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  1. kmxexii

    Can someone explain 10 Sectors to me?

    in this context - and to simplify things a bit - a "sector" is an area defined by its ceiling and floor height and the flats that carpet them. all of those boxes that are enclosed shapes are all part of the same, monolithic sector and if you have a trigger that does something to that sector then it will happen to all of them at the same time. There may be tens or hundreds of instances of that sector "type" but they are all actually part of the same, unique sector.
  2. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/herbtech ?
  3. the tone of my post was unnecessarily crass but "Considering Habitat is what it is" is a diplomatically vague phrase and while it neither agrees nor disagrees with the poster that you were replying to, your supposition / musing of it as a potentially rushed replacement suggested that you were on some level of agreement. From this position, I rudely (I apologize) inferred that any questions that one would ask Buteau would naturally try to reveal the story of why Habitat is what it is. While we're musing on Final Doom's dev history and the Casalis' place in this, I find it interesting to note that the original plot of The Plutonia Experiment as it was conceived of as a freeware release - immortalized here - includes a time travel element. Coincidentally, the incongruous "Pharaoh" from Evilution involves a trip to a DoomCute-ish Egypt. Dario's interview for 5 Years of Doom does not suggest that any overlap existed between the two projects, of course, and his recollection probably would have been at its best at this point in time, but Ty Halderman's 5 Years of Doom interview explicitly says that some of the Evilution rejects wound up in Plutonia. I've come to wonder whether some levels originally developed for the freeware Plutonia were submitted to Evilution but I admit that it's almost certainly a fantasy born out of coincidence given the currently available recollections.
  4. so you daydream of getting in touch with Christopher Buteau so that you can ask him, in your own words, why his map sucks. this habitat hate cult leaves a lot to be desired
  5. ONEMANDOOM is 10 years old today. I picked the URL back when the title used to be One Man’s Journey Through Doom. I hope that it doesn’t come across as disinclusive in today’s online socio-environment. I’ve thought about changing it for this very reason, particularly if I ever move to another platform like Wordpress.


    my next review will be for the delightful Rise of the Wool Ball (mostly level complete), after which the death march toward the first Community Chest will continue.

    1. rd.


      Have always read it as you being the specific "one man" -- even without knowing the origin of the name you just referred to. 


      'Grats on 10 years! 

    2. Reelvonic


      10 years, a long time wow

    3. Phobus


      Congratulations on keeping the good reviewing fight going so long!

  6. look up there in space! is it a bird? is it a plane? no! it's a Gothic metal orbital platform for my review of Europa 3: The Dark Side of Vrack by @Erik


    VSnm5wN.png    0s8c97b.png


    t72YYec.png    mywnyJT.png

  7. from karthik abhiram and brad spencer to... a review of The Anomaly: Part Two by @Varun 


    ZqEJAHg.png    SGcPDUW.png


    XLCPMp2.png    8IsjhJ6.png

  8. a level that starts the player on a toilet is not normally an auspicious beginning but this is my review of Toilet Break by @Memfis


    Yri3izE.png    D2pPuE9.png


    J6YYdKG.png    gZpBXbO.png

  9. memories from the corners of my mind
  10. kmxexii

    Is there a doom wad where you battle satan himself?

    They are not the same person whatsoever. Virgil (Vick Bobkov)’s After Doom merely shares the same name, not that 00_zombie_00 should have known about a mod that was virtually disowned by its author. It was a full megaWAD released pre-2000 and got a partly-finished sequel called AfterDoom 2 in 2001. This is pretty obscure Doom history though and the only reason that I know the ending of AfterDoom is because Virgil used its DeHackEd as the template for ADSP, so it still has the old level names and text screens for what Vick hadn’t yet built.
  11. kmxexii

    Is there a doom wad where you battle satan himself?

    Virgil the Doom Poet’s After Doom (which has virtually vanished from the internet) culminated in a fight against Satan. His Lost Seraphim also concludes with a fight against Satan.
  12. kmxexii

    He's baaaack

    I played Rage as part of a Jive compilation and loved it, tho I never got around to a proper review. Your catalogue has been one of my classic-era white whales, especially since you were collaborating with folks like Rick Lipsey. I’m intrigued of course by your Ultimate Invasion / V2I materials (and any dusty relics you might have laying around!)
  13. while writing this review I drew upon a lot of the thoughts that I have had about the Doom community that started sometime in 2014. it morphed beyond being merely a review of lilith (by @anotakand turned into an essay on... a lot of interlinked things and concepts.


    b0baFY1.png    3So0Nqa.png


    a0Vg50G.png    83lCpKF.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. anotak


      thanks for the kind words and all the effort you put into writing this

    3. dew


      This was certainly a long read. I enjoyed it a lot, even if I thought you went on too many tangents with the global scope examples, haha. Felt like you were scratching an itch that's been bothering you for a while. There's a lot of... feelings and vague ideas that are hard to put into words about lilith and the... events around it, so I'm glad you tried for all of us who loved the project.

    4. kmxexii


      @dew i think that the reason that I went on so many tangents is because I was making inferences and wanted to feel that I had "earned" them, so to speak, rather than say something that ends up reading like a word salad to the casual reader. not that such an audience is going to read through the entirety of the lilith review. scratching an itch is probably the perfect phrase to describe what led to it running as long as it did. the more that I thought, the more that I wanted to write. it probably didn't help that it developed over the month or so after I finished playing.

  14. kmxexii

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    I'm slightly disappointed that this wasn't a dark horse Spanish community project a la JCP but this is pretty freakin' cool. lol at MAP30; makes me think that you guys are angling for an official add-on release. would love to read the dev notes.
  15. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    A few years ago I hinted at this while doing my Vick Bobkov homework but found the smoking gun while poking around old review sites. I am looking for Virgil the DOOM Poet's AfterDoom, which @Lüt reviewed for Team Insanity. This is the review in question and the PWAD apparently required two .zips, both named at the top of the page: adm1.zip and adm2.zip.