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  1. Season 17 of ONEMANDOOM: Shilpashastra (January 15th, 2019 - July 12th, 2019)


    Season 17 kicked off with my review of the Samsara mod. This period of reviews has an unusually timely review of Sigil as well as a run-down of @Remilia Scarlet's work leading to her Shadows of the Nightmare Realm. John Bye appears here by virtue of his collaboration with Malcolm Sailor along with me also wanting to do more deep dives of "classical" authors, much the same reason for CRINGE!. It also somehow managed to include Samsara, Kama Sutra, and the beginning of a deep dive into Karthik Abhiram Krishna's work, hence the season title. SubP:AR was probably the most interesting discovery, at least speaking from a historical standpoint. This is also where the adventure to tackle the road to the original Community Chest begins in earnest.


    Out of Phase II (by @Karthik)

    Maze - BIG IS BEAUTIFUL (by John Bye)

    Max Saga: Escape From Skull Dungeon (by @Impie)

    DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (by @Rellik @Opulent @Fredrik @ReX @Volte @Espi (RIP) @sirjuddington @Tobias @Brad_tilf @deathbringer @Jayextee Rober Lasmanowicz, Jordan Buck, Harvey Riddle, and Jeffrey Crenshaw)

    Mossvale Estate (by @nobbjob )

    MEM_OLD1 (by @Memfis )

    Si6il (by @Romero)

    The Dying End (by @Lutz)

    Fruit Salad (by @Grain of Salt)

    Remains (by @_Mud)

    Phobos: Anomaly Reborn (by @Lutz)

    SubP:AR (by @Lutz)

    Out of Phase (by @Karthik)

    Hall of the Mountain King (by John Bye)

    Derceto (by @Impie)

    Ni'mRoD: IXNAY on the HOMBRE (by @kristus @Nimrod @kdoom @Risen

    The Highlands (by @nobbjob )

    Requimem (by @Memfis )

    quake2doom (by @Gunrock

    Chaos Punch (by @Karthik)

    Garden of Delight (by John Bye)

    Gwangi's Place (by @Impie)

    Outbreak of Evil (by @_Mud)

    Opening (by @_Mud)

    CRINGE! (by @markklem)

    Sinistrad (by @nobbjob )

    Voyage to Deimos map02 (by @Memfis )

    Doom 64 (by @Kaiser)

    Doom64 EX (by @Kaiser)

    Ick (by @Karthik)

    KARTHIK2 (by @Karthik)

    CyberDoom (by John Bye)

    Shadows of the Nightmare Realm (by @Remilia Scarlet)

    Extreme Terror (by @Remilia Scarlet)

    One Doomed Marine (by @Remilia Scarlet)

    MS5 (by Malcolm Sailor)

    MS1 (by Malcolm Sailor)

    Foul Ruin (by @nobbjob )

    Disjunction (by @floatRand)

    Horalky (by @Memfis )

    RRWARD04 (by Richard R. Ward)

    AOL Girls Museum (by Capone)

    The Outlands (by @nobbjob )

    Kukuku (by @Memfis )

    RRWARD03 (by Richard R. Ward)

    Titan 2 (by @Ixnatifual)

    Dock 69 (by Capone)

    The Underground (by @nobbjob )

    Beware of False Prophets (by @Memfis )

    RRWARD02 (by Richard R. Ward)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (by @Phobus @MTrop @Gifty @Jimmy @40oz @Obsidian @Alfonzo @Tarnsman @an_mutt @General Rainbow Bacon Mugsy and Osiris Kalev)

    Fort Scar (by Capone)

    Fortress of Doom (by Ryan Hilman)

    Kama Sutra (by @Gusta and Method)

    MAYhem 2013 (by @Magnusblitz @Scypek2 @joe-ilya @Katamori @Obsidian @Walter confetti @ArmouredBlood @Melon @dobu gabu maru @Ribbiks )

    World's End (by @nobbjob )

    Kurogane (by @Memfis )

    RRW_D201 (by Richard R. Ward)

    RRWARD01 (by Richard R. Ward)

    Capone's Pit (by Capone)

    Samsara (by @TerminusEst13 )


    Season 19 (January 2nd, 2020 -

    Season 18: The Vorpal Blade Went Karthik-er Snack: Good Bye to the Alex Parsons Project, Loved You Lutz (July 17th, 2019 - December 28th, 2019)

    Season 17: Shilpashastra (January 15th, 2019 - July 12th, 2019)

    Season 16: Odysseus (July 6th, 2018 - January 10th, 2019)

    Season 15: The DOOM Poets Society (December 5th, 2017 - July 3rd, 2018)

    Season 14: A Quick One (July 17th, 2017 - November 30th, 2017)