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  1. Phobos - Relive the Nightmare (review posted 10/20/17)




    3io7sBp.png  KJhDBpC.png


    cBZWWX0.png  ujOwmDy.png


    bUT5ZAP.png  eGPwwdL.png

  2. Torment by Shamus Young (review posted 10/13/17)




    YCrKszL.png  I1gN91F.png


    JNc5WDq.png  87SkImX.png


    JdvcSix.png  kEDa66u.png

    1. Megalyth


      Hopefully you hear this often enough, but I really enjoy and appreciate your reviews. You've covered so many WADs that I've never even heard of and might not have had the chance to play otherwise.

    2. kmxexii



      Thanks! I hear it a lot less than I used to. Then again, I am posting less reviews than I used to :D

  3. Super Win the Game - fun short Metroidvania that aesthetically draws from Metroid and Link's Adventure. It's mostly about nightmarish platforming, though, much like the original (You Have to Win the Game). You Have to Win the Game - The game before the above. It draws a lot more from VVVVVV in its approach. I got to the end last time I played it, probably a year or more ago, and Lost the game at a riddle I wasn't prepared for and gave it a break. I'm replaying it. The Waste Land - another Metroidvania but it's got way more of a Simon's Quest feel that's way less user-friendly but I like the concept and the nightmarish world. Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner - I've had this for a while but not taken the time to play it. As a Homestar Runner fan, it's a must. Cuphead - fantastic. I love the art and the music I love pressing through and learning the boss fights.
  4. Slugfest by Shamus Young (review posted 10/06/17)




    rpLhAB3.png  Fhxtduj.png


    nUHs7TE.png  2RroZGJ.png


    mHKcmAa.png  SA4yQKD.png

    1. esselfortium


      Oh wow, that TITLEPIC is true art of a caliber rarely seen or heard of

    2. kmxexii


      Lest anyone be misled, this fake titlepic's original source is "La Rixe" ("The Brawl") by French Classicist artist Ernest Meissonier

  5. Alwaysdoomed tried this out in Global Death It's also a feature of Temple of the Lizard Men 4
  6. Post by Tony Sideris (review posted 09/29/17)




    q8vMhIh.png  n8SyIwm.png


    5ry9DSC.png  z3eP0bA.png


    jBRJ5l2.png  euKrccB.png

    1. Memfis


      Thanks for doing my request. :D

    2. Phade102


      Those are some really cool maps!

    3. Tango


      those look really impressive for 1996

    4. kmxexii



      You are most welcome!

  7. Debut by Tony Sideris (review posted 09/22/17)




    UcgLsnB.png  y6jqAm4.png


    HY0n8XG.png  IfzmyHN.png

  8. 200 was good fun. Looking forward to seeing what anothe 100 minutes gets.
  9. Genesis by Tony Sideris (review posted 09/15/17)




    WaHaXko.png  wJATe4R.png


    8IDxIwB.png  ZHEfGJ4.png

  10. Forest Valley by Jean-Serge Gagnon (review posted 09/08/17)




    9sEnihM.png  aheqNQ9.png


    pvxkyk2.png  62c60vk.png


    iOa331i.png  Mnzjbcc.png

    1. Tango


      that sky is so damn cool

  11. Nuke Mine by Jason Hargreaves (review posted 09/02/2017)




    qnFkun1.png  prwwhro.png


    01SWnue.png  DUAfLm5.png


    t4WsSv2.png  ZN41dFE.png

  12. Some nice choices. I love Crumpets and the end of Rush shows Archi as a force to be reckoned with.
  13. PhobosDeimos Anomaly by Callum Guy Oliver aka phobosdeimos1 (review posted 08/25/17)




    rzUJYl2.png  BsakFto.png


    6IdxHlo.png  CM0BSBs.png


    y1gUFoO.png  GJOyORW.png

  14. TV1998 by Thomas van der Velden (review posted 08/19/17)




    IRsosjc.png  vIm9zeK.png


    iIq2Lx6.png  OMXKOLQ.png


    pVyLqQl.png  sflps1D.png

  15. also I would love to see sprite versions of all the Quake baddies make their way into Doom, particularly the Shambler and the Fiend