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Status Updates posted by kmxexii

  1. Congratulations Mayhem 2012 for being my 666th customer



  2. Revolution! MIDI Pack by various authors (review posted April 24, 2018)




    QUUqpA5h.png tcgM4z7h.png XsBhDLrh.png


    This release is the end result of a community project devoted to providing a full, new soundtrack to @t.v.'s Revolution!. It's loaded with great music courtesy of the informal Doomworld Musician's Guild but has a bunch of other choice frills including:


    • A snazzy new titlepic courtesy of Thomas van der Velden
    • Replacement text screen to elaborate on its story
    • A script that tells you the name of the track and the author
    • A brand freakin' new level from t.v. in the MAP33 slot! How neat is that?

    @Jimmy @CWolf @Alfonzo @Akse @Viscra Maelstrom @Doomkid @Icytux @yakfak @lupinx-Kassman @Eris Falling @ClumsyDoomer @Hellish Godzilla @NaZa @Velvetic

  3. Revolution! by Thomas van der Velden @t.v. (review posted 04/17/18)




    VjIjIF6.png BBmBys9.png Pxq6iVZ.png


    XNo7dqh.png OreEHaz.png jwgjh7m.png


    RTQ3n8w.png aRsuawC.png shPLsMx.png


    Revolution is one of the tastiest classical megaWADs I've ever played. The difficulty is relatively easygoing, the levels are short, and it's chock full of both fun gimmicks and DoomCute centerpieces. I love the Quake II-ish interactive machinery bits and the new, non-stock resources. The latter levels are a little more about the abstract combat which is only understandable since you're kicking around in the Realm of Chaos. I highly recommend it if you haven't already.


    P.S. thanks to @fraggle and @The Green Herring for attempting to answer my questions about TVR's story.



  4. Mortiser 4: Chemical Plant by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 04/12/18)




    hWXfkXg.png HT8oEku.png 6o9sDTg.png


    Slightly tougher fare from Sam, ditching the arctic theme of the previous levels for these grimy sewers. It still has a pretty flat layout but the action is more intimate and the adequate copy and paste detailing is augmented by some nice lightcasting.


  5. 00_E2M8 by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 04/06/18)




    bCrv2MG.png SAeOPav.png 9aJdtZ8.png


    Sam disowned his demo level for the Doom II version of Testament of Judgement but felt compelled to publish this thing. It's an E2M8 replacement and apparently the first finished level that he ever roughed out in an editor. The only thing that it offers over "Tower of Babel" is more Cyberdemons per difficulty grade in a much smaller area. A decent representation, I think, of someone's idea of a bad 1994-era level.

  6. Lava City Outskirts by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 04/01/18)




    ktZV3ZT.png MhBqTSk.png a7P7aHO.png


    Sam missed out on the first Doomworld Speedmapping event but he decided to make a level based on the same theme as practice for the ones that he would eventually participate in. This is a small but solid death domain that features a bunch of high-HP monsters (mostly Hell nobles) in a relatively tight space.

  7. Mortiser 3: Supply/Shipping Depot by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 03/28/18)




    pWuAOqB.png im4Kbc1.png OcUeedO.png


    A very small distribution center type of level that's in the same sort of frozen wasteland as Mortiser 2. Most of the monsters are imps but you have a small squad of Hell nobles serving as a miniboss of sorts. A clean but unenthusing super shotgun blastathon.

  8. Omega Facility by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 03/23/18)




    pgdeQUl.png 0XlK0WM.png U0HAtfe.png


    One of Sam's largest levels. The layout gives the combat a more organic feel with a greater potential to ambush the player with wandering monsters but the plane of action is quite flat. The .TXT will be far more interesting to FreeDoom historians...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kmxexii


      @Myst.Haruko fffffffffffffffffffffffixed so that I am no longer spoiling my fake titlepic for @Gusta's Hell Medley

    3. Memfis


      I remember it having really good music.

    4. kmxexii


      @Memfis it's an interesting track and most of the TXT is the story of how It ended up in SWOMEGA

  9. Mortiser 2: Ice Station Alpha by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist and Mattias Berggren (review posted 03/18/18)




    QfJGqaU.png l9jroGU.png MmK65z8.png


    Part two of the Mortiser series has an ice theme but all of the action is inside the base. This is actually an Alien Vendetta outtake, with Sam's other submission becoming part of "Demonic Hordes". It's got a high bodycount but it's pretty easygoing slaughter as long as you mind the shotgun guys.

