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Status Updates posted by kmxexii

  1. idk if i've been vocal about this in the past but while I was regularly updating onemandoom I tried to keep abreast of authors who were publicly transitioning so that I could remove all deadnames / update preferred pronounts / etc. in my blog articles. today while casually glancing through doomwiki I saw that Agent Spork appeared to have transitioned and I realized that I am no longer so keyed into the community that I can just casually pick this up. if you have transitioned then please drop me a line on here however you are comfortable with it so that I can scrub my blog to best suit you. I am not a hermit as of yet and must do what I can.



    1. NuMetalManiak
    2. kmxexii


      @NuMetalManiak please check after me but you are such a helpful, prolific contributor on DoomWiki that I noticed this around the time that it happened there (the primary change reflected in the author registry https://onemandoom.blogspot.com/p/wads-by-author.html since the review articles only used your alias at each time). I just went back and updated all of the reviews with your name and current alias, though.






  2. Continuing the ongoing campaign to review all of the MAYhem series, here is my review of Mayhem 2016. The small-scale challenges peaked so high for me that I found the token excessive slaughter level to be a bit of a breather.


    @Tarnsman @Alfonzo @Angry Saint @Jimmy @Argent Agent @Urthar @Pinchy @Benjogami @Breezeep @Alter @an_mutt @pcorf @Rayziik @A.Gamma @Dragonfly @Ribbiks @Remmirath @Marcaek



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kmxexii


      it's been re-worded. thank you!

    3. Dragonfly


      You're welcome. Good read, as usual!

    4. Remmirath


      Thanks for reviewing this. Nice review of that mediocre map Marcaek was forced to finish in my stead because I was too much out of mapping shape. Didn't think you'd even enjoy it, tbh.

  3. Continuing on with my run-down of the Community Chest contributors with the contentious Kevin Reay (R.I.P.) and a review of his Industrial. I have no idea what I was expecting but I found his dense, puzzle-focused presentation to be right up my alley. It's been a long time since I've played anything that felt so 1995 puzzle-ish to the core and the escape-room motif was both fresh and stifling.

  4. To coincide with the Doomsday extravaganza, I delayed posting my review of 10 Sectors Part 2 until today because it incidentally ended up being #800! This was an interesting look at a runners-up megaWAD and greatly surpassed my expectations. @fraggle @KinkaJoy @NiGHTMARE @pcorf @sirjuddington @Fanatic @pagb @andrewj @mewse @AdamW

    1. sirjuddington


      Bit of a correction - that map by 'Slayer' there isn't actually by me :P

    2. kmxexii


      @sirjuddington corrections have been made. Thank you for the information!

  5. Digging slightly deeper into Gene Bird's catalogue with my review of Blind Alley M., "The Citadel" by @Searcher. Like "The Boardwalk", it became part of the first Community Chest

  6. Here are two updates!


    My review of Suteni wraps up the entirety of @Memfis's 2012 output.


    More recently, my review of Dark Tide finishes off all of @Lutz's solo work... for now!

  7. Getting close to putting a bow on Chris Lutz's authorial career with my review of Hellscape, a 2017 Cacoward runner-up, by @Lutz (posted yesterday, 11/25/19).

  8. Today we start my deep dive through Brad Spencer's single-player back catalogue with my review of The Tyrell Corporation by @Vorpal (posted today, 11/22/19).

  9. Continuing on with my roundup of Impie's more traditional Doom content is my review of Inn-Escapable by @Impie (posted today, 11/19/19).


  10. Continuing my deep dive of Pablo Dictter's back catalogue in a build to No Hope For Life E1, here is my review of The Chemical Base by @pabloD (posted today, 11/16/19).

