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  1. FAKE TITLEPIC for Dead Perfect by Yonaten Donner




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. Dead Perfect is a tiny minisode but I could hardly crank out something perfunctory for the primary architect of the immortal Hell Revealed. Though that's how it started out. I wanted to highlight the sort of tight death-arena style of the maps so eventually I hit on the idea of Doomguy arriving fresh into such a locale, an image also inspired by the action / narrative of @franckFRAG's Swift Death. The base components are


    1. A photo of the ossuary at the Monastery of San Francisco in Lima, Peru

    2. A photo of a custom Doom marine action figure

    3. Various bits of the teleporter effect stages for the entry portal and something like St. Elmo's Fire

    4. The title is a FlamingText font but I can't remember / rediscover which one. I just know that I used the Blackbird design and modified the T to make an oh-so-edgy St. Peter's Cross.