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  1. ultimatecarl

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Wait, so not everyone punches every Demon to death even when you don't have Berserk or a Chainsaw (assuming of course you're not backed into a corner by 5+)? As long as you're not in a teeny tiny area it's not hard to punch down even 4 Demons simultaneously without a scratch. I'm a hoarder so the ammo saving is great.
  2. ultimatecarl

    Favorite moment in DooM 64

    Dammit now I have to play Doom 64 and its sexy sexy chaingun again, thanks guys.
  3. ultimatecarl

    The second custom Doom64 EX map

    Holy crap, really? Doom 64 was always pretty sexy, but that's even more so.
  4. ultimatecarl

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    I follow him on YouTube pretty regularly. He hasn't mentioned Unloved II in a while, but he HAS been working on a standalone adventure game, so I imagine that's taking most of his time and U2 is on hold for now. But, he's not the type to just up and abandon a project altogether!
  5. ultimatecarl

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    I think that Cacodemon is looking for secrets. In the first shot the texture change between gray rock and the hanging baron is pretty abrupt, may want to throw a transition texture between 'em? Other than that it looks pretty deliciously red, keep up the good work! Also on that note, if we're REALLY hurting for E3 maps and the E2 maps are already decided, I could try and rework the map I just submitted some into an E3. Well, if we need to, I'm kind of lazy. :P EDIT: Also also, could someone in charge of the submission site link my account with the current listing for "Weapons Research" so I can upload this new version/pictures? Thanks!
  6. ultimatecarl

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    Oh, derp. Well like I said, it's not like I'm gunning for the E2M2 slot, it's just there to indicate that this isn't an M1 candidate. Besides, you could extend the deadline another year and I still wouldn't be able to make a map better than Marnetmar anyway. :P
  7. ultimatecarl

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    Sudden, unexpected, and unwarranted like an offer of sexual favors from a fat man, I've drug my map out of the unfinished pit it fell into and finished it up. I'm not really expecting to make the cut, but it was a personal victory to get it to a point that I'm satisfied with and actually finish a map. I've registered on the site and there's a listing for the old version of my map, but it doesn't seem to be linked to my account so I can't edit it. In the meantime, you can get it here, and here's some screenies: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 It's in the E2M2 slot (though that's not specifically what I was gunning for) and is co-op and deathmatch-ready (though I doubt it would be any good for DM). Feel free to give me very harsh, blunt feedback!
  8. Oooh, so that was the enemy I missed! :P Yeah, something got messed up in there, then, because the Revenant never showed up for me. I guess I also should have mentioned (not that it matters much, but still), all of my testing was done with the latest version of GZDoom.
  9. Alright, just got through it, sorry about the delay (I've been inebriated, asleep, or hung-over since you sent it). Here's some stuff I noticed: This shadow doesn't look right... Not sure how you'd fix that, but there ya go. It's not immediately clear that this is a lift, especially if someone was playing without freelook and couldn't see the key above. This door isn't lower unpegged. For that matter I don't think any of the doors in the level were, though they weren't using the usual doortrack texture so it doesn't look too odd, but I question the choice of having the same texture for both walls, the ceiling, and the floor here. This poor demon can't fit between the crates and the trees! It doesn't make him very threatening. :P More non-unpegged doors! Again it doesn't really look that bad, but it's always kind of jarring to me. I dunno what was up with this room. The first time I went in I got trapped inside for several seconds for no evident reason, then it let me go. I decided to explore the room again a bit later and got trapped again, but this time I was never let out. I shot and activated every inch of that room to no avail, so I think you need to take a look at that room. There's no enemies in that room or that spawn outside, so why does it even trap you the first time? I dunno how many maps you're planning to make this, but I think after finding everything in the map the player is really kitted out for just finishing MAP01. I headed to MAP02 with 100 Health, 200 Armor, full bullets, full shells, a chainsaw, and a plasma rifle. If you're planning to make this a longer WAD that seems pretty early to have that many goodies. Also I managed to get 100% Items/Secrets, but I somehow missed one single monster... Odd. Also things were a bit on the easy side playing on UV, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's not like I could have finished the map with my eyes closed, so it's challenging enough to keep things interesting! :D Other than that, map looks really nice! It's maybe a bit claustrophobic, but I felt like that was part of the theme so it worked. Looking forward to more, hope I helped out some!
  10. ultimatecarl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #396

    Sacrament was also a reupload and there's another version of Dreadnaught to boot, so apparently.
  11. ultimatecarl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #396

    Cool, can we argue now too? I don't want to be left out in this thread. *Ahem* CHEX QUEST IS STUPID AND YOU'RE STUPID TOO YOU STUPID-HEAD
  12. ultimatecarl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #396

    Actually, I found that part pretty easily. The problem was getting into that area to begin with. As far as I could tell (I didn't screw around in a WAD editor to take a look), the only way to get into that part of the map was to have the Swamp Key, but unfortunately the Swamp Key is in another map that you cannot access until you go to a different part of the swamp map, which in turn doesn't open until you're (impossibly) already past that locked door. At least that's how things worked for me (I noclip'd through after wandering around lost for an hour). Thanks. I guess that's good since I hogged like half of this edition. I thought I was really negative and might tick some people off.
  13. ultimatecarl

    Hell Superior

    That titlepic is hella sexy. Looking forward to this one!
  14. ultimatecarl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #396

    Haha, yeah, this is the "Acid and Carl" edition I guess. :P It seems like I disliked everything I played, though. I sound kind of douchey. Good work yourself! EDIT: Yeah, Serpents looks good! Why couldn't I have gotten that one?