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  1. Hey I'm about to release the third Winter Agent Juno mod. I was wondering if you'd be down to play and review the series on your blog, depending how big your backlog is. The first is Project Einherjar, the second is Midgard Outlaw, and the one I'm finishing up now is Operation Sea Wolf, a remake of Las Rojas's Arctic Wolf mod (which doesn't have a page yet). Thanks in advance!

    1. kmxexii


      My backlog is essentially the entire /idgames archive and more so the real question is how I would fit it in to my overall "plan" considering that I am working on a rotation for variation of coverage that includes


      1) mods

      2) community projects (beginning with the mayhem series)

      3) speedmapping sessions

      4) my "road to Plutonia 2" which feels more like a pipe dream considering how I am going about tackling it, short term is covering Kama Sutra (my current playthrough) to be followed by Erik Alm's work

      5) stuff that I either promised to cover or hounded people to finish

      6) 2017 Cacowards

      7) Doom 64 to be followed by the early parts of @Kaiser's career in a buildup to the first Community Chest

      8) the stuff that came out of the more or less dead doomer.boards community

      9) 1994 stuff

      10) Doomworld's Top 10 WADs of 2002

      11) wildcard, right now planning to cover the rest of @Lutz's career up through the 2017 Cacowards


      Not to mention fitting in single level reviews of deep dives of author histories like Malcolm Sailor. 


      The main saving grace of trying to fit your stuff into a larger plan is the fact that your projects are typically made up of smaller levels! I will try to work it in since I've wanted to cover your dazzling array of "total conversions" but I can't promise to get to it anytime soon. I will definitely give you an advance copy of the review, so to speak, when any of it is done.

    2. Impie


      Nice, thanks man, I understand. Sea Wolf Beta is finished in the meantime, and you can find it on the forums.