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  1. MAYhem 1500 by various authors (review posted 07/26/19)




    bXs0Lh1.png pcKXbhU.png QuZqy6p.png


    gFoteDS.png W0THrTY.png oz24mVM.png


    z3E0u9g.png QKF3fDW.png g3iftGn.png


    1500 lines is actually plenty to work with, judging from these submissions. 2015's MAYhem tried a considerably more lenient take on a restrictive theme, much like Mayhem 2048. The Gothic aesthetic is pretty good, too, though I sometimes feel some overlap with the RETURN resources used in the previous year. Some of the authors managed to stretch their lines for suitably epic adventures. Slaughter haters will be pecking through the third episode.


    @Walter confetti @Impboy4 @jmickle66666666 @dobu gabu maru @cannonball @Impie @AD_79 @Marcaek @pcorf @gaspe @Chris Hansen @CorSair @Inkie @Obsidian @joe-ilya @NuMetalManiak @Phobus @Pinchy @an_mutt @Urthar @Argent Agent @Egregor @Archi @Breezeep @ArmouredBlood @Demonologist @NoisyVelvet



    1. Impie
    2. Walter confetti
    3. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      Nice review—definitely agree with the Doom Eternal resources being too close to the Gothic ones. Thankfully MAYhem has bounced around in style a lot after this point.


      Fun fact: my map has no revenants because around this time @Suitepee was bemoaning how difficult it would be to make a map without them, and sure enough it wasn't hard to do. The 1500 lines, on the other hand, was a huge roadblock due to how I make maps. I remember having a weird dummy sector setup where they were all linked together, and my voodoo closet was a stretched-out diamond. Good times.