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  1. phenex2

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    You beat me to it, Quasar. Regarding the FMOD lib: Product would be the port in this case. Does not sound like there is a problem using it for QuakeCon either. About the QuakeCon Doom Tournament in general. Is it a confirmed fact that they do not know what port will be used or was that just assumed since no details were provided? I can't imagine that they would announce it without having that sorted out beforehand.
  2. phenex2

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    Nice that the thread got surgically cleaned after it became derailed so badly. Disregarding the drama, some valuable info about the ports was lost because of the split that might be relevant to form a proper opinion. So just for the record the 'complete' thread. Regarding port choice I wonder why nobody mentioned Doom BFG edition. Given Zenimax' and Id softwares affiliation with Quakecon it seems like a logical step to use it since it is the latest official classic Doom release straight from id and would probably give the BFG edition more exposure and boost the sales as well which makes sense from a marketing pov. Using some older IWAD version with a fanmade port would be like publicly declaring their latest release to be a failure. Like kristus said there is no fee. Mechandise though ... nobody is forced to buy a shirt if they want to play doom. It is completely unrelated. If instead of shirts there is a vending machine with softdrinks in the building, would you consider that a problem as well? I think you are reading a bit too much into the Doom Source License. Let us assume for a moment that there is a problem with the commercial use clause. QuakeCon is directly affiliated with ZeniMax and IdSoftware ... so should they sue themselves for commercially exploiting their own game? If a DSL licensed port were used its authors would neither directly nor indirectly reiceive any money just because people play it at QuakeCon. If you still think there is a problem with the license someone should maybe tell Jace Hall about it. Agreed. If you think there is a problem with the non-commercial use clause in the DSL then you need to realize that the Doom EULA which covers the games media (doom2.wad) does not allow commercial exploitation as well. Obviously you are not allowed to commercialy exploit someone elses copyrighted material. Oops! So QuakeCon will have to use Freedoom it seems since the EULA uses a similar clause like the DSL license. Interpreting the DSL like Quasar and Ladna did would mean that QuakeCon cannot use DOOM2.WAD or any PWAD unless freedoom is used. Meaning they accepted the Doom EULA. This would have the consequences i described above and not allow the usage of doom2.wad at all. ZDaemon requires no account registration for private servers. Since QuakeCon is a LAN party and you surely don't want random people from all over the internet to mess with the games, a private server would be used and won't need user authentication nor load any banlists.
  3. phenex2

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon 2013

    I'm looking forward to the tournament as it will surely bring more attention to the doom scene and introduce a lot of new players to classic doom. Further discussions regarding the doom tourney at this years QuakeCon can be found here and here btw (why was it not linked here from the start?). It is surely interesting for anyone that wants to know what the multiplayer doom scene is like and to get to know some of the players that plan to take part in the tourney.
  4. phenex2

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    Hello Sponge! I will not stoop so low as to defame and attack other ports to influence your decision. Instead I would strongly advise you to stay away from all client server multiplayer ports (Odamex, ZDaemon, Zandronum) to not become a pawn in a stupid port war. Since the Doom 2 tournament will be played on LAN, there is no need for a client/server port. Instead, I'd go with chocolate doom to stay faithful to the original game, to sidestep the hassle to set it up correctly, and to not get involved in politics. Regarding ZDaemon 1.09 not being supported by some "competitive" people: We removed a rendering option that was not present in the original game and we considered a cheat. Namely, to disable the weapon being drawn on screen. This changes oldschool gameplay in vertical maps significantly. We offered to allow it only for mouse look enabled servers, but were told it is 'useless' in that case, which amplified our suspicions regarding its usage. The competitive scene is still active as can be seen here and here. To put some of the other posts into context I would like to mention that Ralphis is the Project Lead of Odamex and Alexmax is an Odamex Programmer. Whatever you decide on I wish you guys a lot of fun at the Quakecon and it is great to see classic doom receive some recognition again and a bit of a revival. In the end the doom community as a whole will benefit from this tourney. Full disclosure - Kilgore and I are ZDaemon developers.
  5. Correct. It took a while for us to realize that the map did not work because of the extended nodes. So no worries about that particular map. We'll try to add support for extended nodes in some upcoming version though ;)
  6. phenex2

    Source port idea!

    Stating such an allegation puts the burden of proof on you. Really what is this whole discussion about? We built the infrastructure and we pay hard money and spend our free time to keep it running. We decide who interacts in what ways with it. If we decide to harden the security by obfuscating the protocol then we can do just that and we do not need to explain or defend this step. End of story.
  7. phenex2

    Autoloading mods with autoload removed

    I actually researched this a bit. Here is a list of ports that removed this restriction: Doomsday, EDGE, Legacy, PrBoom+, PrBoom, ReMooD, Vavoom. ZDaemon had the block removed in 1.04 by NightFang and it was later added back in when we were made aware of it. Since most ports don't seem to care about the blocking ZD could lift the restriction again, but there probably is no real demand for this feature anyways.
  8. phenex2

    Source port idea!

    Keep in mind that ZD is our product and the protocol is closed for a reason. Did you care to ask us if it's ok to add ZD support? Your defense was that we would have said 'no' anyways, but we'll never know because you forced our reaction to be 'no' when you just implemented it without contacting us and ignored our wishes when you were told that we do not want to be supported by DS. I suppose you had no moral issues in that process? Or does this concept of morality work one way only when dealing with ZD? ;) Since ZD is based on ZDoom 1.23 there is not much point to share code with ZDoom. It would be of no use to them. But whenever a bug is found in ZD that affects ZDoom we report it ([1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6]). Same with Skulltag, but the forums are gone now. Just asked Venom and he said that the problem happens with convex polyobjects as well. He does not have a demo map at hand currently, but you are free to contact him on ZDIRC for further details and a solution. Just a little sidenote about the ZD implementation. It was coded from scratch and was supposed to fix slimetrails only. The improved polyobject support was an unintended side-effect. No ZDoom or EE code was used or consulted for reference.
  9. phenex2

    Where on Earth Is EarthQuake?

    Given the other questions I changed the title so this thread can have a more general purpose.
  10. phenex2

    Where on Earth Is EarthQuake?

    Nice! Thanks for the quick answer. I take that as a sign of life then.
  11. Last time EarthQuake posted on DW was 2012-09-16 and he was last seen on ZDaemon on 2012-09-23. I don't recall him vanishing like that before without any notice. Does anyone know what he is up to or can someone contact him or knows people that could contact him? Some people are starting to get a bit nervous about his absence.
  12. Are you using ZLauncher? What we do there is auto patch the IWAD to match the server version and put that in the ZDaemon/Cache folder. So unless you modified your IWADs by mistake it should be able to patch them without you even noticing.
  13. phenex2

    Finalizing PSN

    I suppose they used the tnt.wad and plutonia.wad from the alternate id Anthology version as a base for the PSN release. The former has the YK bug fixed and the latter has missig dm starts added. Did they change the red crosses in Final Doom as well Admiral Thrawn? If so I would again like to point out my previous request!
  14. phenex2

    Finalizing PSN

    Could someone who purchased the 'DOOM Classic Complete' pack check the MD5 hashes of the IWADs (doom.wad, doom2.wad, plutonia.wad, tnt.wad ) and nerve.wad + Master Levels PWADs? Not sure if you can access the files on a PS3 somehow or if we might have to wait for a PC/XBox re-release of this pack. If the Final Doom IWADs have been modified like the BFG edition IWADs I would update my IWAD patcher accordingly.
  15. phenex2

    ZDaemon 1.09.01 Released

    This was an oversight that will be fixed. Consider it done.