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  1. franckFRAG

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Please! Don't retexture this in OTEX! It's already perfect with Doom2 textures (and I like this Going Down vibe).
  2. franckFRAG

    6 new maps special "25 Years of Doom 2"

    Hey thanks for playing this! I'll go check to correct the problem with the sector 64... Indeed, I wanted the maps to be enough different than the original maps, so they don't look boring. The map06 was based on the old first version of Nanocore.wad. The map04 was lightly rushed for the 30th september, it will be sightly imrpoving for a new version x)
  3. franckFRAG

    Halloween themed wads?

    Orange is True Love, by Grain of Salt and Ribbiks :
  4. Hi! This is my modest contribution for the birthday of Doom II. Maybe some guys remembered that I began a project for the NaNoWadMo challenge... I would like to improve my current maps, and I made some new maps inspired of Doom2. That's why I post some of my maps. Originally, I wasn't thinking to upload these maps, but it's the birthday of Doom2... So, why not :) It's too late to make a good presentation for me (sleeping time), just you can play this on chocolate-doom, these maps are vanilla compatible (caution for the map06, there is a VPO near the secret with imps). DL => Hommage 25 (6 maps)
  5. franckFRAG

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The layout looks like a rabid elephant/bull with big red eyes, playing tennis.
  6. franckFRAG

    QuakeCon 2019

    Wow! Impressive pic! Linguica looks more like Saitama of One Punch Man x)
  7. franckFRAG

    Exploits You Love/Hate?

    I made intentionally 32pix between two bars for the speedrunning, each time when I can. Edit : I hate making a too large vanilla map for the saving (in DOS or chocolate-doom) Because it crashes with the limit size about the map.
  8. franckFRAG

    Do's and Don't's when making your first WAD

    I'm not sure that we can have a comfort zone on your first map. On the contrary, we’re not sure what we’re doing is right. IMHO, a comfort zone is established after the completion of some maps.
  9. franckFRAG

    Bloodspeed (Beta 3)

    Oh god, I totally forgot to make graphics for Bloodspeed, I have to do this! I'm not busy about this weekend, thus I promise myself to block some days to create these graphics :)
  10. franckFRAG

    Infraworld - The Hatehammer

    These middle textures are very interesting.
  11. franckFRAG

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    Alien Vendetta Valiant Sunlust Plutonia Revisited Sythe 2
  12. franckFRAG

    Just for fun: My 5 favourite DooM mappers

    Extremely hard to choose only 5 favorite mappers... I think I'm more sensitive with the classic mapping vibe. My list with no particular order : Memfis 40oz Paul Corfiatis Jimmy Mechadon Bonus : Valkiriforce
  13. franckFRAG

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Cool screens using the classic textures of Doom2. It's curious to see NUKE24 and NUKEDGE1 with the water floor.
  14. franckFRAG

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Played the first episode a few days ago, very excellent!
  15. MAP29 from Survive in Hell. MAP29 from Hellbound.