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Everything posted by franckFRAG

  1. franckFRAG

    [-CL9] OCCULA.WAD [RC1]

    Awesome Bemused and Tourniquet! The third screens is incredible! It's curious because I think to finish my wad using my red and black textures for the end of this month :) I think that it could be complementary with your wad :) Congratulations again for the release!
  2. franckFRAG

    (Vanilla) - The Anthill

    As I move through the tunnels dug by the ants, I fear more and more to activate switches. As the traps are sometimes unpredictable, I really like this feeling.
  3. franckFRAG

    Doom Streams

    180 Minutes Pour Vivre Played by Nixx57 currently.
  4. franckFRAG

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Is-it for your megawad Rayzik ?
  5. franckFRAG

    Cydonia [/idgames]

    I seriously hope you’ll make a great full megawad! There is only 10 maps left (5 maps for each mapper). Even if you have a project in your side, I think it’s very doable to have a new full classic-style Plutonia megawad, and I'm sure that I'm not the only person which think the same thing :)
  6. franckFRAG

    Best. Spam. Ever

    I seem to have competition.
  7. franckFRAG

    All time favorite strategy games post

    Definitively Age of Mythology, and the Titans expansion
  8. franckFRAG

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    And we are only in May :)
  9. franckFRAG

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Probably many have forgotten it, but we have Swift Death which was a speedmapping megawad.
  10. franckFRAG

    what is the best milk

    I heard Memfis likes milk a lot.
  11. franckFRAG

    Slaughterwads - Anything we've missed?

    I see that you have mentioned Speed of Doom, but not Resurgence, maybe you haven't played it yet?
  12. franckFRAG

    Shorter maps for shorter people

    Interesting, it is a prequel of this ?
  13. franckFRAG

    [Mapping Contest] 10 Years of Doom - Winners Announced

    The price for the first place is indecent.
  14. franckFRAG

    Revelations of Doom megawad?

    That is probably the best decision. Glad to see too that RoD will be release :) DeathevokatioN is still in the game ? It reminds me that we taken the same decision about a certain french doom project.
  15. franckFRAG

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I’m used to seeing your work as very square structures. I’m surprised and as happy to see that you try more tortured structures. I can’t wait to see more.
  16. franckFRAG

    [Prchoco+, cl over 9000] Man off the moon (Cancelled)

    OH GOD !! I CANT WAIT !!
  17. Finally, I decided to participate in PRCP2. I made this map since some months, and I came up to this final version. As usual, I don’t like to show some screens, just the layout screen should be fine. prcp_franck_2.zip
  18. franckFRAG

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    Wouah ! Thanks Captho for your post ! It's curious that you see me as a prolific mapper, because I released very few of my projects on idgames. But you are right, I have a lot of projects in the boxes, probably because I’m a very (see too many) perfectionist with my personnal projects... I am also reassured that I am not only seen as a mapper who makes small, and challenging maps (You can take Muskadet for example). Community projects (like 3HA and Pour Vivre) allow me to express myself quickly, without being perfectionist. So you are right when you say that personal projects are different from community projects :) I am impressed that you have retained all these wads and theards. I'm intentionally discreet when it comes to showing wip projects. I don’t really like sharing things I haven’t finished (It's the same things with screenshots, because we never see his maps release a day). Btw, be sure that I'm going to release a personal project this year. I know that my mate french mappers are waiting for me on another project, I’ll try to do what’s necessary. You should keep your eye on Discord and on the French Board, I sometimes post some informations about my personal projects, sometimes screens or maybe maps. Your post gave me strength to keep making maps !
  19. franckFRAG

    What makes a map good or bad?

    DOORTRAK in lower unpegged.
  20. franckFRAG

    who're your favorite mappers

    Like Eris... But I’ll add more mappers : Roofi Tourniquet Chainie / ChaingunnerX Memfis Paul Corfiatis AD_79 My list is very influenced by my appetite in vanilla mapping.
  21. franckFRAG

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    I'll probably have sweet dreams after I play it
  22. You probably don’t realize that vanilla constraints generate a lot of creativity. But it's another subject.
  23. I was not satisfied with my map for PRCP (Rules of Death), so why not catch up with PRCP2... But once again, I'm annoyed that this project is in boom compatible. However, I have a challenging Plutonia map in limit-removing format, almost finished, sleeping in my SSD. maybe I should finish it, and submit it to you.