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Status Updates posted by kmxexii

  1. ONEMANDOOM is 10 years old today. I picked the URL back when the title used to be One Man’s Journey Through Doom. I hope that it doesn’t come across as disinclusive in today’s online socio-environment. I’ve thought about changing it for this very reason, particularly if I ever move to another platform like Wordpress.


    my next review will be for the delightful Rise of the Wool Ball (mostly level complete), after which the death march toward the first Community Chest will continue.

    1. rd.


      Have always read it as you being the specific "one man" -- even without knowing the origin of the name you just referred to. 


      'Grats on 10 years! 

    2. Reelvonic


      10 years, a long time wow

    3. Phobus


      Congratulations on keeping the good reviewing fight going so long!

  2. look up there in space! is it a bird? is it a plane? no! it's a Gothic metal orbital platform for my review of Europa 3: The Dark Side of Vrack by @Erik


    VSnm5wN.png    0s8c97b.png


    t72YYec.png    mywnyJT.png

  3. from karthik abhiram and brad spencer to... a review of The Anomaly: Part Two by @Varun 


    ZqEJAHg.png    SGcPDUW.png


    XLCPMp2.png    8IsjhJ6.png

  4. a level that starts the player on a toilet is not normally an auspicious beginning but this is my review of Toilet Break by @Memfis


    Yri3izE.png    D2pPuE9.png


    J6YYdKG.png    gZpBXbO.png

  5. while writing this review I drew upon a lot of the thoughts that I have had about the Doom community that started sometime in 2014. it morphed beyond being merely a review of lilith (by @anotakand turned into an essay on... a lot of interlinked things and concepts.


    b0baFY1.png    3So0Nqa.png


    a0Vg50G.png    83lCpKF.png

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    2. anotak


      thanks for the kind words and all the effort you put into writing this

    3. dew


      This was certainly a long read. I enjoyed it a lot, even if I thought you went on too many tangents with the global scope examples, haha. Felt like you were scratching an itch that's been bothering you for a while. There's a lot of... feelings and vague ideas that are hard to put into words about lilith and the... events around it, so I'm glad you tried for all of us who loved the project.

    4. kmxexii


      @dew i think that the reason that I went on so many tangents is because I was making inferences and wanted to feel that I had "earned" them, so to speak, rather than say something that ends up reading like a word salad to the casual reader. not that such an audience is going to read through the entirety of the lilith review. scratching an itch is probably the perfect phrase to describe what led to it running as long as it did. the more that I thought, the more that I wanted to write. it probably didn't help that it developed over the month or so after I finished playing.

  6. unearthing more crate-cluttered curios with my review of Evils' Playground (Diabolique part two) by @pabloD


    2aLJ1Th.png    v4olf4A.png


    ChvmNjY.png    eZ9u6Ua.png

  7. folks, this may be my most groanworthy Blind Alley pun(s) yet. Come check out my review of Blind Alley S., "Spirit World - Headquarters" by @Searcher


    M8Qz7ix.png    nuD93i1.png


    KsH9dUJ.png    Ha5brOG.png

  8. finally back at home.

  9. Day 3 of no power. Thankfully my parents are with and have been able to accommodate our family. I was working on a review for @Searcher‘s Spirit World - HQ so let it be known that it’s a neat twist on the BNDALY formula. I especially liked the prop warehouse and Tyrell Corp-like pyramid

  10. this isn't what I was originally going to do after Titan 1024 but I unwisely decided to act a bit of an ass (apologies to @Silhou3tte) and, long story short, ended up writing a review of Trousled by @A.o.D..


    4F0xbM8.jpg    UgjQ3xw.jpg


    wxN7gD2.jpg    WWgYXZF.jpg

    1. Silent Wolf

      Silent Wolf

      Not sure whether I should put this here, so I’m just going to say that It’s fine, you weren’t an ass to me at all. I made a mistake and you pointed it out. I’d rather people point put when I make the mistake( and take the temporary damage to my ego) than endlessly repeat said mistake.

