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  1. AfterDoom 2: Deep Space Pirsuit by @Virgil (review posted 01/19/18)




    Qmj45ZH.png DuQ4Py2.png KTk37or.png


    6ciHAqB.png ULdOSC5.png gZrrtJu.png


    gtuRPa1.png 4StDyC8.png 7LTV9X9.png


    Screenshots can barely convey the sometimes soul-crushing monotony of ADSP. I have tried to highlight some of Virgil's greatest novelties. The black hole sequence alone made the adventure worth it for me. Something more than an episode of industrial and spaceship-themed levels packed full of Satanic sardines. Enter at your own risk.

    1. Memfis


      This wad had a lolsy exit sound. Or was it played on menu activation? I don't remember now.

    2. kmxexii


      @Memfis The song clip plays on menu activation. There's also a clip from an Adam Sandler skit that plays when you die. The player can expect to get used to listening to both... a lot.