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  1. Hello everyone and sorry for the necro-posting. I recently realized I made a mistake in the past of attributing an incorrect sound (called DSSKLDTH in the attached archive) to Spider Mastermind walking state, which have also resulted in need to modify the cyberdemon code (nothing special really, just create new state for the walking sound, but still an ugly workaround). How does it work now: Spider Mastermind has incorrect walk sound (a_metal) Cyberdemon has new "a_hoof2" state replacing a_metal (to sound correctly) Thankfully, GEC edition doesn't have the issue, being even more based on the original If you wish to fix this long-lasting error of mine, load the attached PK3 with fix with the mod (you can tell Customizer to pre-load the file). Thanks and sorry (really)! psxdoom_cybspifix.zip
  2. lafoxxx

    Map11: Circle of Death, or 'O' of Destruction?

    I always thought it's called "O of Destruction" because the "O" is penultimate letter in the word "Desctruction", and "N" is the last letter -- so the level name means the Destruction is almost completed, only one final step away from being done, and the next stage, "N of Destruction" would mean end of the world as we know it. Compared to "circle of death" which is just plain boring and lacks such "genius" sense.
  3. Just checked the Automap and it seems that colors used are no longer from DOOM palette, but 255-0-0 for walls, 0-255-0 for player and 0-255-255 (that teal color from MS Windows, unlike light blue) for things, etc. Possible to bring the classic colors (from DOOM palette) back?
  4. Sorry for replying to such an old message -- but I feel like the initial position of the rocket is not the root cause of this issue. To me, the issue appears because it seems like the player gets "deeper" into the wall when you get into the corner: Watch that video from your comment closely -- you'll see that on the 5th second the player gets "sucked in" to the corner after performing left strafe. Otherwise the bug would have been reproducible without having to get into the corner, but just by shooting into the wall right in front of you.
  5. That's great. Looking forward to checking it out! Ok, I see. Regarding the renderer -- it's great you're adding Vulcan, but what about OpenGL -- is there any chance we (mostly -- those of us who don't have a compliant gpu) will see it , or it's already decided that the project is developed with latest technologies in mind? Will the port ultimately be completely free of components of PS1 emulator on _all_ levels (in addition to PS1 GPU emulation for rendering and PS1 BIOS which is now also not needed)? Makes sense. But what about the other formats (like .ISO, for example)?
  6. I'm comparing it to the way it sounded wien I played the game on the actual console and/or the emulator... Just listen to the music in Level 1: Attack -- you'll notice that sometimes the note of the melody gets changed -- like if the dude who would have been playing this music constantly touches the pitch bend wheel on their synth. You can hear it even in the first part -- before the "bass" appears in this music (about 40 second). I'm not sure if I have explained it good enough -- I think I can record it if needed. No -- this issue was there since the original PS1 version was released. Just thought it'll be fixed in this port by this very option. I'll attempt to describe: When you, for example, walk forward and then stop, your speed decelerates -- it happens in all DOOMs. In PS1 Doom, when your angle is, say, 130 degrees, while you decelerate, your movement is visibly jagged -- like if you're not walking on 1x1 pixel grid (almost straight line), but like 8x8 (resulting in more "zigzag" movement and screen shaking sideways when your speed almost reaches zero). In PC DOOM, on the other hand, this "deceleration" is very smooth (your screen doesn't shake sideways) even if you're not facing North/South or East/West (not 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees precicely). While almost unseen in 256x240, this issue will become very noticeable when you will play in high resolution. I thought of it being more like a "nice to have" feature for those who like to use older computers (like WinXP or Win98). I think it'd be interesting to see how the engine would run in relatively "period-correct" setup, considering it doesn't look and feel really demanding (unlike Minecraft, Unity DOOM or some re-releases of classic games which might no longer run on Pentium 3 despide being developed for it). I mean really, this port doesn't really feel as demanding as as PrBoom or even DOOM Legacy. I'd play GZdoom+PSXTC on that computer, but modern GZDOOM requires at least Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 -- just like DOOM 3! By the way, will it be possible for the game to support just the directory (for example -- device letter) in addition to the .CUE? For those who still has the original discs it will be great way to keep using them "legally" -- unlike N64 cartridges where you have to buy some device to dump them to your computer to play Doom 64 EX