    2. Steve D

      Steve D

      It's nice to see you doing your penance -- even if maybe you didn't need to :) -- and as a bonus, we get this very entertaining wad review. It's a good day. :)

  11. hey, chum. are you as excited to see me fulfill a six-and-a-half year-old request as I am? if so, then take a gander at my review of Titan 1024 by @Ixnatifual.


    9jw1CKl.jpg    SIM0t7a.jpg


    OUkCJng.jpg    93fwdS1.jpg

    1. SOSU


      What a fine gentleman keeping his promises, even though you procrastinated on it quite a lot :'')

  12. on this day i hope you appreciate one man's love of a Doom II map. this is my review of ea Speedmap 3 by @Erik, a rough and tumble speedy remix of "The Spirit World".


    Hot2QiL.png    rQFGj4J.png

  13. two big names from 2002. it's @Vorpal and @Karthik, staging a mutiny for my review of Metamorphism.


    ZEPIElh.png   IAPulaA.png


    NiYRFpi.png   zWqPfi6.png

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    2. SOSU


      You're speeding up, i'm used to you making like a review a week how am i supposed to keep up xD


    3. Vorpal


      p.s. attached my recollection of "who made what"


      although we both dabbled in eachother's "areas" for texturing and gameplay design and other minor touchups




    4. kmxexii


      @SOSU there will be good periods and there will be terrible ones. I am posting all of my reviews the moment that they are finalized from here on out. the idea of keeping up a buffer is too much like work and I don't want to have an author waiting for a month or two - especially in plague times - to read a review. I used to send out "advance" copies but you never know who might be reading. I still get hits from people who made maps back in the mid-90s.


      @Vorpal very cool! that's roughly what i had in my head when I was considering the partitioning for the review but I didn't know to the extent that you guys might be building off of each others' work.

  14. in which the reviewer notes that the WAD isn't named after a hentai mag. I won't spoil the plot twist :3 yes, it's my review for Love You With Poison by @Memfis


    ilBp6Ku.png    Yng9YbB.png


    QP5jNSj.png    ewvf99p.png

  15. come with me down these twisted, crate-cluttered hallways, to my review of An Infernal Place

    and then also An Infernal Place v1.1 by @pabloD, where you don't get the super shotgun but you do get a handy little metal shelf so that the UAC could get a crate up off the floor :3


    75gAI7l.png    sxV97oG.png


    RHwarvp.png    Hj8IiN2.png


  16. ah, yes, it is time to resume my whirlwind tour of the post-source port boom as viewed through the contributors to the first Community Chest.


    Here is my review of Blind Alley R., "Monster Mansion" by @Searcher aka CCHEST MAP19.


    xv02shZ.png   ysePXq0.png


    u86NmVA.png   Pq0ODbU.png

    1. kmxexii


      sidenote: I accidentally lost this entire post this morning and had to re-write it from scratch. somewhere along the way I slipped into a short dissertation on interconnections that isn't really fair to dump in any single Blind Alley review. I might work it into a series overview article supposing i get there, though. I also think that the re-write mysteriously gained another paragraph which is weird since I thought that I had plotted out all the review beats!!

    2. SOSU


      That's weird but cool :D

  17. for the six people dying for a review of a Doom 64 megaWAD, here is my review of Beta 64 complete with fake titlepic


    also, here are some cool pics that didn't make the cut


    k05jncO.jpg   hUOjWQs.jpg


    RXdQxKL.jpg   qMgpsQb.jpg


    Da2KoxH.jpg   fcIaYs9.jpg


    dkBtNi8.jpg   Z5Fa5wD.jpg


    p2wfit3.jpg   Ej76h7L.jpg


    4EvNMMb.jpg   szd2WOC.png


    TOMoB2I.jpg   VulKXyY.jpg




    1. Endless



      for the six people dying for a review of a Doom 64 megaWAD

      Seven, actually. :P

  18. my review of Beta 64 (by @Antnee) is now level-complete (still got overview and screenshots). to wit: if you are a Doom 64 fan and haven't played Beta 64 then you are missing out so badly that I can't adequately convey it. play Beta 64.

