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  1. Nice Roofi! Here is the idgames version :
  2. I prefer you use Tn.wad like resource, in addition with your wad.
  3. Hi :) Here is the idgames link! /!\ If you made some demos on the map01, this one is a bit different than the old version.
  4. I'm surprised that Dutch Devil maps weren't yet mentioned.
  5. My first thought is Altitude by Tourniquet, but you can choose a classic megawad like Alien Vendetta, with the very known map20 (Misri Halek) by Kim André Malde.
  6. Some of you know that I'm a graphic designer, and I realized some artworks, You can see thereof on my facebook page, until will make a new website.
  7. Oh my g.....


    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      this isn't fair

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      i didn't realize you were so popular! I'm lookin at franck in a whole new way. :)

    3. Memfis


      Now you know how the president feels!

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      Nom de dieu... :P

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      I don't think there were that many posts in total since the introduction of the notifications system!

  8. Oh, strange error, probably a bad copy/paste x) here is a new link : I'm going to edit the last links.
  9. Hi :) Here is the final version of Tangerine Nightmare ! Thanks for your supports guys :D
  10. Final version will release this weekend.
  11. I like Doom 2 more than Doom 1.
  12. Haha, now I went home, it's fun to see there are some missing things or textures, I corrected that. I added a midi and settings...
  13. Ma map made in 30min. I made this during my coffee break, I used DB2, and I almost didn't use the 3D mode. Some textures are probably misaligned. I didn't test this one. (complevel 2).
  14. Nice small map, I don't have anything to say about that. I played this one on Chocolate-Doom, and I had no problem. Good stuff!
  15. Just making an observation, The name "Grime" is already used by another wad (made in 2009) well-known by Death-Destiny. If you intend to release your wad in /idgames, I suggest to change the name, like for example "Grime DM". Anyway, good luck for your project! Your map seems very large for the DM, probably it's played with many players (more than 8 I think).