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  1. Came up with an idea of "Simplified version" of the logo by @The Civ, to avoid potential copyright claims Final version The red triangle looks like 'play' sign, and the two bottom triangles make 'D' letter.
  2. I believed this would happen sometime. Happy to see the result so far! Few questions I think you can answer since you've seen how it works: When the platform or door moves, why do the pixels of adjacent wall look like they "melt"? Is it some kind of rendering artifact? From technical perspective, is the PS1 renderer completely inferior to PC renderer, or is it superior in some ways? I remember weapon bobbing being more "complex" in PS version than in original PC release, with varying degree of movement to each side, depending on your speed and direction, etc. What also is taken into account?
  3. Guys, I have a problem playing v2.135 using latest GZdoom with SND_EFX=ON. When I load map61: Attack, enable Noclip and run through the map (so that Reverb Environments change very fast), the process freezes in a deadlock. Details here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=63807 Question -- Why is this happening? Is the mod not compatible with latest GZdoom, or it's my hardware (using 2018 pc with old soundboard -- X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro)? Thanks.
  4. Here's a small update for those who want to have Face in Fullscreen HUD I think I understood the idea of the original psxdoom tc' fullscreen hud (break psxdoom stbar in half), and added correct offsets so that the distance between the face and ARMOR is same as in regular stbar. I also took automap colors from the emulator (and let myself set some gzdoom-specific values accordingly) sorry if it's already been done -- I checked latest available release anyway. sbarinfo.zip
  5. lafoxxx

    Doom Forever TC [PC]

    Great mod, seriously. Brings back memories! However, not all text strings were updated. Plenty of pickups still have default text messages
  6. Looks better w/o "BRIGHT". Check the video out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81MmywK6daY I don't remember any actors other than the spectres having any translucency
  7. Sounds correct now. Can it be done without editing the map but just by tweaking crusher speed instead? (just to keep the maps untouched) IMO, editing the map should be the last thing, only if tweaking wouldn't help. I think that the sound behaviour patch should be included in the main pk3, of course. Just like any improvement that gets the TC closer to the console version Sorry, I'll not be able to test the TC until 24th of August, but I'll try to follow the topic.
  8. Checked out SNDTEST3. Still sounds like 2x slower
  9. Didn't found latest GZ on the off.site, sorry Sndtest sounds pretty similar for now. Love that overlapping pain sounds when you get under crusher. but they appear too frequently - in crusher on map GEYRON, player must receive damage 3 times, not more. check please (compare to psx version). to fix this I think you have to change "pain interval" somehow (i don't know, but hope you understand what i mean) it's probably hardcoded difference Crusher speed is now too slow - on map WORMHOLE, "present world"'s crusher now sounds like "future world"'s one. Twice slower, for short.
  10. Script error, "PSXDOOM_SNDTEST.PK3:actors/monsters.txt" line 11: Invalid state parameter a_checkflag my fault maybe. One more thing I remember so far. though I'm not sure you'll fix it, since I've not received feedback to some found pc-psx differences. So, here: On level WORMHOLE, when you enter the tunnels, machinery knocks can be heard (from that little square sector outside playable area). When you teleport to "future" world, these knocks are "slower". Even in PSX TC the interval between these knocks is smaller than on the original PSX version. I think it can be fixed by slightly increasing height of that sector Approx.frequency: _______|"real world"___|"parallel world" PSX:___|4 times per sec|2 times per sec PSX TC:|about twice faster!
  11. ScottGray, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_versioning
  12. unknownna, a fortiori i don't see any problems replacnig now-not-needed GRNROCK and BRDR_** to solid black colored images. http://www.mediafire.com/?7mn92fyl0a32icg - here's all the GFX (and 1 FLAT) you need. It looked fine when I've used it in PSX DOOM TC before. What about different STBAR, COPYRTS, CREDITS and more GFX that's different in DOOM and FINAL DOOM? Would also be good if there'll be no more "fast pulse" sector light effect. And if colored lighting could affect even lit weapon sprites
  13. unknownna, but what if I want 16:9? I tried replacing these textures with solid black color, worked fine.
  14. It seems that only PSX DOOM levels have "slow pulse" effect on some sectors. Corresponding sectors in PSX FINAL DOOM have standart ("fast") pulse instead. Is it possible to select between PSX DOOM and PSX FINAL DOOM specific graphics (copyrights, statusbar and so on)? Or it's only possible if playing standalone PSX FINAL DOOM? Is it possible to make lit (muzzleflash) sprites affected by colored sectors? Is it possible to change player face behavoiur so that it changes to STFKILL immediately when player steps over damaging sector (still no pain) When playing in non-4:3 resolutions, default tiled background (GRNROCK) "doesn't fit" the black-stroked statusbar. What about making the stbar background solid-colored (black)? Don't forget to include ECHO MOVEBOB "0.125">>PSXDOOM.CFG into PSXDOOM.BAT. It makes your gun swing less when yuo walk and more when you run. Don't know how to emulate the PSX DOOM weapon bobbing (it's different for each walk direction, most noticeably it can be seen during strafing) Great work though, very good idea to keep all PSX DOOMS in one TC
  15. It's for PSX DOOM, not FINAL DOOM, isn't it?