  10. Ockham Complex by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 03/13/18)




    CeM8xbU.png 1Ylu5qj.png 6qf2f0b.png


    A very short standalone level from Woodsy. Sam cuts down on the trash monsters, favoring economy of design over sheer body count. It's a nice, quick play provided you don't mind the agony of maneuvering through the freestanding torches in the inner yard.

  11. Ballistics by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 03/08/18)




    Aophgzv.png 8IE3wB1.png wYypRZg.png


    If you're familiar with Ballistics then it's probably as part of Hell Revealed II. Did you know that it was originally released back in 2000? At that point it had been cut from the lineup. Looks like they crammed it back in for the final running order! It's a slaughtermap with tons of guns, ammo, and a high bodycount. The only significant differences between it and the 2003 inclusion are copious supplies, including a somewhat earlier BFG pickup.

  12. Mortiser 1: Lookout Base by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 03/03/18)




    3Foy7K7.png b0HKoyQ.png O70KfQg.png


    The beginning of Sam's most successful project that he was involved in from beginning to end, even though the Mortiser series only ended up spanning five total levels. This is a small techbase that's gloaming with monsters. The monster arrangement is pretty unforgiving in a low-grade, mindless slaughter that doesn't cater much to the player. It's not too hard, though, and most of the emphasis is on zombies.

    1. mun


      I've once got a intercepts overflow while playing this level while mowing down a corridor of shotgun guys. I was both amused and bemused at the same time.

  13. Dataville by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 02/26/18)




    terBaYz.png k0P8gCB.png Px3OyTF.png


    Another publication, another single-level demo from an ambitious project. This one was supposed to be a HacX remake following the original design documents, called "Alternative Hacx". In practice it's a network of rooms jumbled up with Hacx's psychedelic cyberspace visuals that shows off pretty much every enemy and weapon in a perfunctory manner.

  14. Testament of Judgement I v0.2c (demo) by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 02/22/18)




    45LusTP.png Vobzqdv.png vIbBY6y.png


    A very small opener in a techbase - specifically, "Titan Research Base" - that's more about player exposure and some sector machinery. The most dangerous thing is an obvious slow crusher. This was Sam's second attempt at kickstarting ToJ but neither this nor the initial, Doom II version would pan out. I rather prefer the direction of this one, though, flat as it may be.

    1. Catpho


      Btw, what Sam Woodman map you think is his best? Seems to be a energetic fellow, with multiple solo releases and was involved in plenty of projects in the early to mid 2000s. MAP27: Red Hot (Plutonia 2) is one of the finest i've played from him. but generally his style is not something to fall in love with yet, for me at least.

    2. kmxexii


      @Catpho I have no strong opinion on the matter, plus I haven't finished his catalog. Mortiser 4 is probably his most nuanced level that I've played.

  15. Testament of Judgement 1.5 promotional release by Sam Woodman aka @Metabolist (review posted 02/17/18)




    AvZFl7s.png M1Czzig.png fVrT2pF.png


    Incredibly cramped gameplay and crammed full of high-HP toughs. There's also a confusing invisible door and one that's visible and essential but only opens up one time... and there's an arachnotron behind it. Just about everything else Sam would go on to release is far more accommodating than this; in fact, he just about disowned it before retiring from the community.

  16. Triple Play by Bill McClendon (review posted 02/12/18)




    YhTtjNM.png  w6gVxAo.png


    Bill kept up The Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook so he was wary of what kind of criticism might be levelled at his own creations. This level is an abstract mish-mash of themes sectioned off into distinct areas but with some connectivity and potentially fresh playthroughs on each difficulty as well as different routes you might take.

  17. The Lost Seraphim by @Virgil (review posted 02/05/18)




    Mg7rH5i.png xpg8BjW.png L6lmiXO.png


    4ZiN2s4.png XTAIea5.png YZSYG5O.png


    wb1M4xc.png Tj1QVa0.png qYJlvZN.png


    A small ZDoom minisode that won't play well in post-2001 ZDoom iterations because it messes up the teleporter script of the first level, won't transition to the second, and breaks the altered gravity / jumping out of water mechanics for the third. All of this will function exactly as intended in the version it was built for... provided that you can run it. The second level is one of the wildest, most disorienting things I've ever experienced in Doom. It's frustrating to "learn" (especially the revenant track) but its portrayal of the teleporter transition is unique. I'm not as fond of the island of oppression in MAP03 or the concluding boss fight but the opening techbase is fine enough if slow to start.

