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  1. FAKE TITLEPIC for Ye Olde Smudge by @Mapslinger




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. This one is more of a concept / private joke based on Chris's given title; I took the original Heretic title screen and then smudged the shit out of it using GIMP's blur tool so that it looked like one of those horrific HD sprites that crops up every so often.




    Slapping the title plate on the image and converting it to the Heretic palette softens a lot of the horror but I've preserved it for posterity. The plate itself is a GIS'd brass (IIRC) plaque but I can't seem to find the one I used to source right now. The font is Versal Gothic.

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      ye olde smudge'd