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  1. Abandoned Community Projects

    Snakes's Doomworld Secret Santa project which at the very least yielded some pretty cool experiments
  2. Midi reviews?


  3. Void and Rainbow by @Serious_MOod (review posted 01/12/18)




    u2odNby.jpg auEUSuT.jpg xfDOyIB.jpg




    YZoxeNN.jpg MxpEBZ4.jpg zaIUC2c.jpg


    I could take three times as many screenshots and they would never approach the experience of actually playing Void and Rainbow. One relatively large level with lots of floaty platforming and lots of shimmering colors.

  4. What are your favorite fish avatars?

    my favorite ones are the ones I made because they are my little .jpg children and I like seeing them still running around in the wild. That includes my old Samus / Skultera gif but more recently Alfonzo's microphone fish and the very simple Marcake.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    there is no escape
  6. FAKE TITLEPIC for Alpha 1 Trilogy by Rob Schweiner




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. The Alpha 1 Trilogy is one of my favorites as far as lesser-known PWADs go, so I spent a lot of time on this one. I still managed to fuck it up, though; it's not the Alpha Complex Trilogy, after all. The base is a photograph of the Stanley Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in North Dakota as featured on the Ghosts of North Dakota site. The main building, of course, comes from a screenshot of the first big building you come across in ALPHA1.WAD. I added a single shotgun guy with glowing red eyes because there are a lot of monsters lying in wait for you to make the first sound. The landscape is liberally snipped from Otherworldly by one Todd Yoder while using Doom II's first sky. The font is a variety of Aircruiser by Iconian Fonts. The no weapons sign is a real thing but the welcome sign was created using an online tool that I don't recall and adding a little warp to make it look weathered.

    1. Catpho


      Yey,i have heard you talking about this alot :)

  7. Beta Labs 2 by @Serious_MOod @ChaingunnerX @Guest (review posted 01/05/18)




    TWN0VIx.png  s1fMK5b.png


    ZWrIKuU.png 5Y10zIJ.png V7JykBg.png


    Two short, one medium, and two long alpha-themed adventures. It's a bit more abstract when compared to the previous Beta Labs from 2015.

    1. Megalyth


      Ooh, this looks pretty. I love dark, spooky tech bases.

  8. "Gold Standard" Slaughtermaps?

    if I was going to introduce anyone to slaughter I would probably recommend Vanguard because of the run from "Free Parking" to "Infernal Chasm".
  9. FAKE TITLEPIC for 1 Day of Hellish Revenge by @Nebula-Kristian




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. The 20 Days in Hell trilogy has Doomguy shot buy a mugger and whisked away to Hell where he is rescued by his wife (32 Hours in Pain). In 1 Day of Hellish Revenge, Doomguy is still reeling from the scars incurred from his captive torture and believes that the only way to come to terms with his ordeal will be to enter and then exit Hell on his own terms, blasting all the way. The intent was to portray a still terrified Doomguy getting a fresh look at some Hellish topography. It's a really simple edit that layers a screenshot from the first level over this stock photo. The font is the same as from the Ye Olde Smudge titlepic - Versal Gothic.

  10. The Day of Chains by @Serious_MOod (review posted 12/29/17)




    p62f60z.png 1wvGkLI.png JTbYjBE.png


    A cool E2-style map with lots of interconnectivity and action.

  11. BID II by @Serious_MOod (review posted 12/22/17)




    hFoJ5K7.png dKFQkv3.png b1D5gt1.png


    A fun base level complete with sewers and a mine. The XENO11 sky looks gorgeous in this.

  12. FAKE TITLEPIC for 20 Days in Hell by @Nebula-Kristian




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. This is for something I'm sure Kristian wishes would just disappear forever - the opener for his 20 Days in Hell trilogy. The story has Doomguy trying to outlast the Inferno in a challenge that he can't refuse. This is frantic Doomguy on the run from a scouting cacodemon. The scenery is the graveyard from the album cover to Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell with the motorcycle disappeared. Doomguy is a frankenstein of the box art for the original Doom and the pic at the end of Thy Flesh Consumed. The cacodemon is pulled right out of the IWAD. The title font is Something Strange by Jonathan Stephen Harris.

    1. Fonze


      <3 your reviews :)


      I never read this one when you wrote it, but it was a good read now and the faux titlepic turned out great. Speaking of titlepic madness, I'm loving it; you've done good with the ones I've seen thus far.

    2. Nebula-Kristian


      Thanks dude! Had a few great laughs reading your review. Lovely <3 :D This wad was never meant to be released publicly x) ...just a 13-year old learning how to map on a shareware editor that had a linedef limit set to 800 per map!

  13. Ash to Ash by @Virgil (review posted 12/17/17)




    udQY395.png sbR7yRj.png pxMzTdm.png

  14. FAKE TITLEPIC for Ye Olde Smudge by @Mapslinger




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. This one is more of a concept / private joke based on Chris's given title; I took the original Heretic title screen and then smudged the shit out of it using GIMP's blur tool so that it looked like one of those horrific HD sprites that crops up every so often.




    Slapping the title plate on the image and converting it to the Heretic palette softens a lot of the horror but I've preserved it for posterity. The plate itself is a GIS'd brass (IIRC) plaque but I can't seem to find the one I used to source right now. The font is Versal Gothic.

    1. kmxexii




      ye olde smudge'd

  15. Dark Castle by @Virgil (review posted 12/05/17)




    HL086qu.png dxKVZ8x.png q2wY5mt.png


    LUp7Qv9.png mSQ91gj.png 5rvhIpB.png