  18. 3-Tech by @Virgil (review posted 01/31/18)




    ICkPmIY.png  30ay4mj.png


    There's danger on the edge of town. A concise, restrained base level that's got some atmospheric lighting originally made for Sam Woodman's One Week Mapping Contest (which incidentally got Erik Alm to start publically releasing his works). It also saw a solo release.

    1. Memfis


      Also, the first map in the popular Torment and Torture series was made for one of these contests. Speedmapping inspires people. :)

  19. Marine Army 1 by @Virgil (review posted 01/26/18)




    This one requires ZDoom but the author is coy as to why or really to the exact contents of the PWAD. I assume it's the vanilla limit on visible sprites. There are 1500 voodoo marines - no scripted scenarios - and you start out behind the big three in the back. No real gameplay to speak of; just Virgil playing with digital dolls.

  20. AfterDoom 2: Deep Space Pirsuit by @Virgil (review posted 01/19/18)




    Qmj45ZH.png DuQ4Py2.png KTk37or.png


    6ciHAqB.png ULdOSC5.png gZrrtJu.png


    gtuRPa1.png 4StDyC8.png 7LTV9X9.png


    Screenshots can barely convey the sometimes soul-crushing monotony of ADSP. I have tried to highlight some of Virgil's greatest novelties. The black hole sequence alone made the adventure worth it for me. Something more than an episode of industrial and spaceship-themed levels packed full of Satanic sardines. Enter at your own risk.

    1. Memfis


      This wad had a lolsy exit sound. Or was it played on menu activation? I don't remember now.

    2. kmxexii


      @Memfis The song clip plays on menu activation. There's also a clip from an Adam Sandler skit that plays when you die. The player can expect to get used to listening to both... a lot.

  21. Void and Rainbow by @Serious_MOod (review posted 01/12/18)




    u2odNby.jpg auEUSuT.jpg xfDOyIB.jpg




    YZoxeNN.jpg MxpEBZ4.jpg zaIUC2c.jpg


    I could take three times as many screenshots and they would never approach the experience of actually playing Void and Rainbow. One relatively large level with lots of floaty platforming and lots of shimmering colors.

  22. FAKE TITLEPIC for Alpha 1 Trilogy by Rob Schweiner




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. The Alpha 1 Trilogy is one of my favorites as far as lesser-known PWADs go, so I spent a lot of time on this one. I still managed to fuck it up, though; it's not the Alpha Complex Trilogy, after all. The base is a photograph of the Stanley Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in North Dakota as featured on the Ghosts of North Dakota site. The main building, of course, comes from a screenshot of the first big building you come across in ALPHA1.WAD. I added a single shotgun guy with glowing red eyes because there are a lot of monsters lying in wait for you to make the first sound. The landscape is liberally snipped from Otherworldly by one Todd Yoder while using Doom II's first sky. The font is a variety of Aircruiser by Iconian Fonts. The no weapons sign is a real thing but the welcome sign was created using an online tool that I don't recall and adding a little warp to make it look weathered.

    1. Catpho


      Yey,i have heard you talking about this alot :)

  23. Beta Labs 2 by @Serious_MOod @ChaingunnerX @Guest (review posted 01/05/18)




    TWN0VIx.png  s1fMK5b.png


    ZWrIKuU.png 5Y10zIJ.png V7JykBg.png


    Two short, one medium, and two long alpha-themed adventures. It's a bit more abstract when compared to the previous Beta Labs from 2015.

    1. Megalyth


      Ooh, this looks pretty. I love dark, spooky tech bases.

  24. FAKE TITLEPIC for 1 Day of Hellish Revenge by @Nebula-Kristian




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. The 20 Days in Hell trilogy has Doomguy shot buy a mugger and whisked away to Hell where he is rescued by his wife (32 Hours in Pain). In 1 Day of Hellish Revenge, Doomguy is still reeling from the scars incurred from his captive torture and believes that the only way to come to terms with his ordeal will be to enter and then exit Hell on his own terms, blasting all the way. The intent was to portray a still terrified Doomguy getting a fresh look at some Hellish topography. It's a really simple edit that layers a screenshot from the first level over this stock photo. The font is the same as from the Ye Olde Smudge titlepic - Versal Gothic.

  25. The Day of Chains by @Serious_MOod (review posted 12/29/17)




    p62f60z.png 1wvGkLI.png JTbYjBE.png


    A cool E2-style map with lots of interconnectivity and action.