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  1. How did you get into writting reviews again :O?

    1. kmxexii


      -I took a very long break, which always helps, this one was just longer than even my pneumonia-related break in 2013

      -Europa 2 was something like half-written and it continued to bug me  (unlike the various other bits that I have lying around in draft form like a 100% finished Chris Klie author retrospective lol). It wasn't like I had a tough time saying anything about it back when I stopped, I just had several real-life type things vying for my attention and it became super-convenient to put it off but the further away I got from the playthrough the harder it became to write

      -I started playing the Doom 64 re-release for a Doom64 EX comparison and because I was jonesin' for the Doom 64 feels and when I got to the Kaiser bonus campaign I said "fuck it, I'm writing the level-by-levels"

      -I was jonesin' so hard for the Doom 64 feels that I rolled straight from there to Beta 64 and started doing write-ups for my level-by-levels there, too

      -About halfway through that I took a long, hard look at Europa 2 and knew that I had to power through in order to get it off my plate since my associated malaise had built in for about a year