  11. Continuing on with the Robinson family roundup is my review of Dissolution by @Gunrock (posted today, 11/11/19).



  12. Hello! It is time for the second stop on the Gene Bird Community Chest prelude tour with my review of Blind Alley P., "The Boardwalk" by @Searcher, posted today (11/08/19)



  13. Here is a link to my review of Overheat by @Memfis, posted today (11/05/19).



    Once the review for Suteni is posted (and a review of Memfis's forgotten DTWID submission!) I will be moving onto his 2013 output. It'll be an interesting tour since 2013 was the year he released Kuchitsu, for which he was awarded a Cacoward (which I wrote for) after which he suffered a meltdown due to embarassment, largely due to how lowly he regarded it. IIRC Xaser was a strong proponent of giving the nod to Kuchitsu; I'd only seen Memfis's work in the community sets of Heroes' Tales, Whitemare, and Interception and a well-intentioned first stab at his back catalogue with Voyage to Deimos E2M1.


    Mid-2013 I came down with walking pneumonia. It took about a month to recover physically but my attempts at taking advantage of the down time left me feeling sick whenever I tried to play Doom. I wasn't sure whether I was going to give the thumbs up if I got contacted to do the 2013 Cacowards, but I eventually did. This left me grinding through releases in an attempt to catch up so that I could actually shoulder half of the writing load. 2013 was one of my least favorite years writing for the Cacowards and the root cause was how unprepared I felt since I hadn't played much of anything since July. And, uh, the whole "where is Alfonzo?" snafu.


    I had good intentions to play through Memfis's works in 2013 due to the positive buzz, but I didn't. I got around to Kuchitsu because it was a strong contender in the judging booth and it was to my benefit to not burn out trying to marathon megaWADs all the way up to a finish line which we missed by leaps and bounds. After having played through his full 2011-2012 catalogue over the past year I have a much better idea of what caused the positive word-of-mouth leading into 2013. Memfis also published 16 levels during 2013 between /idgames and the forums so it'll be interesting to see whether Kuchitsu remains the humble, plucky victor or if it can be upstaged in my mind.


    DID YOU KNOW: Plutonium Winds and Hellfire: Dreams were in the initial 2013 Cacowards running order? During the December of 2013 clusterfuck they were replaced by Stardate 20X6 and Swim With the Whales and Ribbiks was crowned MOTY.

  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PCFqRny3UCp-yK05n9pfOPHTwNXMWLf3JkkNc-obFIw/edit?usp=sharing


    This is a Google Doc spreadsheet that cross-references written reviews for nearly 2500 WADs. Many of the older sites are only available via archive.org. It's a work in progress but it's come a long way since I started a month or so ago. I've tried to include a link to Doomworld Files pages for every item but the Doom diaspora did funny things like host stuff on Doom WAD Station or other, more temporal sites. The sources are listed by the time of the last written review with the newest being first.

  15. Here is a link to my review of Project Slipgate by @Gunrock and The Solution (posted today, 10/31/19)



  16. Here is a link to my review of Congestion Control 2 by @Karthik (posted today, 10/29/19)





  17. Here is a link to my review of No Quarter by @Kid Airbag (posted today, 10/25/19)

  18. Here is a link to my review of the classic version of NJ Doom by @Enjay (posted today, 10/18/19).

  19. Here is a link to my review of Blind Alley, Nukage by @Searcher (posted today, 10/16/19), kicking off the Blind Alley portion of my Community Chest deep dive.

    1. Searcher


      Thanks for the review.  My early maps were a bit rough. 


      In those days they were challenging to me.  It was a blast doing the series. 


      I am not sure if the finally polished, repaired series will ever see the light of day.  They have fallen very far down the do-list.


      I have a couple more on the hard drive but unsure about them ever getting done.


      Thanks for the kind review.

    2. kmxexii


      @Searcher It's always a joy to have more maps in the world.

  20. Here is a link to my review of Tayutayu by @Memfis (posted today, 10/14/19)

  21. Here is a link to my review of the original DSV by @Kaiser (posted today, 10/7/19)

  22. Here is a link to my review of Dark Fate by @Karthik (posted today, 10/5/19)

  23. Here is a link to my review of They Will Repent (House of Pain Part Two) by @pabloD (posted today, 10/3/19)

  24. Here is a link to my review of The Baron's Domain by @Kid Airbag (posted today, 10/1/19).

  25. Here is a link to my review of Installation B by @nobbjob (posted 09/24/19).


    Here is a link to my review of Return to Hadron E2 - The Collider's New Clothes by @cannonball (posted today, 09/26/19).