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  1. franckFRAG

    Doom Streams

    Romero streams something :
  2. franckFRAG

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil It's the moment.
  3. It's a rare present that I make today. On the occasion of 25th of Doom, I decided to published some maps from old projects always unreleased. Generally, I don't publish maps from wip project, because I prefer to present thereof when it's really ready for a RC. That's why I consider this like a big present That I do rarely. In this pack, you can see some finished maps, and some wip avanced maps with exit lines. Certains wad are composed only of finished maps, like Bellatrix. But any projects reach maturity. As most of you, I'm swamped of many projects, some of them are always in WIP, others are frozen, but can be resuscitated... And I work on other recent projects, that aren't listed here. Before to play these wads, just to warn you that different difficulty skills are not implemented, it's possible that you will find some bugs, if it's the case, sorry for that. There are 3 wads boom format, and 2 wads vanilla format (works with chocolate-doom). These maps are old of 2008 to 2018. > In chronological order, here are my different projects : Cybernity [Boom format] (beginning in 2008) : > 5 maps. Some maps have been reworked since this year. 2 maps inspired (a bit) of Survive in Hell [Boom format] (beginning in 2012) : > 2 maps. Ironically, the second map was made in one week. (DEHACKED from SiH by JCD) Bellatrix [Vanilla format] (beginning in 2013) : > 6 maps. There are some HOMs in the last outdoor area about the map06, but not VPO. Pakt [Vanilla format] (beginning in 2015) : > 5 maps Map04 is WIP. Sekt [Boom format] (beginning in 2015) : > 5 maps Map03 is just a skip map, map04 is not finished. Have fun ! fF_special_10december.zip
  4. franckFRAG

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just prepared a pack for tomorrow.
  5. hey @franckFRAG whatever happened to this



    1. Catpho


      That is gorgeous :D

      On that note, what happened to this:



    2. franckFRAG


      Haha :D The first two screens are a WIP project, the last is an abandoned map for SlaughterMAX.

      But wait on december 10th, I will post some maps...

    3. Catpho


      I think you meant sf13, considering that's where I got the screen from :P

      Please finish these in the future :)))) You will win my cacoward-shaped heart if you do :))))

  6. Here is my contribution (started on 20 november), this wad is composed of 12 vanilla mini-maps (map19 to map30), inspired of Doom2. nanocore_ep3.zip
  7. franckFRAG

    Bloodspeed (Beta 2)

    @StormCatcher.77 If you have a particular wish about the title and inter screen, you can suggest me by mp :) I already realized the M_DOOM : I'm likely to improve this one.
  8. franckFRAG

    Bloodspeed (Beta 2)

    I would like to make your titlepic and interpic.
  9. technically, a wad can be a megawad if it composed of 15 maps minimum, so yes, it's almost a megawad, again 1 map left.
  10. franckFRAG

    Vote for your favourite Perturbator LP

    Perturbator, one of my favorite dark synthwave artists :D I listened for a long time Uncanny Valley and Dangerous Day, (I discovered this artist with "She is young, she is beautiful"... BUT, the fucking best LP now is "New Model". Finally a real atmosphere of industrial cyberpunk, with a japanese ambient touch... I really like this :D I listen all the LP every time I made a map with a cyberpunk spirit x)
  11. franckFRAG

    What plans are there for Doom's 25th Anniversary?

    Published all my finished maps which sleep in different old (unfinished) projects.
  12. Nice Paul, I appreciated to make a map for PCCP2, I would like to see a new community project by you like leader :)
  13. franckFRAG

    Hell themed WADS

    I will complete these lists with Resurgence and Survive in Hell...
  14. franckFRAG

    community top 5s

    Top 5 Doom Streamers : Nevanos MrZzul Loveless KingDime John Suitepee Top 5 Megawads that I would like to see released : Revelation of Doom Supplice Kama Sutra 2 Rayzik's megawad BTSX ep3