End In Sight in time for the awards without treating the Cacowards like they were a full-time job, which they aren't. I don't know if the current team is going to uphold extending 2017 for the month prior to December 10th, but they sure as fuck aren't going to bother looking at stuff from 2014. Since a lot of people apparently forgot exactly what was said, here you go. Linguica is of course talking about Ludicrium, which appeared on the archives on the 8th of December in 2015.
  5. Equinox by B.P.R.D. (review posted 07/31/17)




    2j5VTqT.png b5at9s9.png w2sbx8f.png


    rw2u5N6.png K2uKdbi.png muGetzV.png

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Perfect timing, just now have a fresh cup of coffee ready. Love your reviews a lot.

  6. I like puzzling out slaughtermaps but I think that the people who suggest Hell Revealed etc whenever someone asks for reccs after finishing Doom II are insane
  7. The Inquisitor 3 by "Shadowman", "BigMemka", and "Guest"




    efPYhaW.png wvPy2FH.png 0uyw6c7.png

  8. Lots of work and a bout of Strep throat, but my daughter is starting to talk and I got to take my family to Chicago, so i take what i can get
  9. I usually roll with it but I've become acutely aware of the eyestrain involved after playing through Dragon Hunter's MAP12 from Sacrament so on rare occasions I will IDBEHOLDL
  10. Void by Mike Watson aka "Cyb" (review posted 04/17/13)




    4LUlALt.png WtTgF2c.png 33pUNzz.png

    1. Albertoni


      One of my all time favorites.

    2. Ichor


      Good map, but some of the jumping areas (i.e. near the place where you put the keys, in the first screenshot) is downright annoying.


      The shrinking part was probably my favorite area.

  11. Entry by Josie Austin aka "Morgana" (review posted 06/05/13)



    1. Fonze


      Thank you for keeping up the reviews you make on wads; you are a fantastic role model!

  12. ESW2 by David Jander et all (review posted 11/01/11)





    1. Megalyth


      Doom level design has come a long way, but I will always love some of these old-timey maps. I spent many hours playing levels just like these before I had the internet.

  13. Phobos Mission Control by John Romero (review posted 4/29/16)



    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Been halfway through at this point. Awesome read, as always. Thank you for putting that together.


      I can't help but wonder what a full "modern-romero-megawad" would be like. If he made one, it'd be one of the best things since sliced bread, I'd assume.

    2. ShotgunDemolition


      I played Romero's E1M8b some time ago and enjoyed it. And he releases a new map??? 

      Sweet!!! I think he is trying to <<make us his bitches again>> and I don't know about you guys, but he succeeded with me.

  14. Arena by Rex Claussen aka "Gurkha Boy" (review posted 2/18/17)



    1. 40oz


      You take beautiful screenshots.

  15. A Hex On You by Rex Claussen aka "Gurkha Boy" (review posted 2/21/17)