  7. Decided to finally check out the port -- here are some differences from the PS1 version (and from my expectations) I found in latest version 0.6.1 (sorry if it's already known -- just decided to post it here anyway): Some people I have shown the game to experience Texture Cache Overflow crash after the credits roll in Final Doom (I don't). UPD: Just encountered this error. Guess you should launch the game, play a little bit (warp to a few levels), then go to main menu, let the demo start, then stop it and let it launch again. The error will show after the first demo is played. Sequenced music sounds a bit off-pitch sometimes in Final DOOM (level 1: attack) -- not sure about DOOM. Floor gap fix doesn't work 100% (level 3: canyon, second floor of the starting room): Sound is distorted when there are multiple sound sources playing same sound with reverb (like the lowering columns in the room with hell knight and red skull key on level 2: virgil): Uncapped FPS option doesn't affect platforms, doors and weapon bobbing -- they still seem to work in 15 FPS mode. Player position has PS1 precision even in uncapped FPS mode -- resulting in 'jerky' movement when you release directional keys sometimes. Weapon bobbing works like if you're playing regular PC version -- not affected by player speed. It should be subtle when you're walking and "normal" when you're running. You can check in ZDoom using 'movebob 0.125' command -- then try moving with different speed and look at the weapon sprite. Checked in the emulator using SLUS-00331 (NTSC) disc. UsePalTimings also doesn't seem to affect this (but I think it should because in PAL version weapon bobbing also wasn't affected by player speed). Some cheats (like invulnerability and noclip) keep working after you warp to other level via cheat -- though I'm not sure if it's a 'psydoom bug' or a 'ps1 feature' Weapon scroll is bound to 'Mousewheel" by default, but "next weapon" is selected when you scroll mouse wheel up -- not down. I know it's fixed by use of 'invmousewheel', just can't seem to remember any game with similar configuration -- in games like DOOM3 of HL2 next weapon was selected when you scrolled mouse wheel down. I think it'd be great to enter password using keyboard keys. Otherwise it feels just right. I was also wondering if it'll be possible to compile the exe in x86 (32-bit) someday. Also I've decided to create an icon in .ICO format -- feel free to use it if you like it. It's same design as seen in the 4th page of this thread. psydoom.ico.zip
  8. Came up with an idea of "Simplified version" of the logo by @The Civ, to avoid potential copyright claims Final version The red triangle looks like 'play' sign, and the two bottom triangles make 'D' letter.
  9. I believed this would happen sometime. Happy to see the result so far! Few questions I think you can answer since you've seen how it works: When the platform or door moves, why do the pixels of adjacent wall look like they "melt"? Is it some kind of rendering artifact? From technical perspective, is the PS1 renderer completely inferior to PC renderer, or is it superior in some ways? I remember weapon bobbing being more "complex" in PS version than in original PC release, with varying degree of movement to each side, depending on your speed and direction, etc. What also is taken into account?
  10. Guys, I have a problem playing v2.135 using latest GZdoom with SND_EFX=ON. When I load map61: Attack, enable Noclip and run through the map (so that Reverb Environments change very fast), the process freezes in a deadlock. Details here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=63807 Question -- Why is this happening? Is the mod not compatible with latest GZdoom, or it's my hardware (using 2018 pc with old soundboard -- X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro)? Thanks.
  11. Here's a small update for those who want to have Face in Fullscreen HUD I think I understood the idea of the original psxdoom tc' fullscreen hud (break psxdoom stbar in half), and added correct offsets so that the distance between the face and ARMOR is same as in regular stbar. I also took automap colors from the emulator (and let myself set some gzdoom-specific values accordingly) sorry if it's already been done -- I checked latest available release anyway. sbarinfo.zip
  12. lafoxxx

    Doom Forever TC [PC]

    Great mod, seriously. Brings back memories! However, not all text strings were updated. Plenty of pickups still have default text messages
  13. Looks better w/o "BRIGHT". Check the video out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81MmywK6daY I don't remember any actors other than the spectres having any translucency
  14. Sounds correct now. Can it be done without editing the map but just by tweaking crusher speed instead? (just to keep the maps untouched) IMO, editing the map should be the last thing, only if tweaking wouldn't help. I think that the sound behaviour patch should be included in the main pk3, of course. Just like any improvement that gets the TC closer to the console version Sorry, I'll not be able to test the TC until 24th of August, but I'll try to follow the topic.
  15. Checked out SNDTEST3. Still sounds like 2x slower