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  1. idk if i've been vocal about this in the past but while I was regularly updating onemandoom I tried to keep abreast of authors who were publicly transitioning so that I could remove all deadnames / update preferred pronounts / etc. in my blog articles. today while casually glancing through doomwiki I saw that Agent Spork appeared to have transitioned and I realized that I am no longer so keyed into the community that I can just casually pick this up. if you have transitioned then please drop me a line on here however you are comfortable with it so that I can scrub my blog to best suit you. I am not a hermit as of yet and must do what I can.



    1. NuMetalManiak
    2. kmxexii


      @NuMetalManiak please check after me but you are such a helpful, prolific contributor on DoomWiki that I noticed this around the time that it happened there (the primary change reflected in the author registry https://onemandoom.blogspot.com/p/wads-by-author.html since the review articles only used your alias at each time). I just went back and updated all of the reviews with your name and current alias, though.