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  1. One-Week Megawad by various authors (review posted 08/20/19)




    AtrShbe.png oGasDvr.png ShmnVn7.png


    8nvAlwI.png Pm06uYd.png 1hZALzH.png


    @Metabolist hosted a series of weekly invitations for people to make maps based on themes. This eleven-map episode contains most of the entries. The turnout was incredibly low but notable for getting Erik Alm to finally come out of his shell. The Alm submissions are among the most interesting but if you're looking for something along the likes of the early Scythe levels then only MAP01 will really fit the profile.


    @Erik @SpinSpyder_KaK_ @Opulent @Virgil @Liberation

    1. Liberation


      I had read this earlier actually.. That was my first released level from like 18 years ago. Do have to say your review was probably the nicest review of that level I have ever read. Put a grin on my face. Thank you!


      Edit: Sad to see only one of the other mappers is likely to be around still :-(