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  1. Revolution! MIDI Pack by various authors (review posted April 24, 2018)




    QUUqpA5h.png tcgM4z7h.png XsBhDLrh.png


    This release is the end result of a community project devoted to providing a full, new soundtrack to @t.v.'s Revolution!. It's loaded with great music courtesy of the informal Doomworld Musician's Guild but has a bunch of other choice frills including:


    • A snazzy new titlepic courtesy of Thomas van der Velden
    • Replacement text screen to elaborate on its story
    • A script that tells you the name of the track and the author
    • A brand freakin' new level from t.v. in the MAP33 slot! How neat is that?

    @Jimmy @CWolf @Alfonzo @Akse @Viscra Maelstrom @Doomkid @Icytux @yakfak @lupinx-Kassman @Eris Falling @ClumsyDoomer @Hellish Godzilla @NaZa @Velvetic