    1. SOSU


      If you can't adequately convey it then why write a review for it :O?

      badum tss

    2. Megalyth



  19. As i previously hinted toward, my review of Doom 64: The Lost Levels by @Kaiser is up. please to be enjoying some bonus screenshots that did not make the review


    W1rL8rq.jpg  sek8m6r.jpg


    3B2rNi3.jpg  85aTYuW.jpg


    EPrhXDL.jpg  tWR7tLx.jpg


    hTlZR6h.jpg  HyEEIMG.jpg


    pnZQFA1.jpg  nSFIpCd.jpg


    G5OJJ3W.jpg  S9xj9bB.jpg


    the starting area from MAP38 sticks out like a sore thumb in here as far as visually interesting stuff but when I was selecting stuff from it I tended toward its more breathtaking minimalism. There is also a pretty cool dungeon hall scene from MAP37 that doomguy's fist snuck into \/[]\/

  20. my review of Europa 2 (by @Erik), four paragraphs of which were written something like a year ago, is finally finished and posted.

    1. SOSU


      Aww yeah ONEMANDOOM is back :D

      Dean of Doom might be the anime but you will always be the manga if you know what i mean ;)

  21. i totally wanted to wrap up my Europa 2 review so that I could post it for Christmas but if it isn't one baby on my lap then it's the other. I really did work on it recently, tho.


    my Lost Levels review is map-complete.


    i took the liberty of starting a Beta 64 playthrough awhile ago and it's half map-complete. what i've seen is really good and the first two secret levels that I've played have been brilliant.


    i am really excited to see where The UnMaking takes the engine. as I think about it, Absolutely Killed's E1M2 is like as close to a perfect Doom 64 "fun" map as I can remember without it being, you know, an actual Doom 64 level

    1. Immorpher


      The UnMaking is an unique experience for sure! Some really cool stuff in it. I will need to dig down and finish Beta 64 soon. I have started it so many times, but I usually give my wife a break from Doom 64 and play some Quake or something, then I forget about returning to Beta 64.

  22. if there is any overlap between fans of synthwave (a term that I use very loosely) and people who like to read me writing about music a la my TVR! MIDI Pack review then you can browse my bandcamp account page to read upwards of 200 or so micro-reviews (https://bandcamp.com/kmxexii) that I've been writing on and off as I pick my way through my collection.

    1. SOSU


      Does your definition of synthwave include darkwave? (80s proto-goth music) if yes i'm in :D

  23. The Doom 64 re-release's The Lost Levels are pretty frickin' cool, thanks @Kaiser

    1. SOSU


      They sure are :)

    2. Immorpher


      Indeed! Community consensus!

  24. idk if i've been vocal about this in the past but while I was regularly updating onemandoom I tried to keep abreast of authors who were publicly transitioning so that I could remove all deadnames / update preferred pronounts / etc. in my blog articles. today while casually glancing through doomwiki I saw that Agent Spork appeared to have transitioned and I realized that I am no longer so keyed into the community that I can just casually pick this up. if you have transitioned then please drop me a line on here however you are comfortable with it so that I can scrub my blog to best suit you. I am not a hermit as of yet and must do what I can.



    1. NuMetalManiak
    2. kmxexii


      @NuMetalManiak please check after me but you are such a helpful, prolific contributor on DoomWiki that I noticed this around the time that it happened there (the primary change reflected in the author registry https://onemandoom.blogspot.com/p/wads-by-author.html since the review articles only used your alias at each time). I just went back and updated all of the reviews with your name and current alias, though.






  25. Continuing the ongoing campaign to review all of the MAYhem series, here is my review of Mayhem 2016. The small-scale challenges peaked so high for me that I found the token excessive slaughter level to be a bit of a breather.


    @Tarnsman @Alfonzo @Angry Saint @Jimmy @Argent Agent @Urthar @Pinchy @Benjogami @Breezeep @Alter @an_mutt @pcorf @Rayziik @A.Gamma @Dragonfly @Ribbiks @Remmirath @Marcaek



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kmxexii


      it's been re-worded. thank you!

    3. Dragonfly


      You're welcome. Good read, as usual!

    4. Remmirath


      Thanks for reviewing this. Nice review of that mediocre map Marcaek was forced to finish in my stead because I was too much out of mapping shape. Didn't think you'd even enjoy it, tbh.